VPAATP V4C176 – Who Are You?

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“Philip, you shouldn’t get so angry. Dear, don’t be like this……” Sallica’s eyes had tears in them as she said, “What Keton said is also true, I should leave, you should go back……”

“Sallica, what are you saying! Don’t say something like that, I will never go back!” Philip immediately said as he listened to Sallica’s words, interrupting her from finishing what she was about to say.

“Philip, although we love each other, the distance between us is just too big. Although we have worked hard to be together, it’s a fact that we were born in two completely different worlds. I don’t want you to be against your family because of me,” Sallica helplessly said.

“Humph, those sure are fine words. Is a million really that tempting?” Keton interrupted, “Alright, stop talking nonsense, don’t you just want more money? Good, I will give you two million and you better leave immediately!”

“I am not doing this for money, I will not take any money from you!” Sallica said indignantly.

“What’s wrong? Is it too little? Is even 2 million insufficient? How much do you want? A person must not be too greedy and reach for a mile when given an inch, lest they also lose what they were getting!” Keton taunted, “One must understand to be content in what they get, otherwise, they might not even have water when the time comes!”

“You…… You are going too far!” Sallica’s face turned red in anger, “Philip and I love each other sincerely. Even if we don’t have any money, we have still been living joyfully all these days!”

“True, but unfortunately, people of this age just don’t understand what love is!” Philip also loudly said.

“I don’t understand what love is? Humph, I only know that the Master of the Family decided the wife I married and the two of us are very much in love now!” Keton said with a snort.

“Alright, Philip, you should go back with him. It’s not worth it giving up so much over me……” Sallica said low-spiritedly.


Although I had known that Philip eloped, I had never expected that the entire matter would be like this. It seems that Philip really belonged to some big family that was worth billions! And that steward, Keton, sure was very generous, taking out millions and giving them to people so casually.

“Liu Lei, can’t we help them?” Yang Mei couldn’t help but start to sympathize. Since it wasn’t easy for her to get together with me and there were so many twists and turns in her life, she could understand Sallica’s feelings at this time!

I looked at Yang Mei and shook my head with a smile. It’s not that I can’t help them, but how am I supposed to help them? In what capacity was I supposed to help them? Even if I was the richest man in the world, could I make people do what I wanted?

“How do I help them? Their kind of family is the most difficult to deal with!” I sighed.

“We can’t just stand here and see Sallica and Philip break up!” Yang Mei said worriedly.

The atmosphere in the room was still heated with Philip not budging from his decision.

“Is our family not very rich already? Why do they have to use my love to get more benefits?” Philip said somewhat desolately.

“If you don’t advance, you will be stomped behind by the rest. You should understand this fact very well, right, Master Philip? Right now, the other families are keeping a covetous eye on each other, gathering as many resources for themselves as they can!” Keton said, “Your fiancee is the youngest daughter of Orde Financial Group’s major stockholder. Once this marriage goes through, our family will advance both in resources and scale, going a step further than the rest. What is the most important is that you will become the future head of the Philip Family, while the blood brother of your fiancee will be the future head of the Orde Financial Group! Once the two giant groups join forces in the future, they will have entire Europe to themselves! How many other families can reach this scale?”

“Why me? What about my younger brother? My elder brother?” Philip’s emotions were getting tumultuous, “Why can’t they be the ones restrained by the family? Why can’t they have the little princesses of that Orde Financial Group marry them?”

“Master Philip, there are some things that you certainly understand and I don’t need to say them! You are different from other people!” Keton said, “Your status is that of the future head of the Philip Family! The Orde Financial Group only wants to marry their daughter because of this point! If you are replaced by someone else, will they even give their daughter in marriage?”

“I know…… In fact, I understand everything…… However, is having a bit outstanding ability really that wrong?” Philip bitterly smiled and shook his head.

I hadn’t said anything but Yang Mei could no longer bear. Pointing at Keton, she said righteously, “Who are you? Sallica is such a good person, she just wants to live the rest of her life with Philip, so why are you sticking your leg in their matter and getting dissatisfied over their relationship?”

“Who am I? I am the steward of the Philip Family! Do you understand the meaning of steward? It is the person who takes care of the entire family’s matters! Instead, what about you, who are you? Why are you sticking your nose in other people’s business?” Keton was already not happy with how things were going, and now, being glared at and shouted by Yang Mei, he immediately got angrier! I don’t know you, so why are you getting involved in our matters?!

“I……” Yang Mei was immediately at a loss for words. True, who was she to interfere in the matters of their family?


Sallica also knew that Yang Mei was just thinking of her good. So in order to prevent Yang Mei from embarrassing herself, she quickly tried to explain, “She is my…”

Yang Mei also quickly reacted at this time. In order to let herself have more right to speak, Yang Mei quickly interfered and said, “I am Sallica’s elder sister!”

Keton looked at Yang Mei with a strange look. He couldn’t understand just where Sallica brought this Oriental sister from, but no matter how strange he felt, he wasn’t interested in getting at the bottom of this matter. No matter who Yang Mei was, he had nothing to do with her.

“Good, since you are a relative of Sallica, you can then help me persuade her. You can discuss it with her and decide the price. Just say how much you want for her to leave our young master?” Keton waved his hand towards Yang Mei.

“Do you think I am short of money?” Yang Mei was very upset over Keton’s remarks.

Keton looked up and down at Yang Mei and then said in a cold and uninterested voice, “You are just a white-collar class with a salary, and the salary you make is just enough for you to live your life.”

Yang Mei and I had just been together, so I hadn’t had time to have someone get her special clothing. Though the clothes she was wearing were from certain world-famous brands, they were nothing but ordinary in the eyes of Keton! The white-collar workers in the Philip Family business wore nothing different than her!

Listening to Keton’s words, I furrowed my brows! I hadn’t wanted to get involved in their family’s matter, but now this guy dared ridicule Yang Mei! It must be known that Yang Mei was now my woman, ridiculing her was akin to looking down at me. But if the matter was just this, I wouldn’t get angry; the issue was that Yang Mei couldn’t get angry or excited with her current condition! This was getting too far and looking for a beating!

I immediately got up and walked into the room, pulling Yang Mei aside, I nodded to her. I expressed to her that I will deal with the matter so there was no need for her to do anything. Yang Mei also knew that since I had decided to deal with the issue, I will certainly do my best, so she also felt relieved and quietened down.