VPAATP V4C164 – Treatment Method

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“What?” Yang Mei was stunned and then looked at me, “You were looking for me?”

“If not me, then who else was going to?” I said with a bitter smile.

“Then why did you have to use this method? You almost scared us, we thought that the local gangsters wanted to kidnap us!” Yang Mei explained, “Since everything is alright, we are leaving!”

“Yang Mei, please don’t be angry!” I glared at William as I was sure it was this guy who brought upon calamity. I had ordered him to track them in secret, yet who would have known he will do the complete opposite! But now wasn’t the time to deal with him, I had to first comfort Yang Mei, “It’s all because I wanted to find you as soon as possible! I am not even familiar with Venice, so you can imagine how hard it is for someone to find someone else in another country! So I had to rely on the power of the local gang here!”

I said those words very sincerely. Although Yang Mei was still angry, thinking carefully, she realized that my words made sense, “Then what do you want to do?”

Seeing that Yang Mei wasn’t telling me to go away anymore, I knew that she wasn’t angry with me now, so I said, “Yang Mei, there are a lot of people here. Let’s go back to the hotel before we talk!”

“Alright!” Yang Mei knew that since I was here, I was definitely not going to leave easily. A few moments ago, when she had hardened her heart and rejected me, she had felt very uncomfortable doing that. She decided to just let nature take its course.

Li Xiaohong had already known that I had relationships with the underworld organizations, so she wasn’t very surprised this time, instead, she was the calmest of everyone around.

“You can leave the room here. I am staying in the Wonderful Stay Hotel. That place has an excellent environment and its geographical location is also good for you to play around. It’s better that you come over there with me, and also bring your luggage!” Looking at the large luggage behind Yang Xiong, I slightly bent and said with a smile.

Before Yang Mei could speak, Li Xiaohong already accepted the proposal, “Great, we will move over there then! Old Yang, what do you say?”

Yang Xiong actually didn’t have any opinion. He also understood the matter between Yang Mei and me a bit, so if I was willing to accompany Yang Mei in her last period of life, Yang Xiong was more than happy.

“Good, since we are here for tourism, it’s a good idea to change places!” Yang Xiong said with a nod.

Since the parents had agreed, what could Yang Mei refute with? Actually, Yang Mei’s heart was far more inclined to stay in the same place as me.

I went over and helped Yang Xiong carry the luggage. Seeing that, Owens blocked my path and kicked William’s ass and scolded him, “Bastard, what are those eyes for? Hurry up and pick up the luggage! I still haven’t dealt with you for almost screwing up the matter!”

Even though Williams was kicked, he had to meet rudeness with a smile. He ran over and helped carry Yang Xiong’s baggage. His two subordinates also rushed forward to help with carrying the luggage. Because they had come out for tourism, Yang Mei’s family hadn’t brought too much baggage. There were only two large suitcases; one suitcase had been picked up by Williams, so there was only one more remaining. To appear more loyal in Owens’ eyes, the two rushed to take the last baggage and neither was willing to give up. Li Xiaohong had been holding an umbrella and a handbag she gave to the guy who wasn’t able to get the bag in the end.

Looking at the fight between the two, Owens scolded the two for being so disorderly.

Owens brought a big car that everyone could sit inside, and soon, our entire group arrived at the Wonderful Stay Hotel.

“Mr. Liu, I won’t follow you inside. If there is anything you need from me, please call me!” Owens knew that there was no longer anything for him to do, so he said on his own initiative.

“Alright. I will consider your matter!” I said suggestively.

“I will have to trouble you with that!” Owens beamed with joy and bowed.

I also let Mark go back first, telling him that I might stay for a few more days. I told him to wait for my call and keep on working for me. Mark obviously complied with great joy.

When I entered the hotel, the waiter naturally came to take the luggage with a trolley. We then came to the reception to get rooms for Yang Mei’s family.

“What kind of rooms would you like?” The young receptionist asked.

“See if we can get another double room?” It wasn’t because I wanted to save money, I just wanted Yang Mei to live in the same room as me. Of course, it wasn’t because I was having any impure thoughts, I just wanted to help Yang Mei as soon as possible!

“Hm?” Yang Xiong and Li Xiaohong didn’t understand what I was saying, but Yang Mei had learned Italian, so she couldn’t help but blush as she had obviously misunderstood what I meant, “Where do I live?”

“You stay with me, I live in a suite,” I said.

Yang Mei wanted to open her mouth and refute but stopped. She comforted herself at heart that since it was a suite, she will just stay in a different room.

Listening to my words, Li Xiaohong didn’t care whether it was a suite or not, she immediately had an ambiguous smile on her face. Yang Xiong didn’t care about the matter, so long as his daughter was happy nothing was more important.

We quickly got the keys to the room. Although the rooms weren’t adjacent, they were on the same floor! That was very convenient! Under the waiter’s guidance, we first came to Yang Xiong’s room. After they settled in, I stood up and waved at Yang Mei.

“What?” Yang Mei was a little embarrassed. She knew what I meant but still asked.

“Let’s go to the room!” I laughed.

“You go back first, I will go there later!” Yang Mei was obviously unable to take the steps.

“Hehe, you don’t even know where you are, so how are you going to come over later? We can go there first and then you can come back!” I said with a smile.

“Ah!” Yang Mei could only stand up and follow me.

Just when I opened the door to leave the room, I heard Li Xiaohong’s voice.

“Little Liu, the doctor said that Yang Mei can’t do anything that is too vigorous, you have to be gentle!” Li Xiaohong shouted.

I felt my back get cold! Wasn’t this too damn fierce! It was good that this was Italy and the waiter didn’t understand Chinese, otherwise, we would have lost a lot of face!

“Mom, what are you saying!” Yang Mei was obviously not stupid and understood what her mother meant.

“Hehe, what did I say? You are free, have some casual chat, be happy!” Li Xiaohong said while laughing.

Yang Mei and I looked at each other and seeing each other’s forehead crease, we immediately left.

“Hehe, there’s no need to worry about getting disturbed!” Li Xiaohong’s voice came from behind.

Yang Mei and I immediately hastened our footsteps, as if we had already planned for this.

Arriving at my room, I opened the door. Yang Mei looked around and couldn’t help but frown as she asked, “What kind of suite is this, there’s nothing but a bed and a sofa in the room? Where are we going to sleep in the evening?”

“Of course, on the bed!” I joked.

“Liu Lei, what’s wrong with you?” Yang Mei suddenly looked at me angrily, “How did you change so much? You weren’t this frivolous before?…… Don’t tell me, you are feeling pity for me, so you are doing all this? Do you want to love me once before my life comes to an end? If that’s how it is, I don’t want it!”

“Yang Mei, you are misunderstanding me!” I quickly changed my tone and said positively, “I don’t want you to sleep me for other reason, it’s so I can see you at all times and see if I can find a way to heal you!”