VPAATP V4C166 – The Encounter On The Bridge

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

I looked towards the direction Yang Mei pointed towards. There was a bridge to the side of Piazza San Parco, it was a very small and old bridge. It wasn’t even a minute long walk from one side to another over the bridge.

Fortunately, I had been here in my previous life, and since the bridge had a very special legend associated with it, I had paid special attention to it. Now that I saw it again, I couldn’t help but sigh and wonder about life!

In my previous life, I had visited this bridge when on official business! However, it was actually because of a person……

“What happened to you?” Seeing me not speak, Yang Mei asked me as she felt strange, “Are you thinking of what that bridge is? If you can’t recall, just forget it, no need to fret!”

“Ah!” As soon as I heard her voice, I returned to my sense. I looked at Yang Mei next to me, remembering the previous life, deciding that I will certainly not leave any regrets in this one! {TL: Fuck him if there’s going to be another girl.}

“Yang Mei, this bridge is called the Bridge of Sighs! It’s a very famous bridge. Don’t just see that it’s very small, old, and broken, it’s a very famous bridge overseas!” I explained, “To one side of the bridge is the residency of the general. In the 15th century, criminals were kept at that place, and the criminals who stood trial there would never get the chance to get out alive. All the criminals there were the ones who had been sentenced for life or sentenced to death!

Before execution, the criminals would pass this bridge to the prison on the other side. At that time, through the windows on the bridge, the prisoners would look at the world they were soon going to leave. The prisoners would sigh because of regrets. Over time, even the bridge was infected and sighed. I heard that everyone who crosses the bridge will sigh even if they were in a good mood. Standing inside the bridge, all joy and happiness will vanish.” {TL: Just in case you ignored the link in the previous chapter, the Bridge of Sighs is a real place in Venice. It is an enclosed bridge with windows that people can look out from. The criminal stuff is also true. To know more >> https://bit.ly/20Mk7hz}

“Is it really so horrible?” Listening to my explanation, Yang Mei shook her head and said, “We will not go through it then!”

“Haha, how can that be! Actually, this bridge is now regarded as an auspicious symbol by many people!” I said with a smile, “Every year, countless lovers would run up to this bridge to kiss. There’s a legend that if you kiss on the Bridge of Sighs, your love will last forever and ever!”

As for the legend, I didn’t know whether it was true or not as I never had a chance to verify it. I was single my entire life. I remember Zhao YanYan on the bridge. At that time, I had wished for her to be with me! But that was impossible. Looking at the pairs of lovers kissing, my mood got salty and I couldn’t help but sigh again and again. The name “Bridge of Sighs” wasn’t undeserved!

Yang Mei carefully listened to my words and looked at the small bridge in front of us.

“Will the love really last forever?” Suddenly, Yang Mei took her vision away from the bridge and turned her head towards me. She looked forward to my answer, asking her question word by word.

Looking at Yang Mei standing before me, I seemed to have returned to my previous life. Some things could be decided for life in just a moment. After my rebirth, I had decided to not have any regrets!

I admit that my character was just like that, making me indecisive when trying to decide something, making me overcautious! It was precisely because of this personality that my love life in my previous life failed miserably! Although I had changed a lot of weaknesses I had in the previous life, but I was still the same person, after all, I still couldn’t think of doing extreme stuff.

It was also because of this that I would hesitate with the women around me, on the one hand, I complained that I was unfaithful and thought that I already had enough women, on the other hand, I kept on increasing my own harem! Thinking carefully, there was nothing much to think about the issue! It was better to just go with the flow and live naturally. Since I had a good impression of them and liked them, and the opposite party didn’t mind either and had sentiments for me as well, why keep on thinking of so much useless stuff!

I was happy, and my loved ones were happy with me, so what use was thinking of others and everything else!

I never expected that the revisit to this place would not only let me want to understand things, but also let the knot in my heart that has been bothering me for a long time, be freed!

Without those psychological constraints, my entire being immediately felt relaxed, and I was able to treasure the decisions I made even more.

When I heard Yang Mei say “Will the love really last forever?” now, I firmly held her hand and said, “We won’t know unless we try!”

After listening to my words, Yang Mei just stood there with a silly expression! Although this was what she also wanted to hear, but hearing this now made Yang Mei have a very complicated mood. Was she excited or bitter, she didn’t know? It wasn’t easy to get her happiness, and she didn’t know how long it was going to last?

Although I had already said that I could cure her illness, Yang Mei didn’t take those words seriously. After all, the medical experts in the hospital had already given her a death sentence. She had never heard of me ever curing someone else’s illness, so how would I be able to cure her?

So right now, what Yang Mei thought was how long can she and I be together? She really hoped that the legend was true so that we could live together forever and ever!

“Good!” Whether the legend was true or not, it was the most important thing to cherish every moment of life! Yang Mei nodded shyly and walked to the “Bridge of Sighs” with me.

Yang Xiong and Li Xiaohong would certainly not bother us at this time, both of them chose to remain silent and not follow us.

The lights from the Piazza San Marco were shining brightly on the river under the bridge, reflecting the bridge and the buildings around. On the bridge, there was actually a Caucasian couple cuddling around.

Europeans and Americans were obviously more open about this kind of thing. When they saw us, they didn’t show any cautious look and just took it for granted that we were also a couple. They greeted us friendlily, “You wouldn’t mind us here, right?”

“Obviously!” I smiled and nodded to them.

However, Yang Mei felt unnatural and appeared coy. Since there were outsiders, she naturally didn’t have the courage to be intimate with me, so she talked to the Caucasian couple, “I heard that the couple who kiss on the bridge will have their love last forever?”

“Oh, you also know this legend as well!” The white girl was obviously a very enthusiastic person, “Yes, there is this legend! But that legend is just the simplified version of the real thing.”

“Simplified version? What do you mean?” Yang Mei asked curiously.

“It is like this. In fact, the real legend if that if the lovers ride on our (Venician’s) gondola and pass under the Bridge of Sigh while the bell tower is resounding, and then kiss, they will live happily ever after, falling in love forever!” The Caucasian girl said.

“What is a gondola?” Yang Mei asked.

“Gondola is the name of a boat that we have here,” the white girl answered with a smile.

“So that’s how it is!” Yang Mei nodded and said to me with some regret, “It really makes one yearn!”

“Yeah, it’s already too late and there won’t be a boat either. But it’s just a legend. I believe that so long as two people are sincere to each other, they will be all good!” The white girl also said with great regret.