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I wasn’t too worried. As long as the car was still inside Songjiang, then with Three Rock Gang’s influence, it would be easy to get it back! Therefore, I immediately called Ding Baosan and told him about the matter. As soon as Ding Baosan heard my car got stolen, he dared not be negligent and instantly sent out all his subordinates to search throughout the city.
When several hundred uniformed Gangsters from Three Rock Gang rushed out on the streets, blocking all the entrances and exits of Songjiang, including the highway, the Songjiang Police was completely prepared, thinking that Three Rock Gang was finally going to make a big move. But what disappointed them was that those subordinates were only checking the cars, watching the traffic recordings, and making multiple phone calls!
After determining that these people weren’t going to do something harmful, the Police also felt relieved and called back the security.
At the same time as all this was happening, a fat-bellied man circled around a Mercedes Benz as his face filled with worry. Another bald young man stood to the side with his head lowered. The two were inside a vehicle trailer garage near Auto City.
“Motherf***er, just how high are your guts? How dare you actually tow over this car!” The big-bellied man pointed towards the bald youth and scolded him with all his might!
“Chief Zhang, we were just performing our duty. Just a moment ago, we scared away all the Taxis parked on the road and made them run away like rabbits. After that, there were only a few private cars left there. The second division went with us towed all other vehicles, so we needed to tow at least one of the vehicles parked there. As our people saw this car there, they brought it over……” Baldy said as his voice was filled with grievances.
“Brought it over! Motherf***er, there were other cars there right! Why the f*** did you have to tow this instead of all the others? Wang Danian, you sure have a good heart, bringing our demise to us!” Chief Zhang said as he glared towards the baldy, “You motherf***er, you just joined us goddammit! You just had to tow this car. Just go and tow the Municipal Party’s Committee Secretary’s car!”
“Why? Look at the license number, it certainly belongs to a rich guy! We will certainly get a lot of money if we fined them!” Baldy asked as he was puzzled.
“Why, you ask? Because if you offended him, the most that will happen is losing your job. But now, the person you have offended, they will make you disappear from this world!” Chief Zhang said ill-humoredly. The two divisions he had sent out today mostly consisted of new people and weren’t too experienced in dealing with big shots nor were they supposed to! But now……He should have just told them what this license plate entitled to. Now, it seems they were going to be in big trouble!
These noobs always were in disagreement with the veterans, looking for a big opportunity to prove themselves. Now that they got such a big opportunity to prove themselves, it was impossible for them not to take it! Thinking till here, Chief Zhang ground his teeth! However, that’s all he could do, ground his teeth. He wanted to settle this matter as soon as possible, lest he gets himself implicated. That wouldn’t be too good!
“Son-of-a-bi***, what the heck did you tow this car here with?! Why are there so many scratches on its rear!” Chief Zhang suddenly saw that there was some paint falling off the car’s rear. As he saw that, his heart jumped to his throat. If this was also their fault, and the car had any issues, then he need not think about living in Songjiang anymore! 
“This isn’t our fault!” Baldy looked towards the car’s rear and said, “At that time, we had been very careful when we towed this car. I had considered for a long time and thought the car was very expensive and we also needed to charge a fine for it after all!”
“That’s good then! You hurry up and bring the repair man to see why the car’s paint is falling and get it fixed. I must think of a way to get out of this mess immediately. As for you, I will deal with you afterward!” Chief Zhang exclaimed.
Baldy felt vexed in his heart but didn’t dare say anything as he immediately ran out to get the car painted as his leader had said!
But chief Zhang Yong was even more distressed as he turned the numbers on his phone, trying to call his friend who was involved with Three Rock Gang. He wanted to ask his friend to say a few words in his favor. “A friend in need is a friend indeed,” at this time, Zhang Yong thought these words were very true. Although he had a lot of friends, only a few would help him when he really needed help. He could ask them, but the majority of them would certainly draw a clear line with him.
I didn’t know where Wu YingYing got the thought of buying a Beetle. It was only later that I found out she heard Zhao YanYan say she had bought a Beetle, so she also bought one for herself due to some unknown psychological impulses! However, it saved me a lot of money so I didn’t say anything. I had thought I would have to pay a few million, but never thought the matter would be resolved in only a few hundred thousand!
But now, the most important issue was that my car had miraculously disappeared and the Beetle only had two seats. In other words, I could only sit in the same seat as Zhao YanYan!
As I was hesitating, a vehicle with an unknown brand stopped next to Wu YingYing’s car. Several uniformed people jumped out of the car and one of them said to Wu YingYing, “Who allowed you to park a car here!”
Though Wu YingYing was quiet gentle before me, she never gave face to anyone else. As she heard someone yell at her, her short temper flared up as she opened the door and shouted towards the several uniformed men, “And who the f*** are you! I, this Grandma, will park her car wherever she wants to park it! What are you gonna do!”
These uniformed men were another division of the city’s car towing service. After they saw Wang Danian’s division tow a few luxury cars and make a lot of money over the days, they were also excited about the job and came over to try their luck. But now, as they saw someone challenge their authority, the guy in the lead was angry and kicked Wu YingYing’s Beetle as he said, “Do you believe I will smash your f***ing car right here?!”
“Screw you!” Wu YingYing said with disdain, “Just try to kick my car again and see how I deal with you!”
The guy in the lead was about to kick again but the nearby glasses wearing guy stopped him and pulled him back. Though Wu YingYing’s car was only bought now and didn’t have a license number, the glasses guy had a sharp vision and he saw the Military Pass hanging inside Wu YingYing’s car. That thing might appear small, but it was no small matter. Therefore, the glasses immediately warned the guy in a low voice, “This chick isn’t simple. Just forget about it. Let’s go.”
By this time, the lead guy had also realized the matter and said as he found an excuse to step down the tiger, “Humph, alright then. You stopping here is a violation of the law. We have the right to tow your car! You better not do it again.”
Wu YingYing simply waved her hand. She was too lazy to deal with these people. But the last few sentences of the guy were heard by me clearly. I looked towards them and shouted towards the guys who were about to leave, “Wait, you two!”
It was the first time for these people to experience being shouted at like this. During ordinary times, they would be flamboyant as they bluffed and blustered arrogantly and no one dared to ignore them! There weren’t many people who dared speak to them like this!
“What?” The eyeglasses asked.
“Did you guys dragged a bunch of cars from here recently?” I asked.
“Hmm……Yeah, so what?” The eyeglasses replied.
“Was there a Mercedes Benz with the license plate Song A 88888?” I asked as I thought my car was most likely towed away by these people!