VPAATP V4C3 – How Is It You?

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Ding Baosan was now also a bigshot in the country. What woman he wanted but couldn’t have! Usually, no one dared talk to Ding Baosan like that. But now, Zhao YanYan was cracking jokes with him. Not only was Ding Baosan not angry; instead he thought Zhao YanYan and I regarded him highly as someone on their side to even chat with him. Thinking till here, Ding Baosan was overjoyed and walked towards the spot of trouble.

On one side of the casino, a medium sized gambling table was surrounded by people watching the excitement. We hadn’t even gotten there when we heard a woman’s shouting, “What kind of casino is this? All of you are cheaters! How is it possible to open big numbers 13 times in a row?”

“Miss, let alone 13 times, even opening it 30 times is possible!” The dealer of the game explained.

“Impossible! I will play it again and choose small numbers. If you still put out a big one, then this Grandma of yours will find someone to blow up this casino of yours!” The girl yelled.

“Oh, this girl’s tone isn’t small!” I smiled and said to Ding Baosan.

“Yeah. Listening to her tone, I wonder just which big shot’s lover came over! I will first ascertain the matter. If we don’t deal with it correctly, the other guests might be offended!” Ding Baosan shook his head as he said.

“Lover?” I smiled and said, “Are there a lot of other mistresses coming here to cause trouble?”

“Not always! These women aren’t very noble. Once they obtain the favor of a powerful man, they will think they rose to the sky and become more arrogant. And their worth increases. They think they are a cut above others and rampage everywhere they like. But the men behind them aren’t people we want to offend, so these matters become difficult!” Ding Baosan said with a sigh, “Although we aren’t afraid of anyone, we can’t just offend our guests who we earn money from! But it doesn’t matter much. A woman like her generally rises to grace very fast, and she falls as fast as well. I have seen many situations like that! All that’s left is to see just who is supporting this woman for her to be like this!”

I listened to Ding Baosan’s words and couldn’t help but examine his face again and compare it to the guy who was on the streets three years ago. The Ding Baosan right now had turned into a sleek businessman, nothing like the former thug he was in the past! He knows when to advance and when to retreat, and also knows how to manage various matters. All this let me feel gratified. After all, he was my subordinate and having a talented subordinate, there wasn’t a reason for me not to be happy!

When Ding Baosan and I arrived at the gambling table, I couldn’t help but open my mouth! Zhao YanYan looked towards the girl causing all clamor before her and whispered to me, “Husband, don’t you think the girl looks very familiar!”

Looks familiar? She is familiar! I couldn’t help but smile. She was clearly an acquaintance! The person before us was Wu YingYing. She hadn’t met Zhao YanYan many times, therefore Zhao YanYan wasn’t very familiar with her, and only thought she looked familiar. But I am different. Seems like I had also promised to get her a race car, but the promise had yet to be fulfilled…

“Young lady, I am Ding Baosan, the general manager of Three-Rock Entertainment Group. May I ask Miss who…” Ding Baosan first introduced himself and very skilfully went ahead to probe Wu YingYing’s status. From Ding Baosan’s experience, people who were truly fearless would immediately flaunt their backer.

“Who gives a fuck who you are!” Wu YingYing coldly snorted and said, “Are you the owner of this casino? Just the one I was looking for. Now tell your dealer to open a small number for this Grandma! He must open small! My 50,000 Yuan. I had saved them up with great difficulty and thought I might be able to win something here. But who would have thought I would lose my initial capital here so quickly!”

Listening to her words, Ding Baosan was very unhappy. If you have some status then say it already. Otherwise, according to the rules of the Tao, if you don’t know your crime, then you are innocent. Even if we beat you up, it would be considered a mistake. Who asked you not to report your background! {TL Note: You are innocent if you break a law, or do something that is illegal, but you don’t know it is illegal. If you know it is bad, then you aren’t innocent, you are a criminal!}

But after hearing Wu YingYing’s following words, Ding Baosan was even angrier. He really wanted to smash the chick before him. Did this chick think the casino was her ATM and she could freely withdraw money from it! It was simply a delusional fantasy!

If you don’t lose, and only win in the casino, where was the casino going to make a profit from? With the amount that was gambled in the casino daily, if the casino actually lost money, it would shut down immediately!

The number displayed on the dice were dependent on how big the bet was. In theory, the probability of getting a small number was equal to the probability of getting a big number. Each amounting to 50 percent! But that was only theoretical. In reality, if they just shook it at random, then the risk was too big. The day the casino lost all profit won’t be too far off! That’s why the dealers hired by the casino were all masters at their craft. They could control the number that would be shown on the dice to a certain extent. Of course, it was impossible to control it 100 percent, but controlling it almost control to 100 percent wasn’t impossible.

The rule of the gambles in the casinos was to ‘eat more, pay less.’ If there were a lot of people betting on big, then they would open up a small number. If there were many people betting on small, then they would open up a big number. It was also possible for someone to encounter a situation like Wu YingYing when she was just betting 1000 Yuan each bet. This probably made the dealer annoyed, prompting him to open up a big when she bet on small each time.

Since she was an acquaintance, there wasn’t a need to make Ding Baosan get involved in a mess. And considering Wu YingYing’s background and how she lived, the possibility of her really blowing up the casino wasn’t small.

“YingYing!” I shouted towards Wu YingYing.

Wu YingYing strangely turned her head to look towards me. As soon as she saw it was me, her fierce expression disappeared as a smile appeared on her face, and she said to me like a spoilt brat, “Liu Lei! How are you? Are you here to gamble as well? Oh, right! You had promised to get me a race car! When are you going to get me my race car!”

As Ding Baosan listened to her words, he looked towards me suspiciously…The moment she opened her mouth, she asked for a race car. The relationship between the two couldn’t be ordinary! It was no wonder the woman was so arrogant and dared to threaten to blow up the casino. She would certainly have the courage and resources. She was the chief’s woman after all!

As I saw Ding Baosan’s suspicious look, I suddenly started to sweat! We were just talking about the woman’s backer, and now, this guy certainly thought Wu YingYing was one of my mistresses!

In particular, Wu YingYing’s sentence, “When are you going to get me my race car?” He took it even more seriously. After all, a woman who had nothing to do with you wouldn’t ask for a car the moment she saw you!

Zhao YanYan didn’t say anything. She had also recognized Wu YingYing and knew the girl was fatty Wu’s sister. On top of that, Zhao YanYan had no reason to be jealous as she already had so many sister wives and didn’t care about another one joining the harem!

Ding Baosan thought till here and immediately said to the guide, “Misunderstanding, all this is a misunderstanding! This young lady before us is a friend of mine! Everybody, you can disperse…”

The guide went from a dealer to his current position, so he was certainly not a fool. As he saw Ding Baosan’s attitude towards me, how could he not understand the man before him was very formidable! He hurried towards the dealer and whispered something in his ear. As the dealer heard his words, his countenance changed as he immediately nodded.

Sure enough, now that Wu YingYing bets small, it was really a small number! This made Wu YingYing very excited as she pushed all the remaining chips forward and again chose small!

The dealer had already been instructed by the guide, so he wasn’t afraid of losing money anymore. So, he again opened a small number and let her win.

The money lost wasn’t a big deal in Ding Baosan’s eyes. What’s more, the casino was one of my industries. The real chief of Three-Rock Entertainment group was me, so it didn’t matter how much money we lost to her!