VPAATP V4C5 – Pretend To Be Her Boyfriend

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Chapter 12\12 for the week

“Then, is there some other matter you need my help for?” I asked.

“Um…….The matter is……..There is nothing. I don’t have any other matter……Hmm……There is……There’s nothing……Nothing……” Xu Xueyun was afraid and didn’t know how to speak.

“If there is something, you can say it clearly. I will certainly help you!” I saw she couldn’t speak so I reassured her.

“Actually…….Actually, the matter is…….Can you be my…….Boyfriend?” Xu Xueyun asked while stammering.

“Huh? Boyfriend?” After I listened to her, I was bewildered by her words. How could it be something like this?

“Ah! Not like that…….I mean, can you pretend to be…….Can you pretend to be my boyfriend!” Xu Xueyun answered in a hurry.

“So that’s how it was like!” This girl almost scared me with her words.

“If you can’t then…….Actually, there’s nothing. You can forget that……” Xu Xueyun didn’t hear my reply so she hastily said.

“Who said I can’t? Naturally, I will help you. But first, you must tell me what’s happening. Why must I pretend to be your boyfriend?” I said.

“It’s like this……When I was in high school, there was a male student who was pursuing me……He also got admitted to a University and came to City B……A few days later, all of us high school classmates who are in B City will be meeting in a School Reunion Party……” Xu Xueyun paused after speaking till here. She had already said enough for me to understand the entire matter. There wasn’t a need to speak anymore.

“So, the guy who pursued you is also going to be there?” I asked with a smile.

“Um, yeah! He said to me that both of us were now in University, so we could now fall in love. He made me promise him that I would become his girlfriend. But I don’t like him and told him I can’t, yet he won’t let the matter go and said that feelings can be cultivated over time, and I can slowly fall in love with him! If it weren’t like that, then no guy would ever pursue a girl! As I didn’t have any other means, so I told him I already have someone I love, but he won’t believe my words…….He told me to bring the person I like to the reunion and let him meet them……Now I don’t have any other means……” Xu Xueyun answered.

“So that’s how the matter was! There’s no issue in me pretending to be your boyfriend! Even if I have to be your real boyfriend, I won’t have an issue!” I said with a smile, “Just cracking a joke……”

I said this over the phone and couldn’t see Xu Xueyun’s expression. On the other side of the phone, Xu Xueyun’s heart was wildly jumping like a wild deer as her little face turned crimson with embarrassment as she asked in a meek voice, “Sister YanYan and the others……they won’t be jealous, right……”

Xu Xueyun felt her words were a bit ambiguous. She didn’t know if she was asking if the others would be jealous of me pretending to be her boyfriend or being her real boyfriend!

I didn’t think too much and said, “They will obviously not be jealous. If they could get jealous over this matter, then how would they co-exist till now!”

“Yeah, that’s right. Hehe……hehe……” Xu Xueyun said as she giggled foolishly.

“Oh, right! When is your reunion?” I suddenly remembered that I was in Songjiang, so if it was today, then I won’t be able to get there in time.

“It’s on Saturday! The day after tomorrow!” Xu Xueyun said.

“Then there won’t be an issue! I am in Songjiang right now, but I will certainly be back by then! How do I look for you at that time?” I knew Xu Xueyun didn’t have a phone and she must have borrowed someone else’s to call me.

“I will call you on Saturday. We can meet at the University. Will that be alright?” Xu Xueyun said.

“Naturally. Oh, right! You should contact me a bit earlier. I will bring a car and we will go buy you some clothes first,” I said after thinking. Because of her family conditions, Xu Xueyun didn’t have many nice clothes. She still wore her old jeans that had turned white after a countless number of washings. Therefore, I wanted to take this opportunity and buy her some nice clothes.

“Ah? That won’t be too good……There’s no need for that……” Xu Xueyun rejected hastily.

“How would it not be good? If we are going to pretend, then you also need to pretend to be a rich young lady! Otherwise, when the time comes, the others will think I don’t treat you well!” I said.

“Um……We can talk about this matter when the time comes……” Xu Xueyun wasn’t a girl greedy for money or someone who wanted to satisfy her vanity, therefore, she was embarrassed about me getting her stuff.

“Alright. It’s decided now. When the time comes, you can just call me!” I said.

As I hung up the phone, Xu Xueyun’s pure and beautiful silhouette appeared in my mind. Even though her attire had always been simple, it couldn’t cover her inborn beauty. To be honest, I had a very good impression of her.

If I had met her several years ago, perhaps I would have pursued her as well. But now, I already had so many wives, and it wasn’t easy to handle more, so I naturally didn’t have any thoughts about her.

I waited in the Cafe for almost 4 hours and tasted almost all the coffee there. After going to the toilet unknown number of times, I finally received a call from Zhao YanYan.

“Husband, we have bought the car. Where are you? I can’t find your car out here!” Zhao YanYan said over the phone.

“I am at the Cafe opposite the Auto City. My car is stopped at the entrance of the Cafe. You should be able to see it!” I said.

“Cafe opposite the Auto City? I can see it……But I can’t see your car at the entrance of the cafe!” Zhao YanYan said strangely.

“The car isn’t there? How is that possible? There are several taxis in my car’s vicinity as well!” I said.

“We are at the Cafe entrance now. You should come out and have a look……” Zhao YanYan said.

I hung up the phone in bewilderment and looked for a waiter. Paying the bill, I left the Cafe.

At the entrance of the Cafe, I could see a brand-new Yellow Volkswagen Beetle. Other than the Beetle, there were no other vehicles in the vicinity.

My car and all those taxis had vanished without a trace! What the f***! Did I just get my car robbed under broad daylight? Moreover, the courage of this robber wasn’t small either. He actually dared to steal my car?!

I didn’t want to make any groundless assumptions, but normally, a thief who stole a car wasn’t some random dude. He certainly had some connections with the local gangs in the area! The car didn’t have anything precious, but the license number was pretty well-known all over Songjiang. Anyone who dares to steal my car must be tired of living now!

At this time, the glass of the Beetle’s copilot seat slowly lowered and Zhao YanYan poked her head out of it, “Husband, how is it?”

“Hmm, did you guys just buy a Beetle?” I pointed towards the car and asked. Zhao YanYan’s Beetle was in City B, so it was impossible to be her’s. The only correct guess could be that Wu YingYing bought a Beetle? “Well, there’s nothing much to say. My car disappeared from the place. It seems someone stole it!”

“Huh? Your car was stolen?” Zhao YanYan stared towards me. From inside the car, Wu YingYing’s voice also came as she said strangely, “Ah, is there really someone who dares to steal a car in broad daylight. That too, right opposite the Auto City?”

I didn’t understand the matter too much either. After all, I had left Songjiang for quite a while now, and didn’t know how the situation was around now, or if any car theft gangs rose! I couldn’t care less about a Mercedez Benz, but for good or for evil, that car was a testimony to how Liu Yue and I got acquainted! So, no matter what, I must look for that car!