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However, what Wang Danian would have never imagined was Zhang Yong getting promoted because of this incident! Not long later, Zhang Yong became the Deputy Chief of the City Management Brigade. After Wang Danian learned about this matter, he almost exploded with anger. It was like he picked up a rock and smashed it on his foot, actually helping his enemy!

He wasn’t convinced at heart and also wanted to have such a miraculous encounter. So, in order to have ties with the Three Rock Gang, he brought his men and wandered around the headquarters of Three Rock Entertainment in a bid to have an encounter with Ding Baosan. But every day, Ding Baosan‘s car would directly park in the underground parking lot, and he went to his office from the elevator, not giving a chance to him! But finally, Heavens never fail a diligent person and he finally had the opportunity he wanted.

On this day, Ding Baosan had just left the building to go out and deal with some matters, when he realized he had forgotten some documents back in the office. 80 he turned the car and rushed back into the building, leaving the car on the side of the road, opposite the company.

When Ding Baosan just entered the company, the Wang Danian rushed to Ding Baosan‘s Audi with his broken trailer and towed it away. The rear bumper of the car was being scratched by the ground, but he didn’t care about it, instead, he wanted to make the damage even bigger. When he turned the trailer, he deliberately leaned it to the side and scraped off a large piece of paint from the side of the Audi!

Wang Danian was a crude man, with a low level of culture, and he only knew what he heard. In his opinion, Zhang Yong scraped off paint from Ding Baosan‘s car and later paid for its repair, so Ding Baosan became happy and Zhang Yong obtained his favor. Now that he, Wang Danian, had made the car’s situation even worse, the fee needed to repair it would be even more exorbitant. If he paid for the car’s repair fee, then won‘t Ding Baosan favor him even more!

When Ding Baosan walked out of the building, he realized his car was gone! Ding Baosan was already in a rush as he had to go to a meeting with the City Leaders and discuss the matter of rebuilding the Amusement Park, but now, the car was gone. How would he not be anxious?

Ding Baosan was furious and inquired the owner of a bookstall on the side of the road. From him, Ding Baosan found out that his car had been towed away by the City Management! He looked towards his front, back, left, and right! So many cars everywhere, yet those b*st*rds had to tow his car away! Ding Baosan was already getting anxious, so he immediately called Li Mai. Li Mai asked around and found out the car was dragged by Wang Danian. Ding Baosan hung up the phone and immediately rushed to the City Management Brigade. When he saw his unrecognizable Audi A6 in the parking lot, his face almost distorted with rage!

Wang Danian, on the other hand, ran over with a wide grin as he laughed and said to Ding Baosan, “Chief Ding, my men had been careless and brought over your car without knowing about it! I will have them bring your car to the Paint Spraying facility and have them use the original German Paint! You can rest assured, I won‘t back out no matter how much it costs!”

Careless? Ding Baosan circled around the car and wondered just how careless they were to make the car end up like this?! Ding Baosan slapped Wang Danian on the face, making Wang Danian see stars in broad daylight! Wang Danian was dazed and asked, “Chief Ding, why did you hit me so hard! Zhang Yong repaired your car, and not only did he get a promotion, you also regarded him as a friend. Yet now, even when I am spending even more money to repair your car, you aren’t happy and hit me instead! Why, just why is it like this?”

Not only was Wang Danian demoted after this, he also got punished for it. Naturally, this was only the loss he suffered in the eyes of the people, in secret, he still had a lesson taught to him, and was beaten maliciously. But Wang Danian was very clear who he messed up with, so he kept his mouth shut and received all punishment.

Naturally, all these matters were for the future.

As Yang Honghai had dealt with his matters, my uncle and his family returned to the US, together with Alice Yang. Zhao YanYan and I also returned to City B.

It was exactly Saturday when we returned! I just got off the plane and turned on my phone when I received a call from Xu Xueyunl

“Liu Lei, I am Xu Xueyun. Have you returned?”

“Xueyun, I just left the plane!”

“Ah! Then the matter I said……”

“There’s no problem. Don’t I just have to be your boyfriend in the evening!”

“……Um” As Xu Xueyun heard me say the word “your boyfriend,” all the words she had in her heart due to anxiety turned into a simple “Um.”

“It‘s around 1 o’clock right now. I will now go home and take a bath. I will pick you up at University at about 3 o‘clock. We will be able to make it by then, right?” I asked.

“Ah, yes! The party starts at 6:30 in the evening!” Xu Xueyun said.

“Alright then, let’s decide the time. We will meet at the University entrance at 3:30, OK!”

As I hung up the phone, Zhao YanYan stuck to me and curiously asked, “Husband, whose boyfriend are you going to be?”

Although Zhao YanYan and the other girls had a very intense curiosity, they never eavesdropped on me when I talked to someone over the phone. Even if they asked me about it afterward, they still respected my choice, and if I didn‘t want to say, they won’t ask me about it again. However, I don‘t have anything to conceal from her. Let alone, Zhao YanYan had always been so kind and accepting towards me, that even when she asked me “whose boyfriend,” she didn‘t have a dissatisfied or bad expression. She made me feel that when my wife was already so great to me, what else was there for me to ask for?

“Xu Xueyun’s……” I replied with the truth.

“Xu Xueyun? Hmm …. turned out to be her! I had already known she was interested in you when we had dinner with her last time. I didn‘t expect her to actually ask you to be her boyfriend!” Zhao YanYan was surprised.

After I heard her words, I smiled and said, “YanYan, that’s not how it is……”

“Oh, why are you rushing to argue already? I won‘t be angry!” Zhao YanYan said with a mischievous smile.

“I am not arguing! We have been together for so long, have I ever argued with you before?” I shook my head and said, “In fact, this is how it is……” therefore, I explained Xu Xueyun’s matter to Zhao YanYan.

“So that’s how it was! I had thought that…hehe……” Zhao YanYan giggled with some embarrassment.

“Exactly! Just what were you thinking!” I said.

“What I thought wasn’t necessarily wrong! After all, the number of girls you have charmed aren’t few!” Zhao YanYan said as she narrowed her eyes.

I……I really did do that, probably! It’s not my fault for having a bit of a handsome face and a dashing image, and the most important aspect was having a heroic image in the girl‘s mind.

Since Zhao YanYan and I had not informed Chen Wei’er and the others before we returned, so when we came to the villa, we found no one inside!

The servants in the house had also been dismissed as there were already so many girls. In their own words: It was just a bit of housework, and could be divided among themselves. Otherwise, they were always idle, and had nothing to do!

Doing housework was a latent hobby for women that was slowly strangled when they had to do a lot of it! If they only had to do a little bit of housework, then all of them will rush to complete it.

Therefore, there wasn’t a need to have servants. And having outsiders at home wasn’t too good either as we couldn’t be too casual. My wives were my most intimate people, so even if I roamed in the house naked, there won’t be any issue!