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Although I didn’t have any expression at that time, when I went back home, I had a feeling of being lost, as if I had lost a part of my soul. At that same time, I comforted myself with the words that Ye XiaoXiao and my union was just a mistake, something caused by alcohol. Now that she had a new life, I should bless her! But on the other hand, I was actually very unwilling to accept that. For good or for evil, I was also a man who had been reborn, how could my woman be touched by someone else?

To be honest, though I had not officially gotten together with Ye XiaoXiao, I still had feelings for her. At that time, when I had just been reborn in 1994, I had the mentality of an adult and would obviously be more interested in Ye XiaoXiao, this mature woman! And through the contact afterward, bickering with her and watching her get angry and enjoying it had become a habit! Moreover, I am sure that Ye XiaoXiao also had a favorable impression towards me, otherwise, it would be impossible that Ye XiaoXiao would leave such a letter to me after that matter!

But what now? It seems that everything is just past now. Watching the adorable child beside her, my heart was filled with emotion! Ye XiaoXiao had the manner of a mother right now. Although I really wanted to rush forward and hold her in my arms, reason made me stand there stiff and motionless.

“Uncle, are you waiting to get the table? We are still going to take some time to finish eating, you can sit opposite us!” The child looked at me and pointed towards the two seats opposite to him with a naive and polite manner.

“Ah? Sorry, you can sit in the seat opposite us…… My son is very little and eats quite slowly……” Ye XiaoXiao was reminded by her son’s words and discovered that there were other people standing for the table, so she said politely. When she turned her head, she was shocked……

“XiaoXiao, it’s you……” I tried to break the awkwardness, however, my words were also said quite awkwardly.

Ye XiaoXiao also recovered from her surprise immediately. Her body shivered slightly, and the corner of her mouth moved a bit as she said slowly, “Yes, it’s nice to meet you……”

“Uncle, you are mama’s friend? Please sit down, uncle!” While I didn’t know what I was supposed to say, the young boy’s crisp voice helped me wake up.

I took the opportunity to sit opposite them. As I looked towards the mother and son opposite me, thoughts started to well up in my head. Ye XiaoXiao also lowered her head. I wondered what she was thinking about and if she lowered her head because she felt awkward or if she just didn’t want to see me.

Suddenly, I thought of a very important issue: Ye XiaoXiao might be afraid that her husband would see me! Her husband might have gone to buy something right now and would come back any moment now!

I couldn’t help but feel bitter and astringent as I thought of this. True, which woman would want her husband to meet a man she had a relationship with!

I thought what if I was just being a nuisance? But since I had already sat down, it would be rude if I just stood up and left. In desperation, I triedto talk about some irrelevant topic, “Did you get married?”

I wanted to say hello, but the result turned out to be this fucking question! However, this question also reflected what was deep in my heart as I cared about Ye XiaoXiao a lot!

Ye XiaoXiao raised her head and looked towards me. There was an expression in her eyes that I couldn’t understand.

Ye XiaoXiao gently nodded but didn’t say anything.

“His father…… did he come?” This was the question I was most concerned about. If he did come here, I could only avoid him.

“Father? My father…” The little boy just opened his mouth but was interrupted by Ye XiaoXiao.

“Little Ye Zi, don’t speak when you are eating, it’s rude. Mother will talk to her friend!” Ye XiaoXiao looked at the little boy and then said to me with an apologetic tone, “My husband is very busy……”

“Wha……” Little Ye Zi had a flat expression as he looked towards his mother with some doubt, but he obediently lowered his head and started to eat.

Little Ye Zi?! I almost fell! What kind of name was that! A little leaf among the smart ones? He’s obviously a boy, how could you even come up with such a name? There wasn’t a need to think much, it must have been Ye XiaoXiao’s masterpiece. She was surnamed Ye and gave her son the same family name as herself, Little Ye Zi! Did Little Ye Zi’s father really agree to it?

“This! Hehe……” I laughed hollowly… I really didn’t know what I was supposed to say! Heaven, my eloquence? My intelligence? Even if both were gone, no matter how bad the matter was, what would I be afraid of?

At this moment, it wasn’t just my heart that was in a turmoil, Ye XiaoXiao’s heart was also in chaos! She didn’t know what to say, how to explain! She didn’t know if she spoke, would I even believe her? And if she didn’t say anything, she would not be reconciled. While she was hesitating and struggling, Little Ye Zi spoke.

“Mama, I already ate the ketchup, I want more…”

“Where is the ketchup? I will go get it.” I said as I stood up.

“Forget it, you don’t know the place. I will go!” Ye XiaoXiao didn’t know what to do and since there was a chance to calm her heart, she immediately stood up.

“Little Ye Zi, be obedient and sit here. Do not move around heedlessly and cause trouble for uncle. Mother will bring you the ketchup now!” Ye XiaoXiao said as she looked towards me.

“Feel relieved that I will look after him!” I said hastily.

“I will trouble you then,” Ye XiaoXiao nodded towards me and then walked away from the table.

I don’t know why, but I felt that little Ye Zi was very adorable and kind. It’s probably because I like children! As I was getting bored, I started to play and tease Little Ye Zi.

Zhao YanYan and the others who had just finished ordering their meal turned around and saw Ye XiaoXiao who had just gone to take ketchup.

“Teacher Ye?” Although Zhao YanYan wasn’t as shocked as me, she was still quite surprised.

“Zhao YanYan?” Ye XiaoXiao was also startled and immediately understood that I must have come here with her! There were unspeakable sorrow and grief in her heart.

“Teacher Ye, it’s really you!” Zhao YanYan also knew the relationship I had with Ye XiaoXiao so now that she saw her, she would obviously not let her go, “Teacher Ye, I haven’t seen you for a long time. Husband and I… Liu Lei misses you a lot all the time!”

“Oh, you are already chanting husband, hehe. But I am no longer your teacher and you are also University students now, so I have no right to interfere!” Ye XiaoXiao said as she forced herself to smile.

“Teacher Ye, you came here alone?” Zhao YanYan asked.

“No, I came with my son. I am here to get ketchup for him,” Ye XiaoXiao explained.

“Your… son!” Zhao YanYan was stunned as her expression immediately turned bad. She was very clear about my feelings for Ye XiaoXiao, and now that she heard that Ye XiaoXiao had a child, she thought that she must have gotten married. She didn’t know what kind of reaction I would have if I heard the news; I might just blow up!

“Oh… this way… then I…” Zhao YanYan didn’t want me to know that Ye XiaoXiao was here and wanted to get me and leave as soon as possible, but she felt that if she left now, it would be rude, so she was stuck in place!

“Right, I just met Liu Lei. He’s sitting with my son, over there by the window. You can go there first, or wait for me to get a packet of ketchup, and we will go together!” Ye XiaoXiao thought that Zhao YanYan couldn’t find me, so she kindly pointed out where I was.