VPAATP V4C165 – The Legend Of The Bridge of Sighs

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

TL: I am going to put a reminder here in the author’s words.

Very Pure and Ambiguous is supposed to be a humorous book not to be taken seriously. I (The author) am not a scientist or literature genius (prodigy\expert\I forgot the actual word) so don’t expect everything to be perfect. As I (the author) always say, just read it with a cup of tea and enjoy. Don’t expect something serious… blah blah blah >> I (translator) forgot what else was there. The stuff I wrote was a comment from the author I read a lot of chapters ago so I don’t remember what it actually was. The above is the general idea of what it said.

If you find inconsistencies, just ignore that stuff. And I only mean inconsistencies. As for the racial stuff and all the bullshit, well, just ignore that as well, that’s what I do.

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“Way to heal me? Are you talking about my heart?” Yang Mei was stunned and felt inconceivable as she said, “There is no way for the current medical advancement to do that, so how can you even do that?”

“There are a lot of things I can do that you aren’t aware of. I will tell you everything in the evening, and I have a 99% assurance of being able to heal your illness!” I nodded and said, “And I am not joking, I am 100% serious!”

“Well, I will believe in you. As long as you aren’t doing anything to me out of pity, even if I can’t be cured, it doesn’t matter,” Yang Mei smiled.

“Of course, I am not doing it out of pity! When I saw your letter, I was sure that I had you in my heart!” I also laughed and said, “If I didn’t care for you so much, why would I come to such a great distance just for you?”

After listening to my words, Yang Mei was sure that I wasn’t just doing it out of pity, so she immediately became happy and entered the room with me, putting the luggage in the cabinet.

In the suite, there was a small bed and a larger one. I slept on the larger one last night, so Yang Mei naturally regarded the smaller one like hers. Since the knot in her heart hadn’t yet been untied, there wasn’t any coyness or anything in her expression, instead, she calmly and naturally settled her stuff. After that, she took out a set of changing clothes and said to me, “I am going to take a shower, don’t peek!”

“Alright. The bathroom is to the side, I will rest for a while as well,” I said with a nod.

Yang Mei entered the bathroom and closed the door but didn’t lock it. This made me suddenly think of a joke:

Two colleagues from a company, a man and a woman, went to a business field trip. Because of the company’s economic conditions, they had to live in the same room in the hotel.

In the evening, the female had to take a bath. Before going to the bathroom, she said to the man, “I am going to take a bath, if you dare peep, you will be an animal!”

The man immediately guaranteed, “I will absolutely not peep!”

The woman then went to take a bath. While taking a bath, she didn’t lock the door, instead, she kept a small opening in the door! The man thought that the woman was certainly testing her, and since he was an honorable gentleman, he was certainly not going to get swayed. Therefore, the man really didn’t go and peep.

Finally, after a while, the woman walked out wearing a bath towel. The man said with a self-satisfied smile, “See, I didn’t peep on you!”

Unexpectedly, the woman instead became angry and yelled at the man after giving him a hard slap, “I had never thought that you would be even worse than an animal!”

Of course, I just laughed off the joke and wasn’t going to take it seriously. I knew that Yang Mei wasn’t that sort of person, the reason she didn’t lock the door was due to her trust in me!

Yang Mei and I hadn’t known each other for a short time, we had worked on official business together and even stayed in the same room in her family’s home. Even in a situation like that, I had not done anything to her, so Yang Mei didn’t believe that I would do something to her at this time.

Yang Mei had the same thought. When she said that “don’t peek” she had only meant it casually, she knew that I would not do it so she didn’t lock the door. However, Yang Mei slightly wished for me to take a peek at her bathing since that will at least prove that I was interested in her.

Yang Mei soon finished taking the shower and walked out with a towel wrapping around her. Seeing that I was lying in bed reading a newspaper, she asked, “What happened, you didn’t peek at me, right?”

“I obviously peeped, otherwise you would have said that I was worse than an animal!” I teased her with a smile.

“Worse than an animal? What does that mean?” Yang Mei had certainly not heard that joke, the joke wasn’t yet known in 1999.

“It’s a joke, have you not heard it?” Since that was the case, I told the joke to Yang Mei.

After Yang Mei heard the joke, she laughed and shivered, the bath towel almost falling from her body, “Then that means you are an animal?”

“That’s right. I was afraid that you will say that I was worse than an animal, so I had to be the animal!” I said.

“You, go to hell!” Yang Mei knew that I was just joking and certainly didn’t peek at her.

Girls always liked to look good. Even after I took the shower, Yang Mei was still sitting before the shower, wondering just what eyeshadow she should use. I shook my head and started reading the newspaper again.

It hadn’t been very long when Li Xiaohong called our rooms private number from her own and asked where we were going to eat a meal in the evening. I urged Yang Mei to take the call, “Excuse me, young lady, it seems that you are quite drowsy aren’t you. Who are you getting so dressed up for? Well, you sure are quick, so I wanted to ask where are we going to eat a meal in the evening!”

“Only you see something like that!” Yang Mei complained while blushing and sped up her makeup. But even then, it gave me enough time to read today’s newspaper.

Half an hour later, Yang Mei and I came to her parent’s room. Since Yang Mei and I, both took a shower and changed clothes and Yang Mei had also put on new makeup, Li Xiaohong looked at us suspiciously. She was looking for clues to confirm whether we had already cooked the rice. But when she saw Yang Mei being able to walk freely and easily, she dispelled the thought.

“Mom, what are you looking at?” Yang Mei obviously knew what her mother was looking for, so she shouted with embarrassment.

“Nothing, nothing, I was just looking at your pants, they are very beautiful!” Li Xiaohong replied casually.

“That’s enough, my dear aunt, it’s already half past 7, so instead of praising clothes, you should think of what to get to eat,” I immediately said to shift the topic.

“Right, right, I almost forgot the real purpose!” Li Xiaohong said with a smile, “Is there any place with delicious food around?”

“I haven’t gone out to eat yet. I just had the hotel deliver the meal over to me. How about we go out and eat, we can also take a walk?” I suggested.

“Alright, let’s go out for a walk and eat!” Yang Xiong agreed to my suggestion and supported the idea.

Li Xiaohong was actually indifferent and asked for Yang Mei’s opinion, “Mei Mei, what do you say?”

“Yes, let’s go out for a walk, I have heard the night scene at the Piazza San Marco is very good!” Yang Mei said with a nod.

Since that was decided, our group walked out of the hotel. Since we were just going to take a walk I didn’t call Mark. There was no reason to disturb someone just to go such a short distance. Besides, it wasn’t very convenient if we used a taxi or a skiff.

It might be because there weren’t too many people, but the place was completely different from the other scenic spots. Although the night scene at the Piazza San Marco was beautiful to behold, there weren’t many tourists. We could occasionally see a couple or two, some puppies, and a few elderly walking on the walkway. There was no such thing as a sea of people.

Since I had come here to look for Yang Mei, I hadn’t gone to see many attractions. Now that there wasn’t any psychological burden, I could calm down and have a good time traveling.

“What is that?” Yang Mei pointed towards the small bridge not far away.