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Though the hospital president had no shortage of money, he couldn’t just neglect interpersonal relationships! Owens was the local Gangster chief, although his influence wasn’t the greatest, the hospital still couldn’t afford to offend him!

Owens won’t listen to the so-called first come first serve lecture that the hospital explained. They knew that telling that to the gangsters was simply a fantasy! Therefore, the hospital president listened to Owens’ words and immediately complied to arrange the best doctor to see us!

It wasn’t long before a senior doctor walked over with a smile. He apparently heard about my identity from the hospital president.

“Sir, how can I help you?” The old doctor asked with a smile.

“Hello. It’s like this, I have an X-Ray of a heart with me, can you help me see what is the issue with it. Also, I would like you to see if there is someone who can draw a complete picture of the heart?” I took out Yang Mei’s X-Ray and explained it to the senior doctor.

“So that’s how it is, there isn’t any problem. It is easy to point out the defects but if you want a picture of the heart drawn, it won’t be completed in a short time as it isn’t that easy!” The senior doctor said.

“How long will it take?” I asked.

“It will only be complete by tomorrow!” The senior doctor said, “I will need to first draw a sketch and then find a special person to turn that into a digital picture on the computer!”

“Understood. There is no problem with that. I will then leave my phone number with you, if there are any problems with the process, please call me immediately!” I left my phone number to the senior doctor. Although the X-Ray was very important for me, I couldn’t be hasty. There was no use worrying as everything had to be done step by step!

After paying the expenses in advance, Yang Mei and I left the hospital. Although the hospital president had exhorted the senior doctor to not charge me, I still gave a check to the senior doctor for the laborious task. Taking the check, the senior doctor was very grateful to me and promised that he will definitely complete the matter with all his heart!

In that way, not only did my money get things done, the senior doctor also felt that he owed me a favor!

In the afternoon, IYang Mei and I went out to stroll on the street with Philip and his girlfriend. I could tell that the two had been living in a very poverty-stricken condition and even had to sell their good clothes for the cheapest necessities and bad attire.

So I took the initiative to buy Philip and Sallica some high-end clothes and travel goods. Philip wanted to refuse but I said, “Since we are friends, why are you being so polite? Since I have the ability to help you, I will obviously try my best. This is the disposition of us Chinese people!”

It was good that Philip wasn’t an inflexible person. After some hesitation, he accepted my kindness. Since he wasn’t clear about how friendship among the Orientals worked, he was afraid that if he refused again, that will destroy the friendship between us!

In the evening, under Yang Mei and my strong persuasion, Philip and Sallica finally left their original hotel and moved over to our hotel. Of course, I had already rented a room beforehand.

The next morning, I received a call from the senior doctor who said that the things I wanted were already prepared! It was just Six o’clock in the morning and Yang Mei hadn’t even woken up yet! Looking at the soundly sleeping Yang Mei, I didn’t wake her up, instead, I rushed to the hospital by myself.

“Mr. Liu, take a look. I followed your instructions and drew this over the night!” The senior doctor opened a color image and showed it to me, “Here…… Here…… And this location……”

The senior doctor not only told me the locations in the heart that were different, but he also told me why they were different. Listening to him, I knew that it was just what I needed the most!

Although the senior doctor didn’t know why I had such a request, since the matter involved the underworld, he didn’t ask any questions as he had some rough ideas of his own!

The attitude of the senior doctor made me very satisfied. After writing a check for him, I took the X-Ray and the image and left the hospital.

Since I had what I needed, I couldn’t wait to give Yang Mei the treatment that she needed! So I greeted Philip and Sallica and told them that Yang Mei and I had been very tired and won’t be able to go out with them today. Philip also had the same idea because Sallica had caught a cold, so the two couldn’t go out either.

Before Yang Mei woke up, I used the picture that the senior doctor had drawn and carefully tried to understand Yang Mei’s illness and how I could deal with it! But even then, I didn’t dare attempt treating Yang Mei casually!

Because I had already confirmed that what Yang Mei’s heart lacked was the energy to keep on going, so even if I transformed her heart using my ability, there won’t be any good results!

I put my hand on Yang Mei’s chest and wanted to inspect Yang Mei’s heart’s condition, but what surprised me was that Yang Mei’s heart was still full of energy. The trace of Spiritual Energy that I had left in her heart had still not been consumed! It must be known that yesterday I was afraid that Yang Mei’s heart might not be able to bear the energy, so I had only left a trace of Spiritual Energy in her body that was akin to a drop of water in a mighty ocean. I had never thought it would produce such results!

Then, what if I just left more Spiritual Energy in Yang Mei’s body? If I did that, wouldn’t it be possible to make Yang Mei’s heart keep on working properly without having any issues?

But this was still using external force. I was afraid that if I forgot to add more Spiritual Energy into Yang Mei’s heart sometime, though it was impossible and even a small trace of Spiritual Energy could maintain itself for a long time, I didn’t want to take any risk since there was still a chance of something going wrong!

“It’s so early in the morning and you have already started fondling others! Liu Lei, you sure have become very bad!” Yang Mei said with sleepy eyes. Seems like she had been woken up by me!

“Ah?” I discovered that my right hand was still on Yang Mei’s chest, moving on her soft chest, creating an erotic feeling between lovers! No wonder Yang Mei would look at me like that!

I hastily took my hand back and explained, “It’s just… I was trying to give you a physical examination!”

“Only a fool would believe that you were trying to give me a physical examination so early? Why didn’t you examine me yesterday then?” Yang Mei obviously didn’t believe the words that I just spoke.

“I just received the X-Ray and the image, so I couldn’t hold myself back and just had to inspect you!” I raised the X-Ray and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can look for yourself!”

“Hmm?” Yang Mei hadn’t thought that I actually had the X-Ray and image already, “Good, I will believe you this one time!”

“I was just going to inspect your heart again!” I said with a little injustice, “Right, MeiMei, there is something very important that I want to tell you. I need your opinion on the matter!”

“Something important? What do you need my opinion on?” Yang Mei was stunned but when she saw my serious express, she also replied seriously, “What is it, I am listening!”