VPAATP V4C192 – Colleagues

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

After arriving, the guards opened the doors! Little Gang was taken to a secret room where a middle-aged man was already sitting.

“Friend from Feiyan Gate of China, how are you?” The middle-aged man actually knew Little Gang’s identity.

“Who are you?” Although Little Gang didn’t have any ability to resist, as a professional thief, he was still very calm and didn’t show any surprised expression. In his heart though, there were storms raging around! It seems that these people had already known of their identity! Who were they? What could be their purpose for bringing them here?

At this moment, Little Gang finally understood that those goods weren’t fake because the buyer was foolish, instead, it was all a trap set up by these people! They had deliberately set it all up!

Those who often walk by the riverside will certainly get their shoes wet? At this moment, Little Gang felt that the proverb was very appropriate to describe their situation! {TL Note: Dunno if the translation of the proverb is good enough or not. It means that if you keep on doing good\bad things, something good\bad will happen to you as well. Something like that.}

“Who are we? We are naturally your colleagues!” The middle-aged man said with a sneer.

“Colleague?” Little Gang was stunned and bewildered! Had this guy in front of him made some sort of mistake? Could it be that these people had been waiting in ambush for them? So that after they (Little Gang) stole the goods, they (middle-aged man) could steal them (stolen goods) from them (Little Gang)?

“Those things are fake!” Thinking of this, Little Gang said quickly.

“Fake? Oh, yes, we certainly know that they are fakes!” The middle-aged man nodded as he felt funny.

“Since you already know they are fake, why have you captured us? If you want, you can take all that stuff!” Little Gang said.

“Why have we captured you?” The middle-aged man looked at Little Gang and said indifferently, “You people from the Feiyan Gate actually intruded into our turf and expect us to turn a blind eye to you?”

“You people are from the Raytheon Gang!” Little Gang immediately reacted. So these people were from the Raytheon Gang!

The middle-aged man nodded in affirmation and confirmed Little Gang’s words, “Indeed, we are from the Raytheon Gang!”

“What do you mean by this (capturing us) then?” Little Gang immediately felt that something was wrong, “Were you the ones who arranged this matter?”

“We arranged it? Hehe, so it seems that you still have a brain!” The middle-aged man laughed, “We just prepared a large number of imitation relics here, yet you people actually tried to rob us, so why can’t we apprehend the thief and take back our stuff?”

Little Gang’s complexion changed. So, from the very start, it was all a plot of the Raytheon Gang to frame them! However, no matter whether their luck was rotten or they were framed, it was a fact that they had fallen in the enemies clutches! Little Gang understood that when one mixed in the underworld, there were some rules that needed to be followed!

“Good, I acknowledge that we deserved what happened to us! Then, what are your conditions!” Little Gang asked helplessly.

“Your Feiyan Gate must submit to our Raytheon Gang and become our branch in Asia!” The middle-aged man directly said his condition.

“What? Feiyan Gate submit to your Raytheon Gang? Are you high?” Little Gang said angrily, “That is impossible! No matter what you do, our Feiyan Gate will certainly not submit to you. And your Raytheon Gang isn’t that strong either, so you better not think about forcing us!”

“I never like to force someone against their will. If you don’t agree, I will just hand over what has happened here to the International Police. You can then wait for your Feiyan Gate’s fate!” The middle-aged man sneered.

“Are you threatening me?” Little Gang was stunned by the old man’s words and said, “Humph, everything is on the basis of evidence. So long as I don’t admit, what can the International Police do to me? Even if we take 10,000 steps back and say that I admit it, who will know that I am from the Feiyan Gate? So long as I don’t admit my relationship with the Feiyan Gate, there’s nothing they can do. The only one who will be captured is me! What can they do besides that?”

“Hehe, indeed, if you don’t acknowledge, there’s nothing they will be able to do about it!” The middle-aged man said with a smile, “But it’s already too late for that!”

“What do you mean!” Little Gang asked.

“Do you know where those water columns came from?” The middle-aged man asked suddenly.

Little Gang was startled, but he still shook his head and said, “Wasn’t it because we accidentally touched the fire prevention button?”

“How can there be such coincidences? That was something we deliberately arranged to make sure you all would take off your masks!” The middle-aged man said, “All of your actions have already been recorded on a camera. How is it, are you not going to appreciate our efforts?” The middle-aged man picked up a remote from the table and pressed a button. A large screen immediately started to play the recording of Little Gang and the others committing the crime inside the vault!

“What about it?” Little Gang knew that they had been framed, so he wasn’t surprised after seeing the video! Although they had already covered all the cameras when they were committing the crime, who could have thought that there was a pinhole device there! Those things were quite hard to spot and find!

“I have already said that so long as I claim it all to be my own actions, it will have nothing to do with Feiyan Gate!” Little Gang said.

“Hehe, that’s right. But you wouldn’t believe that we would not record everything that happened now when we could even record all that?” The middle-aged man said, “Everything that you said inside this room has already been recorded! So now, you tell me, after I give all this to the International Police, do you think the Feiyan Gate will still have nothing to do with this?”

Listening to the middle-aged man’s words, Little Gang’s face immediately turned pale. At this moment, he was both shocked and angry. He pounded on the table and pointed at the middle-aged man as he said, “You are such a bastard! You actually framed us like this!”

“We framed you? You wouldn’t be mistaken, right? We are from the Raytheon Group, we are all good people! We just bought a batch of fine imitation antiques, yet you actually tried to steal them from us! Now that we have caught you, isn’t it normal for us to ask for some conditions? Isn’t it right for me to hand you over to the police?” The middle-aged man didn’t lose his temper and said without appearing arrogant or servile.

“Are you not afraid that the police will find evidence regarding your Raytheon Gang from this conversation?” Little Gang said helplessly, trying to put on some final struggle.

“Evidence? What evidence? Did I say that I stole something and killed someone? No, I just said that we are all good people!” The middle-aged man laughed loudly, “Haha! But I will indeed remove some sensitive things. For example, me telling you to submit to us and some other things! The video is in our hands, so we can do whatever we want!”

Little Gang had no retort this time! He blamed himself for being too inexperienced and getting plotted against by others! Now, even if he blamed himself, nothing was going to work!

In desperation, Little Gang called Jin Hongzhong and told him everything. Jin Hongzhong didn’t panic like Little Gang and calmly talked to the middle-aged man!

“Mr. Jin?” The middle-aged man took the call.

“It is me. May I ask who you are?” Jin Hongzhong asked in a calm voice.

“Oh, I am Ben Luther,” The middle-aged man said with a smile.

“So it’s Mr. Ben Luther, the chief of the Raytheon Gang! It is my fortune to be able to talk to you!” Though Jin Hongzhong said it was his fortune, his voice was still very indifferent.