VPAATP V4C182 – Old Witter’s Retaliation

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Actually, me giving a contract to a third party like the Philip Family wasn’t a substantial loss to me! It was just a favor that I had done at little or no cost at all. On the other hand, the Philip Family would have to pay a large contract fee to the East Asia Motion after getting the contract! Sometimes, people were just like this, but it was indeed picking up a big bargain for them!

With the reputation and prestige of the Philip Family, I think that they would have been able to get this contract from the normal channels as well. They might have spent a bit more money, but they wouldn’t have to think about giving me any face at least! But I believe that what old Philip valued more was the friendship with me!

The unknown name of Sallica resounded all over the business world in Italy overnight! Businesses that had a financial relationship with the Philip Family, and even some hostile groups that didn’t have any dealings with them started to frantically inquire about Sallica’s background! Because if Sallica’s background was very strong, then those businesses associated with the Philip Family will certainly get a part of the pie! And those businesses that had a hostile relationship with the Philip family will have to reevaluate the strength of the Philip Family!

As a result, people were suddenly sitting on their seats with a ticket number, wanting to see the sacredness of Sallica. But what made them unable to understand the situation was that Sallica had no background, her parents were just white-collar workers and they had not much savings. Even the relatives that Sallica didn’t know about were searched by these businesses that overturned everything for any clues!

After their search, they were disappointed to find that even if all those relatives were looked at, there were none with some big background, it was just like Old Philip’s investigation. The most successful one was her uncle who owned a car repair company!

Had the Philip Family decided to change their heir? Everyone knew that Master Philip (young) was the third generation heir of the family, so his marriage would obviously be held very cautiously! They had never thought that he would actually marry someone unknown like this. This made these outsiders feel very incomprehensible.

However, the angriest of all was the Orde Financial Group. Old Witter was fuming at the moment. It must be known that the scale of his Group was far bigger than the Philip Family. Him marrying his daughter over to the Philip Family was giving face to the Philip Family, an honor for them. Yet now, the Philip Family not only broke off the engagement, they even announced that their heir was going to marry an unknown poor woman! This made Old Orde feel that his face had been smashed to the ground, humiliating him and leaving him no face to mix in the business world again!

Therefore, Old Witter decided that he must give the Philip Family a demonstration of their authority! After hesitating a bit, Old Witter called his strategic partner, CEO Hukos of the of the Horseback Group.

“What’s wrong, Old Witter, how come you called me at this time?” It was around 6 in the morning, but Old Witter couldn’t wait to call, so the question from Hukos.

“Have you heard of the Philip Family breaking off the engagement with our group!” Old Witter asked while still fuming.

“This…… How come they broke off the engagement, I have not heard anything……” Hukos was afraid of Old Witter flipping on him, so he deliberately pretended not to know.

“Forget it, old friend, there’s no need to comfort me. Such a big thing happened, it’s impossible that you wouldn’t have heard of it!” Old Witter said with a sigh.

“Alright, I understand. However, let me say this old friend, you should look at this matter and think yourself, was their family even worthy of us marrying our little princess off to?” Hukos comforted, “Who knows what wrong medicine that guy Old Philip took today, unexpectedly making such a foolish decision!”

“Humph, who knows! What you said is the truth!” Old Witter nodded, “Old friend, there’s a reason I called you at this time. Haven’t you always been interested in that Karon General Merchandise Business of the Philip Family?”

“Yeah, but since you and the Philip Family had a marriage agreement, I couldn’t get my hands on it!” Hukos said.

“Ahem, that Old Philip had been unkind, so he better not blame us for being unjust. How about we join forces to get the stock of the Karon General Merchandise?” Old Witter suggested.

“Hehe, so long as you don’t oppose, I have no issue with doing that. Do you have enough money? According to the stock price of the Karon General Merchandise, I don’t have enough in liquid assets here!” Hukos said.

“There’s no issue on my side. Heh, I just stopped my own business processes, now I must have a look at the face Old Philip will make!” Old Witter said directly.

With the intention of the acquisition, Old Witter and Hukos quickly met and then announced in their morning press conference: Today, when the stock market opened, they will make a comprehensive acquisition of the Philip Family’s Karon General Merchandise business!

In the morning, right after the stock market opened, the stock prices of Karon General Merchandises soared to the sky. And with the backing of the strong monsters like the Orde and Horseback groups, the prices were still going to rise! As the Karon General Merchandises broke through several historical highs, investors who held Karon General Merchandise’s shares didn’t want to let the opportunity go either. They knew that the prices were only rising temporarily because of the acquisition, once the acquisition happened or failed, the stock prices will immediately return to their original price!

Therefore, investors with a greater sense of urgency sold their stocks as soon as they could, making the prices of the stock temporarily stabilize at a very high level. However, the volume of transactions kept on expanding constantly.

Originally, Old Philip hadn’t given much thought to the Orde group, but now with the threat of acquisition above his head, he couldn’t sit still. But the enemy was two financial groups far bigger than the Philip Family, so Old Philip had no chance of making it through the game! Moreover, Old Witter was obviously trying to take revenge and must make himself look more powerful, so it was impossible for him to stop without achieving his goal!

But Old Philip wasn’t afraid, he knew that even if he couldn’t do anything, I will certainly not sit still either.

When Old Philip found me and explained the matter to me, I couldn’t help but shake my head helplessly. I know that the reason he came to find me now was to wipe the mess for him! What could I do? Who told me to be sympathetic at that time and look for such trouble for myself!

In fact, this matter wasn’t difficult for me at all. Just a word from me would be enough to solve the problem! However, the result would definitely be in favor of this cheap old man! Those people were just helping him get even more benefits.

And as expected, after I told my plan to Old Philip, this fellow immediately beamed with joy.

I made several calls and had everything arranged. In the afternoon, Shuguang European Distribution spokesperson held a press conference and explicitly indicated that they had a great interest in the Philip Family’s Karon General Merchandise since Shuguang International intended to develop a global general retail merchandise enterprise over the next year. Shuguang had already reached a preliminary deal with the Philip Family in private, and once the conditions were settled, they were going to make a large capital injection for the Karon General Merchandise!

If Shuguang Investment dared say they were the second richest in the world, no one would dare claim the first spot! So once the conference was done, all the investors who had sold the stock in the morning regretted their decision! They knew that now that Shuguang had joined in the matter, the prices of Karon General Merchandise were going to be 10 times of what it was right now!