VPAATP V4C167 – We Will Continue At Night

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

I smiled and didn’t say anything, just took out my phone and dialed marks phone number.

“Mr. Liu, are you looking for me?” Mark’s frank voice passed through the receiver.

“Yes, are you resting?” I inquired.

“Not yet, I have been waiting to be at your service at any time!” Mark smiled.

“That’s great, I need your help. Since you drive a skiff, your personal connections on the surface of the water should be quite wide?” I asked.

“That is to be expected. Especially after this afternoon, with the support of Owens, the news spread and now many of my colleagues know that I will be the next president of the Taxi Service Union! Now everyone respects me a lot more!” Mark said happily.

“Good, so can you borrow a gondola from somewhere?” I told him my purpose.

“So that’s what you need. Of course, there is no issue, it’s an easy matter. Many of my friends here drive that kind of boat. Where are you, Mr. Liu, I will come to you as soon as I have found it!” Mark nodded.

“I am under the Bridge of Sighs, you can park nearby and then call!” I said to him.

“No problem!” Mark quickly said.

As I hung up the phone, Yang Mei looked at me with a puzzled look, “Who were you calling? Do you mean that we will be able to really realize this wish?”

I nodded and said with a smile, “Yup, that’s right! I just called the driver who I hired, he will be here soon!”

The white girl looked at us enviously and said to Yang Mei, “Wow, you unexpectedly have a personal driver! You will certainly be happy!”

“How about you go on the boat with us in a while!” Yang Mei suddenly said.

“That won’t be quite good……” Although the Caucasian girl rejected on the surface, the anticipation was written all over her face. But since she was worried about my take on the matter, she didn’t comply with Yang Mei.

Although I couldn’t understand why Yang Mei would be so warm-hearted to them, but looking at the anticipation Yang Mei had as she looked at me, I nodded and said with a smile, “There’s definitely no issue. It seems that my girlfriend hit it off with you quite well, and having friends together is also a good thing!”

“Thank you!” The Caucasian young man was also very friendly and thanked us.

While waiting for Mark, we found out through our conversation that the Caucasian couple wasn’t Venetian, the man was called Philip and the girl was called Sallica. Both of them were from Milan, moreover, the purpose of them coming here was what shocked us.

They weren’t here in Venice to travel, instead, they had eloped! In the European and American social conventions and the fact that they had an environment of love was free for everyone, there were unexpectedly people who eloped! This made Yang Mei and me very surprised!

“What’s wrong, is it that strange?” Sallica smiled bitterly and shook her head, “Actually, the reason he and I eloped is me…”

“Alright, Sallica, there’s no need to say it, it’s all in the past now!” Philip comforted, “We have already eloped, so there is no need to remember those unpleasant things anymore!”

“I understand, I know that you love me a lot, I just want to share our experience with our friends we just met,” Sallica said, “In fact, Philip was born in a major noble family and he was the leader of his generation, the heir that his family wanted to train…”

“I will say it,” Philip interrupted Sallica with a smile, “The later story is very old-fashioned. I met Sallica and fell in love with her, but since she was born in poverty, my family would never agree with our marriage. My family wanted to make me marry someone from other powerful families for the sake of their own benefit, but I didn’t want to do that because I love Sallica. I can’t lose her, so I chose to escape!”

“Ah!” Yang Mei could deeply feel their pain, after all, she had also been once forced to marry someone she didn’t love by her mother. So she sympathized with the experience of the two people, and said, “Then, in a while, we will go under the Bridge of Sighs and realize our desires. You two will also be able to be together forever!”

“I hope that’s the case!” Philip smiled bitterly and shook his head. He also knew that no matter how they tried to evade, they will soon be caught by his family. So he appeared to be very helpless.

Perhaps Sallica also understood this point, so she also had bitterness in her eyes, but she immediately put on a happy expression and said, “Good, we will certainly be together!”

At that moment, my telephone rang. It was Mark who had already arrived. I followed the directions Mark told me and brought Yang Mei and the others along.

I looked at Philip’s dress, he was wearing a very dirty dress. It seems that he hadn’t changed it for a long time now. I could estimate that this guy’s bank accounts were already blocked by his family and the two weren’t having it easy over these days. The fact that he could persist till now and not have any regrets showed that he was a real man!

Although the gondola wasn’t very big, there was enough room in it for the four of us and Mark.

Since we were already familiar with each other, there wasn’t any awkwardness and the atmosphere was very harmonious. When the boat passed under the Bridge of Sighs, Yang Mei involuntarily closed her eyes, seeming to be expecting the coming of this sacred moment.

Philip and Sallica had already entered the state. I had to acknowledge that the Europeans were very open. I looked at the anxious and anticipating expression of Yang Mei. Smiling faintly, I leaned over and kissed her lips, sealing them completely…

Suddenly, the bell of the St. Mark’s Church rang! It turned out that it was already nine o’clock in the evening!

Just as the bell rang, Yang Mei also opened her eyes, “Bell, can you hear the bell! It seems that the Heavens are helping us as well!”

Yang Mei sounded very excited, however, I knew that it was because Yang Mei sincerely wanted that. She was now like a person sinking in water, trying to hold any straw that could save their life now!

Although I was confident that I could cure Yang Mei’s sickness, I wanted to give Yang Mei some psychological reassurance at this moment, so I said, “Yes, it seems like the legend might just be the real deal!”

The bell had already made a sound six to seven times already and it was soon going to be over. Only then did Yang Mei realize that she was going to miss the opportunity. Looking at Philip and Sallica passionately kissing to the side, Yang Mei couldn’t care about her image of a virtuous lady in fear of missing the kiss before the bell rang out, so she immediately kissed me on her own initiative!

I was unexpectedly kissed! After a short moment of surprise, I also responded and passionately kissed Yang Mei. Since the girl was already so bold, what was there for me to be afraid of! Although Yang Mei was only so bold because she was afraid of missing the bell.

This was the first time I had such close contact with Yang Mei, but both of seemed to have a tacit understanding. Not only were our movements not only unfamiliar, it was as if that’s how it was all meant to be… {TL: Tacit >> Understood or implied without being stated.}

Even after the bell had ended, Yang Mei and I were still lost in a hug. Only after a while did we realize that something was wrong. When we looked to the side, we saw Philip and Sallica looking at us with a smile. I quickly patted Yang Mei’s back and whispered, “There are others here, so we will continue at night after we return to the hotel…”