VPAATP V4C2 – Lower My Standards

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

The underworld gangs in Songjiang were now all controlled by Three-Rock Gang. Therefore, Three-Rock group now owned several of the famous Underworld Casinos.

Gambling here was both secure, and trustworthy! No one dared make trouble here, nor did anyone try scamming others! The reason was simple, Three-Rock gang wasn’t a bunch of sheep! So, many socialite bosses and celebrities liked to come here for gambling! It was all due to the reputation of Three-Rock Gang!

The casino was very profitable. For Guobin Hotel’s refurbishment, it had cost an investment of 500 million Yuan. It didn’t take long for the business to start operating and recover all its initial investment together with interest. Of course, it was impossible to earn it all back just from the hotel and accommodations! The casino was the principal source of profit here! For every ten gambles, nine would be a loss. Everyone knew this truth, but there were still people who got so engrossed in it, they neglected to eat and sleep.

Those rich and powerful people always lost money when they came to the casino, but they would still return to patronize it. It was a sort of thrill brought about by gambling! According to various researchers who analyzed the matter, in some cases, the spiritual pleasure and satisfaction obtained through gambling could be even higher than what one received while having sex!

The Guobin Hotel’s scale was quite large. It was also the largest Underworld Casino in Songjiang. Most of the managers and dealers here were professionals hired from Macau. On top of that, the gambling attractions here were not any less than what was in Macau or Las Vegas! It was also the biggest reason for the constant influx of customers!

These rich people loved gambling but traveling from Songjiang to Macau and then back wasn’t very convenient. Now, the Guobin Hotel had solved all their problems! They provided the same service and the same feeling. What need was there for them to go round the sun to meet the moon? {TL Note: Travel far and wide to obtain something!}


After the meal, Ding Baosan took us to the entertainment hub on the top floor. The scale of the casino once more shocked Zhang Zhisong and the others. As gambling was legal in the US, Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang often went to the casinos and gambled. Naturally, they would lose the majority of the time. Yang Honghai didn’t have any objection to visiting the casino, and my parents had only seen one on TV, so they were also curious about it. So, all of us discussed and went into the casino.

Ding Baosan waved his hand, and immediately, the guide of the casino came over.

“These are my honored guests! Prepare chips worth 300,000 and give them to everyone!” Ding Baosan said.

“300,000?” After Zhang Zhisong heard those words, he sucked in a long breath and then gulped. Where would he have so much money in his pockets? But the next moment, Ding Baosan’s words put his heart at ease.

“These chips are for everyone. Everybody, you can play around casually. There’s no need to worry even if you lost it all!” Ding Baosan said coolly.

300,000 for every one of them. If added up, it would be more than 2 million! Yet he gave them away, just like that! Zhang Zhisong and my second uncle looked towards each other and smiled bitterly. They had come to show off before their relatives, yet how would they have ever imagined the other would be even stronger than them!

But with the money to gamble, Zhang Zhisong didn’t want to think anymore. He immediately received the chips from the dealer and ran off to play.

My dad knew my relationship with Ding Baosan, so he wasn’t polite and took over the chips, handing them to my mom to try their luck at the games. Zhao Junsheng naturally accompanied my parents.

Alice Yang and Yang Honghai also received the chips and went off to play the games they found to their liking. I said a few words to Ding Baosan and then pulled Zhao YanYan’s hand, roaming around the casino at will.

I didn’t have much interest in gambling. For me, it was possible to control the gamble and win or lose at will to some extent. When gambling turns into something that must be won, it loses all its original purpose and thrill! As a very traditional girl, Zhao YanYan had never been to a gambling establishment before. So she didn’t any excitement or interest towards something that poisoned many young people. But still, out of curiosity, she shuttled through the entire casino together with me, asking about everything.

I wasn’t a gambler either, so I didn’t understand the rules of the games either. At this time, my follower, Ding Baosan served his role perfectly. He introduced me and Zhao YanYan to the various games, their rules, and the other projects in the casino.

“Roulette is a very fascinating and exciting game. It consists of a roulette, an ivory ball, and a gambling table with various numbers. The wheel rotates around its axis of rotation and is divided into 38 tall and slender trenches. Thirty-six of the trenches are numbered from 1 to 36, half black and half red, while the remaining two are numbered 0 and 00, both are green. The players can place their bets on a single number, a combination of numbers, odd, or even, or all of them. Once the bet is made, a dealer will release the small ball on the rotating roulette. Once the roulette stopped rotating, the ball would go into one of the trenches, and the final result will be decided!” Just as Ding Baosan finished introducing us to the roulette game, the casino guide ran over. {TL Note: All the roulette BS above is about American Based Roulette. https://bit.ly/2O4yTCj }

“What happened?” Ding Baosan was dissatisfied with being interrupted by the guide and asked him sternly.

“Someone over there is causing trouble. Boss Ding, you should look…” The guide was also a big shot in the casino, but only when Ding Baosan wasn’t around. At that time, this guy would have full authority to deal with any matters as he liked. But now, Ding Baosan was here, and he had also instructed them to not cause any trouble as there were some important guests who arrived at the casino. Therefore, now that there was trouble, the guide immediately ran over to Ding Baosan.

“Who is it?” Ding Baosan asked.

“It’s a woman, very young. She doesn’t appear to be a frequent visitor. Boss Ding, should we throw her out…” the guide asked.

“No, let me go and have a look!” Ding Baosan said as his expression sank. There were only two kinds of people who dared make trouble at the casino. Those who had a very strong background, and those who had their heads smashed by an ass!

If it was the first time, then it wasn’t a big matter and they only needed to give an apology to the Casino afterward. If you change the person into I, then even if I smashed the casino, no one would dare even fart about it. But if it’s the second kind, then not only would they be kicked out of the casino, they would also be blacklisted from the Hotel, and would be barred entry ever again. And if they caused more trouble, then a beating was unavoidable.

Therefore, after Ding Baosan heard the other was a woman, he became prudent. Dealing with women was really hard. Today, she may not be anything. But tomorrow, she might find a man with a high status, turning from a pheasant to a Phoenix!

Ding Baosan felt embarrassed as he smiled towards me and Zhao YanYan, “Bother Liu, sister-in-law, excuse me, I need to deal with a small matter…”

“It doesn’t matter. Let’s go there together. I also want to see just what sort of woman she is. So bold, daring to make trouble here!” I said with a wave of my hand.

“Humph. I know you just want to see if she’s a beauty or not!” Zhao YanYan snarled.

“How could that be? Even if she’s beautiful, could she be more beautiful than you! Right, Third Monkey?” I said as I patted Ding Baosan’s shoulder.

“That’s for sure! Sister-in-law is the most beautiful woman I ever saw in my life. I would have to ask sister-in-law to look for a girlfriend for me. Otherwise, it seems that my old man would be destined to never have his grandchildren!” Ding Baosan said with a sigh as he shook his head.

“Puchi!” Zhao YanYan smiled and said, “Why are you making a long face like that? It looks like a monkey’s. Don’t worry, there will be someone for you as well!”

“Yes, sister-in-law is absolutely correct! Tomorrow, I will lower my standards immediately, and make do with any female!” Ding Baosan nodded with an appearance as if he had reached the truth.