VPAATP V4C92 – Shock

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Edited by: Supreme Doge

They were just two mercenaries working for their boss for money. Besides, they hadn’t been the least bit impolite to my wife, not doing anything uncivilized to her, otherwise, it was impossible that I would be so benevolent.

If something had happened to Meng QingQing, then the two would have suffered hell in this world.


“We can’t lead you to our boss; we have our rules and bottom line as well. Although you are very strong and we are very frightened by your strength, we still have our principles, so please don’t make things difficult for us! If you are going to force us, then it’s better that you just kill us!” Tom looked towards me and said with all seriousness.

Jerry also nodded, completely approving of Tom’s words. Bringing the enemy back to their hideout was the same as giving a slap in the face to their principles.

I nodded in appreciation. It seems that the two of them are very loyal to their organization. Since I am not a madman who kills for fun and I don’t have any deep hatred with them either, so I said, “I will not kill the two of you! You guys… you are really great-spirited, but I wonder if your boss has the same principles as you?”

When it came to their boss, Tom and Jerry were very proud and raised their heads, adoration overflowing from their expression, “Lieutenant Colonel is a very great person!” {TL Note: Only now did I remember Tom and Jerry. Now I feel old.}

I had known from their mind a moment ago that their boss is called Lieutenant Colonel Jake. He was the chief of the army who formed a mercenary group after retiring. Colonel was just a polite name because the local government wouldn’t give Jake any military rank.

“Did you sneak over to the country?” I suddenly asked.

“It’s no secret. We indeed sneaked in!” Tom nodded.

“How will you go back? Are you going to sneak back? According to what I know, it’s quite dangerous to sneak through the border. If you get the ring and decide to smuggle it back and something happened on the way, not only will you be able to keep the ring, even your lives would be lost!” I said.

“Ah! We will need to sneak out through the border, but the ring will be shipped through proper channel by the people we have here,” Tom said, “Since we have joined this line of business, we have already prepared ourselves for death mentally!”

“Good, I appreciate your courage and being a lot. I don’t want you to get killed before your time just because you were trying to sneak through the border, so I will help you!” I said.

“You want to help us?” Tom looked at me strangely, “Are you trying to say that you can help us go through the legitimate channel out of the country? That is impossible! We have international criminal history!”

“If I want to do this, what’s so difficult about it. With the influence of Shuguang Corporation, it’s not difficult to get a legal status for the two of you and get you out legally! But I have an even simpler way with nothing for you to worry about,” I continued, “Are the people outside also coming with you?”

“No, they are our liaisons here in China and they also have a legal status here! They are the official employees of this joint venture chemical factory!” Tom shook his head.

“Well then, I will take you both to see Lieutenant Colonel Jake!
I said.

“Lieutenant Colonel Jake? I don’t seem to have told you the name of our boss?” Tom asked in confusion.

“There’s no need for you to tell me,” I shook my head and said to Meng QingQing, “QingQing, you go back first. I have informed Du Xiaowei – his people will be here to pick you up soon!”

“What about you?” Meng QingQing asked worriedly.

“I am going to see their boss with them. You can rest assured that nothing will happen to me!” I smiled at her to ease her.

“Then you be careful!” Meng QingQing knew of my ability so she didn’t say anymore, but the concern in her eyes made my heart feel warm.

At this time, the door of the room was pushed open and Du Xiaowei rushed in with a group of well-trained men.

“Boss, all the men outside are down, please give further instructions,” Du Xiaowei asked me.

“Alright, it’s fine. Let some of your people bring Meng QingQing back to the villa while the two of us will go to the UK to meet their boss!” I told Du Xiaowei.

Du Xiaowei nodded and immediately arranged for his men to protect Meng QingQing and ensure she gets home fine. The skill and style of Du Xiaowei’s subordinates made Tom and Jerry, these two mercenaries have some doubts!

These sort of well-trained men had the same aura as their own people, unlike the gangsters trained by some rich families! This made Tom and Jerry quite shocked!

Their perception told them that there was a side to me that they had not understood yet!

After settling Meng QingQing’s matter, I revised the address from Tom’s mind and then used teleportation on everyone present in the room.

As this was my first time teleporting so many people, I didn’t know if it will even work. But the result was immediately before us – we instantaneously appeared in the British headquarter of their company.

We were in the mercenary company that Tom had in his mind. On the outside, they were just a security company and its staff. In fact, the nature of a mercenary and bodyguards work was quite similar, so these companies often exploited the loopholes in the system.

Though Tom already knew that I had some mysterious abilities, but what he just saw gave him an unprecedented shock! After all, we just covered a distance of over 10,000 kilometers in a mere second! This speed could only be described as the speed of light!

The shocked appearance of the two fell in my vision but I didn’t say anything to explain it to them. This was something that couldn’t be explained at all. They simply won’t understand what space transfer and spatial jump are! {TL Note: They can’t be that stupid, right?} {ED Note: I think it’s pretty obvious at this point that the author is both a Chinese supremacist and sexist.}

This was something I had learned from Sun Sikong’s research on spaceships. That kind of movement is much more time and effort saving compared to teleportation. Teleportation is simply the movement of stuff moving at an insane speed to get from one place to another, while spatial jumps aren’t restricted by the location and one can immediately go to the destination. {TL Note: It has bugged me for a while, but what if Sun Sikong was the old man who gave the lenses to Yang Ming in the sequel of VPAA?}

The moment the four of us appeared inside the security company, the security sirens immediately started to ring. More than a dozen people wearing camouflage uniforms and holding weapons immediately arrived as they shouted, “Who are you?”

“Tom? Jerry? Why are you two here? Weren’t you out on a task?” The guy asking obviously knew Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry didn’t know how they ought to reply. They simultaneously had the expression of not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“It’s me who brought them back. Alright, I want to see your boss so make some way!” I replied to the man who was asking Tom and Jerry.

“Who are you? Don’t move heedlessly! Raise your hands and put them behind your head, otherwise, we won’t be very polite!” That guy said ill-humoredly.

“Oh, really? What does being impolite refer to? Are you going to open fire?” I said, “You can try, but sometimes, bullets might take a turn back towards you!”