VPAATP V4C98 – Tempting Little Ye Zi

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Edited by: Supreme Doge

“Ah?” Zhao YanYan hadn’t expected that I had already met Ye XiaoXiao and was even sitting in the same place as her son. She could only sigh and helplessly shook her head. The previous time, the matter with Liu Yue had made me dispirited for quite some time, she now wondered how long I was going to be sad over this matter? However, she knew that saying anything would not help anyone now, and she could only look at my mood right now, so she said to Ye XiaoXiao, “Teacher Ye, there’s no need for this. We have taken several packets of ketchup, they will be enough!”

“That’s good, let’s go together then!” Ye XiaoXiao nodded. She said as she looked at the long row of people, her heart filled with guilt.

When Ye XiaoXiao saw Zhao YanYan a moment ago, she finally calmed down. Yes, it was just like in an old song:
If you hadn’t met,
maybe I would be in your place,
as the days pass together,
we would treasure every moment of life,
knowing each other we would…
live an extraordinary life together.

What was she in Liu Lei’s eyes now? He already had a new life and a circle of people on a much higher level!

She would just treat it all as nothing had happened. Ye XiaoXiao didn’t want to disrupt the current balance. She already had a child, so would he even accept her? Therefore, Ye XiaoXiao decided to bury this sentiment in her heart forever. However, Ye XiaoXiao hadn’t thought that she would be betrayed by her Little Ye Zi!

“Little Ye Zi, you are so adorable. How old are you this year?” I asked casually.

“Three years old… No, my mama said that those who try everything to please you and get information are sometimes bad people! I won’t tell you my age!” After Ye XiaoXiao left, little Ye Zi’s expression turned from the original courtesy to vigilance, “Right, strange uncle, do you want to pursue my mama, so you are trying to get close to me?”

Those trying to please are bad people? Strange uncle? I was surprised by the little boy in front of my eyes! Was he really a three year old? How could he be so mature? Could it be that this little guy was just like me, a person who was reborn?

Three years old? That’s around the time Ye XiaoXiao left me. Thinking about how Ye XiaoXiao got married right after leaving me, my heart became even more chaotic.

“How would uncle be a bad person? Didn’t you see that your mother and uncle are really familiar……” I said with an awkward smile.

“I didn’t see it!” Little Ye Zi glanced at me and said, “But uncle, you are really young and handsome, much better than those fat pigs that pursue mama! If you want to pursue my mama, I can provide you with some information.”

“How can I pursue your mother……” I had just said half the sentence when it hit me that what if Ye XiaoXiao was already divorced? Otherwise, how could this little boy just open his mouth and talk about me wanting to pursue his mother? Thinking of this, I immediately asked, “Little Ye Zi, what about your father?”

“My father…” Little Ye Zi frowned as a blank expression appeared on his face, “I don’t have a father…”

“Don’t have a father? How is that possible? Which child wouldn’t have a father?” I was stunned and felt that something was wrong.

Little Ye Zi nodded and said with some sadness, “I have never seen my father since I was little… I asked mama, but she said that my father is a bad guy and doesn’t want us… uh… when I see that other children have their mother and father with them while I only have my mama, I get quite envious…” as he was saying this, Little Ye Zi started to cry, forgetting the words that “people who try to get information might be bad people”.

A child will always be a child. Those words were probably what Ye XiaoXiao taught him as she was afraid he might get kidnapped.

“Little Ye Zi, you just said that your father didn’t want you?” As I listened to Little Ye Zi’s words, my heart clenched tightly!

Three years old! Has not seen his father since his birth! These two things made a crazy idea rise in my mind!

Little Ye Zi is my son!

From the time that the incident between and Ye XiaoXiao happened to this day, it had been more than 3 years! If Little Ye Zi is three years old, then the time tallies. Now that I think about it, would Ye XiaoXiao really go out and find a man right after leaving me? Even if she did look for a man, it’s impossible that she would go to bed with him right after meeting him.

Judging from her attitude towards me, she was certainly not a casual person, so the possibility that Little Ye Zi is my son was really great! After all, when we were drunk we had sex without any protection at that time!

But that wasn’t the most important thing. The most suspicious point was that Little Ye Zi said that he had no father! It’s impossible for Ye XiaoXiao to look for such an irresponsible man!

Moreover, Ye XiaoXiao just said to me that her husband was very busy. Now it seems that it was just something she made up! Now that I remember, just when Little Ye Zi was about to say something about his father, he was cut off by Ye XiaoXiao. This made me more and more suspicious!

“Little Ye Zi, what is your full name? Liu Ye or Ye Ye?” Thinking till here, I couldn’t help but smile and look at Little Ye Zi with affection.

“Hm? What kind of tongue-twister is that? I am obviously called Liu Ye!” Being asked the question so suddenly, Little Ye Zi obviously answered naturally, but right when his words left his mouth, he asked with some doubt, “Uncle, how do you know that my name is Liu Ye? Have I told you before?”

It’s real! Absolutely real! I am sure, 100% sure! Ever since the matter with Liu Xiang, I didn’t believe there were such big coincidences in the world! But all kind of evidence shows that Little Ye Zi is my son!

Son! Haha, I finally have a son! I finally became a father! I can finally give an answer to my parents! It’s just like gaining a massive profit. Go out to eat at KFC, not only can you get back your wife, you also get a son!

“Uncle can predict!” I was forcefully restraining my inner feelings of surprise and joy as I replied.

“Really?” Little Ye Zi looked at me with some novelty, after all, children were interested in these mysterious things, “Uncle, are you a legendary immortal?”

Immortal? I started to laugh. It seems that the child had been watching too many cartoons! However, since my son praised this father as an Immortal, it was something to be really proud of! So I replied, “It can’t be said that I am an Immortal, but this uncle does know some spells!”

“Spells?” Little Ye Zi’s eyes widened as he happily said, “Uncle, are you going to perform a magic trick?”

If it had been someone else, I would certainly not perform this trick that appeared like one of those circus tropes, but since I know that Little Ye Zi is my son, there was only love in my eyes as I looked at him. As long as it was something he wanted, I will certainly fulfill it all!

“Alright then. Little Ye Zi, you can see that the ice in this cup of Cola has already melted. The weather is so hot, so do you want to drink ice Cola?” I looked all around and finally pointed at the cup of Coca Cola before Little Ye Zi and asked him.

“Ah, the ice is all gone. I want to drink with ice. Once my mother comes back I will ask her to add more ice to it, meanwhile, uncle, are you going to show me the spell?” Little Ye Zi didn’t forget that I was supposed to show him a spell.

“No need to bother your mother with such an insignificant matter! Look carefully, uncle will give you a cup of ice Cola!” Saying that, I held the cup of Cola with my hands.