VPAATP V4C195 – I Want To Be A Mother

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“During our stay in Venice, we bumped into an Eastern monk. He told us about Yang Mei’s illness with just a single look!” I said, “At first, we thought that the old monk was just a swindler who wanted to cheat us out of money!”

“Yeah, true, the majority of people like that are swindlers!” Zhou Zhiping thought deeply! He thought that these people were not scientific!

“But what he said later made us feel that he was less and less of a liar. He told us the cause of Yang Mei’s illness and gave us a thorough analysis of the disease!” I said, “It was the same as what you told us!”

“What? Are you saying that a wandering monk knew so much?!” Zhou Zhiping was surprised and felt incredulous.

“Yes! At that moment, we realized that this man must be some sort of a spiritual person!” I continued, “So I asked him if he had a cure for Yang Mei!”

“Did he give any?” Zhou Zhiping asked hurriedly! Yang Mei’s sickness was incurable in the perspective of Western Medicine World, but now that he heard that someone might have a cure for it, he immediately became spirited!

“Unfortunately, he didn’t! He said Yang Mei’s disease was naturally formed and it was impossible to change it!” I said, “But although it can’t be cured, it is possible to maintain the condition of her heart!”

“Maintain?” Zhou Zhiping suddenly said, “I understand it! What you want to say is that though Yang Mei’s heart can’t be healed, its strength can be increased! Tell me, what method did he use for that?”

“I am ashamed to say, but I really don’t know what kind of method he had used!” I said, “At that time, he just mumbled something in his mouth and then pressed some points around Yang Mei’s heart a few times, and that was it. He said that it will be alright! Oh, right! It was like those Martial Arts!”

“Martial Arts?” Zhou Zhiping had never believed in these things, but after listening to me, he had no choice but to believe my words. “What then? What happened next?”

“Um, that was all he did. He used Martial Arts and then nothing afterward! Yang Mei started to feel her heart become comfortable after that,” I shrugged and said.

“What? Nothing? It got cured just like that?” Zhou Zhiping felt incredible, “Where is this person now, how do I find him? I am going to find him!”

“I am afraid that I don’t know how to find him either!” I deliberately smiled and said, “I already asked for his name and contact information, but he just left laughing and said that we will naturally meet if the Heavens willed it!”

“Ah!” Zhou Zhiping sighed disappointedly, “How good it would be if I could meet him; I would have asked him how he did it! This is a miracle in medical history!”

“Sorry, Professor Zhou, I didn’t know that this person was so capable at that time. I just thought that Yang Mei temporarily felt better because of some psychological effect and didn’t take the man seriously! But over the next few days, Yang Mei was able to clearly feel her heart’s condition getting better and better. She no longer felt the suppression she did before!” I said.

“Well, there are very few people that are truly outstanding like that in this world. I doubt that he will even talk to me even after I found him!” Zhou Zhiping comforted himself and shook his head, “Ah! So these supernatural phenomena do really exist!”

“Professor Zhou, what are your thoughts regarding Yang Mei’s condition now?” I was afraid that Zhou Zhiping will keep on thinking too deeply regarding this matter, so I quickly changed the topic and asked him about Yang Mei’s condition.

“With her current situation, just an operation is needed to completely cure Yang Mei!” Zhou Zhiping said, “Of course, this is my judgment only according to her current condition. I am not sure if her heart can always remain strong like this. If one day, the monk’s ability gives in, then it is possible that Yang Mei’s heart might get blown by the sudden pressure!”

I naturally knew that Yang Mei’s heart wasn’t going to have any problems again. I trusted Jiao Yazi’s Heart Law so there was nothing to worry about! And, even if there were some problems in the future, I can just go to that noisy Yama Palace!

“Dr. Zhou, I would like to undergo the surgery, please help me arrange a time for it!” Yang Mei said before I could speak.

“What? Are you sure you want that?” Zhou Zhiping felt strange. “Even if you don’t get surgery. So long as you don’t do some intense exercise, there will be no issues for you! Why do you want to take risks!”

In Zhou Zhiping’s view, it was better to die a peaceful death rather than risk their lives with no one knowing the outcome! Since she could live well like this, what need was there to take such a risk!

“If the ability of that monk failed, I will die either way. I might live for a month or two, but it will be the same if I had a surgery that didn’t go well, I will live at most a month or two!” Yang Mei said resolutely, “And I think…”

When she said till here, Yang Mei paused for a moment and then said with a red face, “I want to be a mother!”

Zhou Zhiping was stunned but then he laughed! Yes, with Yang Mei’s current heart condition, let alone talking about giving birth, just having normal intercourse was out of the question! And, which woman didn’t want to be a mother?

Especially, after Yang Mei found out that I already had a son with Ye XiaoXiao, she felt an even urgent wish to be a mother!

“Are you sure?” Zhou Zhiping asked again.

“Yes!” Yang Mei nodded firmly.

“What’s your opinion?” Although there wasn’t a need for my suggestion, Zhou Zhiping still asked me, “I also support her decision!”

“Good, I will arrange for the surgery as soon as possible! I will be the chief surgeon, that way, I will be able to rest assured!” Zhou Zhiping said, “Leave your phone number with me, I will arrange everything as soon as possible!”

Such surgery would generally cost a lot. If there was someone else, Zhou Zhiping would have definitely explained the cost of the surgery to them in advance, but since it was me before him, there was no need to worry about the cost! For someone like me who was willing to pay 300,000 just for information, money will obviously not be an issue.

Three days later, Yang Mei underwent the surgery smoothly. It was naturally an easy job for Zhou Zhiping who was the best heart specialist in the country. The result was naturally a success.

The healing rate of Yang Mei’s wounds once again surprised Zhou Zhiping! Yang Mei had actually been using Spiritual Energy to repair the damaged skin and the wound.

“Young lady, you must coordinate and think about what you are doing. Don’t go and do something shocking, otherwise that Professor Zhou won’t stop pestering us for information!” I said with a bitter smile.

“But it hurts!” Yang Mei said, “In the worst case, we can just push the responsibility over to that wandering monk! Just tell him we don’t know anything!”

“I am afraid that a lot of medical schools will come hunting for you, wanting to turn you into a lab rat to experiment on!” I said.

“They dare!” Yang Mei lazily turned over, “Who dares to take away the wife of Shuguang International’s chairman for experiments!”

Though she said this, Yang Mei still controlled the rate of her recovery. Even then, it was enough to surprise Zhou Zhiping! However, when he asked us about it, we just pushed the blame on that wandering priest and said that we didn’t know anything! With that, Zhou Zhiping had nothing more to say.

After all, “Martial Arts” and stuff like that was considered to be superstitious. Even though many foreigners had also come to study it and said that it was effective, there were a lot of swindlers in the world!