VPAATP V4C91 – Are You Superman?

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Edited by: Supreme Doge

“Of course, I picked it up at home! Where else do you think I would be? At your gate? Or right under your eyes?” I asked, “Alright, I don’t like too much nonsense! It makes me really dizzy looking at two big guys like you. Even though I am also big, I still can’t compare to the two of you musclemen! Alright, the two of you can go and sit on that sofa as I ask you some questions!” As I said that, I waved my hand, making Tom and Jerry fly towards the sofa, and fall onto it.

“You… you… how did you do that? Why can’t I move? What have you done to us?!” Jerry’s face flushed red as he tried his best to move, but he couldn’t do anything to free himself. He felt as if his body had been bound to a boulder!

“Are you Superman?” Tom couldn’t make sense of the phenomenon they were under so all he could think of was this explanation.

“You can think of it like that. Though the nature is similar, the essence of the ability is different!” I said lazily, “I don’t like speaking too much bullshit, so I will ask you the questions now – why did you kidnap Meng QingQing? What’s the reason behind it?”

“We… we only wanted to attain the Heart of Love…” Jerry said.

“Really?” I stared into Jerry’s eyes. I really couldn’t believe that was the only reason they had. Did they really just want this ring? To be honest, all I spent to buy that ring was a mere 600 million, nothing more. If these people wanted money, they could simply ask for it. Even if they had wanted 18 billion Yuan, it wouldn’t be a big matter for me to give it to them. They must know this, yet all they wanted was this ring!

“Yes! If you give us the ring, we will even give you a large sum of money!” Jerry felt uncomfortable under my fierce staring but he still said with great affirmation.

“Good, I believe in you,” I nodded. Actually, I had used some spiritual energy on Tom and Jerry’s mind a moment ago. They indeed came here just for the ring and their boss even allowed them to use anything up to a billion US dollars as long as they could bring the ring back! Their boss was a full-beard, but I could guess that he wasn’t the person actually behind the scene.

“How much money do you want before you would be willing to give us the ring?” Tom asked.

“You should be very clear about it beforehand. Do you think money actually has any worth in my eyes?” I felt ridiculous listening to them. To be honest, let alone I didn’t need any money, even if I did want money, their act made me feel extremely unwell! Do they think they can buy anything as long as they spent money?

“We know…… However, I will urge that you hand the ring over to us. It will save everyone a lot of trouble! It’s the kind of trouble rich men like you hate the most!” Tom’s look returned to normal.

“Are you trying to threaten me?” I sneered as I wondered if they couldn’t understand the situation they were in. Indeed, many rich people in the world didn’t like any unnecessary annoyance, so they built relationships with the people of the underworld! These people obviously had the psychology of that sort, never thinking that I am an exception!

“We are just reminding you in goodwill!” Tom said in a faint voice, “Although you have some superhuman abilities, can you fight ten people, hundred people or even a thousand people?”

Listening to him, I was really curious about them. It was already incredible to be able to send someone to China for a ring, yet he actually said that they could mobilize a thousand people just for a ring?

Was it possible that that collection house underestimated the value of the ring, or were there some hidden secrets inside this ring?

“Do you think Superman in the film would be threatened by a thousand people?” I asked with a smile.

Tom and Jerry looked at me and then shook their heads. After a while, Tom said, “No, but you aren’t Superman. That’s all just a science fiction film!”

“True, I am not Superman. I am beyond him!” I said that and walked over to Tom and took out his gun, releasing the security.

“What are you going to do?!” Tom yelled with horror as he thought that I was going to kill the two of them.

“Rest assured, although I am very annoyed by the both of you, I am not going to kill the two of you with such a broken weapon! Haha, I don’t even need a weapon for something so insignificant!” I said as I casually pointed the gun towards me.

“God! You are crazy! That’s a Desert Eagle! Ordinary bullet-proof armor can’t even withstand the impact from a distance, let alone from such a close proximity!” Jerry was startled and yelled towards me.

“Bang!” The loud sound of a bullet being fired sounded, but what surprised the two of them was that there wasn’t any flesh or blood splashing before them! I stood before them and looked at them with disdain!

If the gun wasn’t their own and they couldn’t smell the smoke, they would have thought that I was simply acting. Or it could also be a magic trick! But all of this was true! I actually took a shot at myself with the famous Desert Eagle yet didn’t get any damage at all.

I held the silver Desert Eagle in my hands and gently bent it, deforming the barrel. I threw the broken gun back to Tom. I had removed the binding on them but the two didn’t dare make any rash movements.

Tom took the deformed Desert Hawk with an expression full of amazement. He bitterly smiled and didn’t know what to do with this broken gun. He certainly couldn’t threaten me with a gun anymore. Not to say that I had no fear of guns, if he really shot me right now, that would be tantamount to committing suicide! The bullet would explode in the barrel, killing him in the process! He won’t even have anyone to blame at that time.

Tom was afraid that he might accidentally fire the gun in his hand, so he immediately took out the cartridge.

“Bring me to see your boss. I am really interested in this ring now!” A moment ago, when I arrived here I had only wanted to teach a lesson to these fools that they shouldn’t offend me. After that, I would take Meng QingQing and leave. But now, I actually changed my mind! It was obvious from their actions that the ring was very important!

“Impossible!” Jerry instinctively blurted out, but immediately remembered my terrifying strength, making his eyelids jump.

“You think you got a choice? Even if you don’t take me to him, I will still be able to find him. I know that your boss isn’t the real employer, but I will still find out everything!” I had already gotten all the information from their minds. They are part of a British underground organization that was born specifically to solve the problems of the rich.

“Forget it, I don’t wanna deal with you people, after all, you are only doing this for someone else!” I looked at them and thought of Du Xiaowei’s men who did about the same thing! It was just that their ability was much stronger than these two monkeys in front of me! Since the nature of their work was the same, I decided not to do anything to the two of them.