VPAATP V4C93 – Mystical Employer

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Edited by: Supreme Doge

“Nicolas, do not open fire!” Tom knew of my strength – someone who was all right even after getting shot by a Desert Hawk at point blank would certainly not be afraid of guns. Even more, when he heard me say that the bullets can turn around, his heart immediately turned cold. He feared that his partner won’t believe his words and might open fire on impulse. If that happened, then…!

“Oh! Why? Tom, were you forced by him?” Nicolas said what had been on his mind, “Don’t be afraid as I will certainly save you! But first, I need to open this guy’s head into a bloody flower!”

As Nicolas said this, he pointed the gun to my forehead and pulled the trigger.


“No!” Tom and Jerry both closed their eyes at the same time.

Nicolas and his companions were waiting for my head to bloom into a flower of blood, but they saw a scene that they would never forget in their entire life. The bullet appeared as if it grew eyes and, instead of shooting into my forehead, it made an elegant curve and hit the gun in Nicolas’s hand.

As Nicolas saw the bullet fly towards his hand, he wanted to escape, but before the immense speed of a bullet, how could he escape?

“Thud!” The gun in Nicolas’s hand fell to the ground as Nicolas stood there with blood flowing from his hand. But he was still a man, even after having his hand pierced by a bullet, he didn’t scream!

I just wanted to teach him a lesson, so I didn’t kill him.

“Guests from East, I am the boss of this place, Jake C. Douglas! Please forgive my people for their bad hospitality and accept my sincere apologies!” At this time, an old man wearing a white vest came over.

“Lieutenant Colonel!” All the men gathered around us immediately put down their guns and made way for the old man.

I looked at the old man – thin, short, with a beard and a white vest with dark blue pants! It was impossible to imagine that he was the boss of this mercenary company! People who don’t know him will think that he was just a retired worker.

If I didn’t know his identity from Tom’s mind already, I would have definitely thought that he was a fake!

So at this time, I didn’t show any surprise on my face and simply said, “Hello, I am Liu Lei.”

When I looked at Jake, Jake was also looked towards me! He had seen everything that happened just now from the monitoring system from his office!

Moreover, he had seen the recording of us appearing out of thin air without any sign! This shocked Jake so much that he thought that it was some sort of camouflage trick I used, therefore, when the men came gathered around us, he didn’t come out to stop them! But when he saw the bullet shot at me taking a turn and going back to Nicolas, Jake finally knew that he had met a Supreme authority today! {ED: Do I count as a Supreme authority?}{TL Note: I think you do.}

The East had already been a mysterious place to these Westerners, so when he saw that I was Eastern, he naturally linked me to the supernatural, cultivators and so on! {TL Note: I am one of the so-called Eastern – how mysterious do the Western readers think I am?}

Not only were people like me strong, they could also resist weapons, so Jake didn’t want to sacrifice his men unnecessarily. Who could guarantee that a second and even third person will shoot at me and will I still be merciful to them? So he quickly appeared in front of us to stop that from happening!


With Jake’s current appearance and attire, he had thought that the man before him would suspect or show a surprised expression, but he discovered that I didn’t have any change in my expression, appearing as if all this was natural to me!

Du Xiaowei and I were treated as distinguished guests as we were invited to rest in a guest room.

When Jake inquired about the reason for my trip down to their place, I proposed that I would like to make an appointment with the trustee of the ring. What I had not expected was that Jake didn’t refuse and immediately asked one of his subordinates to relay the message immediately!

I was amazed at how easy it was to get Jake to do that. Generally, people of these mercenary companies would rather die than sell the employer’s information! These companies pay attention to their credibility the most, and something like that would ruin their credibility, making it so that people won’t come to them again!

As he saw my expression, Jake explained that the employer himself had consented to this. When the client delegated the task, he said that if I refuse to hand over the ring, Jake must inform him to get a meeting with the current owner of the ring!

After Jake found out Du Xiaowei’s identity, he was surprised for half a day before he finally made a proposal that surprised both Du Xiaowei and me to merge his company into Du Xiaowei’s mercenary company!

Du Xiaowei was wondering why Jake would take the initiative to merge his company with ours, so Jake immediately cleared our doubts.

It turns out that though Jake’s company is quite famous in the UK, Jake himself was the greatest signature of the company! However, what was undeniable was that Jake was now old! He had been out of service for quite some time, and over this time, a lot of other security companies in the UK have gradually seized part of the market. Jake’s company was no longer at the top as it once was!

Jake was now tired of this sort of life. If he didn’t have to consider the future of his hundreds of brothers, he would have long retired from here as well. Now that there was such a chance, how could he not grasp it!

When we were waiting for the client to appear, Du Xiaowei and Jake talked about the matter, and I was sure that they already had a feasible proposal for merging the two companies! I didn’t want to interfere in these small matters, so I gave the authority and responsibility to Du Xiaowei.

It had only been half an hour and the trustee had already arrived in a hurry. What made me surprised was that the trustee was an old man with grey hair and the appearance of a scholar!

I thought that the trustee would be a big shot and some dispute will certainly appear, but it seems that I was mistaken!

The person who appeared seemed to be very refined as he nodded to me and sat down opposite me. Du Xiaowei and Jake were also tactful and left the room. It seems that the two of them went to another room to discuss the cooperation.

“Hello, my name is Steven Lightner, an antique collector!” The old man handed me his business card.

I took the business card politely. Since the man was very polite, I naturally would also act like a gentleman.

I took a look at the title on the business card and was surprised to know that this person was actually the president of a private antique collection association! Not only that, he was also an honorary professor at many Universities! No wonder my first expression of him was that of a scholar, he was really a scholar!

“Hello, my name is Liu Lei! Because of the rush this time, I haven’t prepared a business card. I hope you will pardon me for that!” I was embarrassed to say that.

“Hello, Mr. Liu!” Steven politely said, “Is that ring with you at the moment?”

“Yes, it is!” I nodded.

“I wonder if Mr. Liu can… well, sell it to me? However much it costs, please say a number,” Steven said with some hesitation.

“I think you should have heard of me and know who I am Mr. Steven. Do you think money has any meaning to me?” I smiled.