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“Are you looking down on white-collar workers? Isn’t your entire family business developed by those same white-collar workers?” I said coldly, “And you, you are just a steward yet you dare laugh at others when you aren’t even qualified to!”

Where did this other Oriental come from? That was the first thing that Keton thought off! The matter was getting more and more chaotic! Originally, he wanted to respond with “And who are you?”

But when Keton saw me, he didn’t dare show any contempt. Keton was also a man who had seen stuff in life. The clothes that I wore were different from Yang Mei. Although there was nothing special about them, nor were they from any world famous brands, but they were still given to me by a Shuguang Partner when I came to Italy a few days ago. It was a handmade dress made exclusively for the Italian Royal Family!

Others couldn’t tell that, but it didn’t mean the Philip Family’s steward couldn’t either! Only the Master of the House had this type of dress, and even then, he only wore it when he went to some banquet!

And he only had one of these! I, on the other hand, was wearing an entire set so casually, so how could Keton not be surprised!

I had not taken these clothes very seriously. Every year, there will be a lot of major families and businesses that would want to get closer to Shuguang and East Asia Motion, so they would send clothes for me and my wives. We got so many dresses that they couldn’t be kept in our wardrobes, so once we wore a dress once, there will be no second time wearing the same thing.

“Sir, who might you be……” Keton’s expression immediately turned respectful. He knew that I wasn’t someone simple but he could still not recognize me. After all, he was just a steward, it was normal for him to not know much about a business giant like me. If it was the Old Master of the Philip Family, I think he would definitely have recognized me.

Since Yang Mei had already said that she was Sallica’s sister, things had become much easier for me! Originally, I had no actual relationship with them, so I couldn’t interfere. But now it was much easier for me to meddle in their affairs. Now, I can simply act as a “relative” before the Philip Family.

“I am this lady’s fiance, my name is Liu,” Since he didn’t know me, there was no need for me to take the initiative to tell him who I was. When I meet the Old Master of the Philip Family, he will understand.

Fiance? Listening to me, Keton felt the matter was getting more and more awkward! My relationship could be both complicated and not complicated! If he said it was simple, it wasn’t simple since he wasn’t sure what kind of relationship I had with Sallica! Was I a close relative, or was I a distant relative? If I was a close relative, then matters will be difficult to deal with!

I was obviously not someone who was easy to deal with. Now that Keton thought of Yang Mei’s words, “Do you think I am short of money?” he realized that the words were true! With a fiance like me, will she be short of money?

The key to the matter now was my attitude towards Sallica! Keton felt very stressed over the matter! If he didn’t handle the matter well, it might anger me and bring about some unwanted consequences! He didn’t dare set up a strong business giant as an enemy of the Philip Family!

Just from the clothes I was wearing, he knew that I wasn’t someone ordinary! So Keton was looking at me with sincerity and fear, carefully asking, “Sir, which business might you be from…”

“I am from the Liu Family,” I replied simply.

Liu Family? Keton had never heard of it! He didn’t know the situation in East China, so he obviously didn’t know about the Liu Family, but he didn’t dare continue to ask. He braced himself and asked, “Sir, what business might you have here……”

“Did my fiancee not say it already? Her younger sister is getting married, so we are here to attend the wedding!” I said lightly.

Younger sister? Could it be Sallica? The relationship was already very tumultuous, so what marriage were we going to attend? However, Keton still held a positive mind and asked, “Sir, who is the sister? Our Philip Family will certainly send ceremonial gifts!”

“You will send ceremonial gifts?” I generously waved my hands, “No need. It will be enough if your family just prepared a bride price!”

“What? Bride price?” Even if Keton was dull, he could still understand that the sister I was talking about was certainly Sallica even if I didn’t say it explicitly.

“it doesn’t need to be too much, just a few billions will be enough!” I continued to throw bombs at him, immediately petrifying Keton.

“A few billions?” Keton almost vomited blood. What was this man before him talking about, he wondered. Not too much? Just a few billion? What did he take them as? A bank? Really, it was as if he fell from the sky right into a frying pan!

Keton finally understood that he wasn’t going to have a very good time. When he came to Venice, he had thought that he will be able to send Sallica away for good with a few million this time. Once that was done, he will smoothly bring the young master back to the family. He never expected that Sallica wasn’t lacking money, and had found these two rich relatives from somewhere! And one of those relatives was estimated to be a fat cow from some major conglomerate! How could he not be frightened?

Philip too was shocked looking at what was happening before him! He never expected that I will actually come forward to help him! Although our relationship over the days was quite friendly, outsiders would be very reluctant about getting involved in matters like this!

Although Philip wasn’t very knowledgeable, he could still tell from my words and deeds that I was a man of great origin. What he didn’t expect was Keton being so respectful to me!

Although he was very thankful to me right now, he couldn’t go ahead and thank me before everyone right now, so he secretly cast a very grateful look towards me. I nodded to him and gestured him to rest assured!

Even Sallica had never expected that the two people they had made friendship over the days with were of the major background!

Now that matters had developed to this extent, Keton could no longer deal with everything on his own. All he could now do was ask the Old Master of the Family!

Since he no longer had any other means, Keton awkwardly said, “Mr. Liu, about the matter of bride price that you talked about, I can not take responsibility for that and must inquire the head of the family…… Please excuse me, I will take my leave!”

Keton had to find an excuse to call the master of the family. Now that matters were getting worse, he had to ask for instructions!

“No problem,” I naturally knew that Keton wanted to seek assistance, but I didn’t care. Even if the Master of the Philip Family came, he could hardly refuse me! It wasn’t a matter of just giving face, but I, the owner of Shuguang International, not only represented one company but an entire International Conglomerate!

For example, if I had a business relationship with the Philip Family and had some sort of disagreement with them, they will certainly side with me after weighing in the advantages and disadvantages!

As an enterprise, it was natural to stand where they benefit, depending on the more formidable side!

Of course, Keton thought of this too and he didn’t dare offend me. But he couldn’t make any decision for the family, so he didn’t dare say anything. He could only quickly report to the head of the family and ask for further instructions. Otherwise, he will be disliked by both inside and outside, having to take all the blame!