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“Umm, this is already good enough!” Yang Mei smiled, “I already have everything that I could ask for, there is nothing that will make me too excited again.”

“Hehe, you can rest assured that when we go back, I will certainly discuss the issue with my friend and think of a solution,” I thought that Jiaoyazi will have a solution?

“Ah, there is nothing to think about. Having this much result is already good enough!” Yang Mei shrugged indifferently.

“After a month, if Dr. Zhou Zhiping saw you doing so well, will he be surprised?” I was afraid that Yang Mei will start thinking too much into the issue, so I immediately shifted the topic and asked her an interesting question.

“Yes, hehe, the affairs of the world are indeed ever changing. Dr. Zhou Zhiping would have never thought that my boyfriend would be such a supernatural person…… Right, according to your inference, I couldn’t undergo a surgery because of my heart not having enough power, but what about now, can I have a surgery now?” Yang Mei suddenly asked.

That’s right! As soon as I heard her words, I immediately slapped my thigh and said, “Yes, what I had been trying to do was also change the structure of your heart to be like normal people. And that is achievable with the aid of surgery that Dr. Zhou suggested! The results will indeed be the same!”

“Oh, I never thought that something I said casually will have hope in saving me!” Yang Mei was also very happy. Although Yang Mei appeared to be content, who didn’t want to be better if they could?

“It’s really receiving joy after sorrows!” I was also very happy, “Alright then, we will have a good time here and play around for the time being. Once we return to China, we will solve this problem once and for all!”

At noon, my mother-in-law Li Xiaohong was looking at Yang Mei and me with a very ambiguous look. I knew that the “DO NOT DISTURB” sign on the door had made her misunderstand! However, Yang Mei and I were already in a relationship, so it didn’t matter even if she doubted us!

Philip and Sallica didn’t feel anything wrong. In their opinion, there wasn’t any big deal with me hanging that sign outside our room’s door.

Sallica’s condition was much better, so we decided to take a stroll in the afternoon.


However, what we had not expected was an accidental matter occurring!

In the afternoon, Yang Mei and I dressed up and walked towards Philip’s room. Just when we were about to arrive there, we saw several men in black suits push open the door to Philip’s room and enter!

The first response that Yang Mei and I had was that some robbers had invaded! Thinking this, Yang Mei and I rushed to the front of the room. With me there, Yang Mei wasn’t worried about getting in any danger!

However, when I got there, the matter that was transpiring in the room shocked me!

The matter really made it hard for me to meddle in it! From inside, I could hear Philip say loathingly,” Keton, how did you get here? Humph, I never expected you to find here so soon!”

“Master Philip, the master asked me to pick you up!” Keton said.

From the conversation of the two, I immediately understood the issue. Those people were definitely the from Philip’s family. They had come to bring Philip back!

Although I sympathized with Philip’s experience very much, I was still prepared to have a look at the issue and decide. After all, we were just friends who met by chance, unless absolutely necessary, it was better not to meddle in their matters.

“I will not go back. Keton, go back and tell my grandfather that I won’t give up!” Philip’s frowned after listening to Keton’s words and replied unhappily.

“Sorry, Master Philip, but you will have to go back with us!” Keton said without any hesitation, “The Master and the Lord have already given their command, I am to bring you back this time no matter what!”

Although Keton’s expression was very respectful, the words “no matter what” had a very heavy tone to them. After listening to his words, I felt very reluctant to get involved.

Since even an outsider like me could understand, Philip, the involved party, naturally understood the meaning behind Keton’s words. He couldn’t help but say ironically, “You are just a steward of the house. Since you still call me Master Philip then you should also understand your status! You are nothing but a steward, you have no right to interfere in my matters!”

“Indeed, I have no right to interfere in your matters, Master Philip. But, I still have to obey the orders of the Master of the family, and his orders are to bring you back by any means!” Keton said without any emotions, “I have no other means. Master Philip, please do not blame this old thing if I offend you!”

“Humph!” Philip sneered after listening to him, “Good, good! Since you said so, then I will also let you know what I think! Go back and tell my grandfather that I have nothing to do with the family from now on! As an adult, I have this right! The law also says that no one can force another person to do what they don’t want to! I will not go back!”

“Please do not tell me what the law is. I don’t understand, nor do I want to know. Perhaps the law is effective on the average people, but it has no effect on you! You were born in the Philip Family and will remain a member of the Philip Family forever. It is a fact that will never change, it is your fate!” Keyton didn’t budge either.

“Philip, don’t say such words in anger. You are part of the Philip family and it is a fact that can’t be changed!” Seeing Philip’s emotions get excited like this, Sallica advised. {TL: So, is his name Philip Philip?}

“Miss Sallica, there’s no need to act so hypocritically! Everyone knows your real motives!” Keton immediately replied after listening to Sallica’s words, “You are trying to persuade Master Philip to return to the family all for yourself! You are still fantasizing about being the future mistress of the Philip Family! It’s wishful thinking if you believe that anyone is going to recognize you!”

“I…” Listening to Keton’s words, Sallica’s face turned a bit pale.

“What? You have nothing to say now, right?” Keton thought that he hit the nail, so he continued, “I really admire you. You are something else for being able to stick with Master Philip for such a long time, living in destitution and bearing patiently! However, let me tell you this, so long as you keep on pestering and sticking with Master Philip, the Philip Family will not make him live a very good life either! I believe that you are already fed up with this poor life. I have investigated your family and I know that you belong to an ordinary family of civilians. I know all you want is a bit of money! Alright, I will give you a million dollars! How is it? Will you leave Master Philips now?”

Sallica kept her grievance to herself even though she was being humiliated like this. Since Keton was someone from Philip’s family, she didn’t want her boyfriend to be stuck in a hard spot because of her, so she had to swallow the insults.

Philip, on the other hand, could no longer bear it all!

Pointing at Keton, he yelled angrily, “Keton, I have always respected you as my elder and never haggled over anything with you, but today, you have overstepped your boundaries! Sallica and my love for each other are sincere, why do you people have to break us apart? Am I just a pawn in the eyes of the family, one that they can just exchange for their own benefits? How much can you get from my marriage? A billion? Five billion? Haha, I had never thought that I will never be able to escape this fate of mine! Keton, I know that what you say are just words that my father and grandfather fed you! Go and tell them that I will publish it in the newspaper that I am breaking all relationships with their family tomorrow!”