VPAATP V4C159 – Three Minutes

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“The only reason I want you to find someone is due to your prestige in the hotels. It’s a very simple thing for you to do, so why not? You find someone, I pay you money!” I said.

“How much can you pay?” Curry stopped laughing and looked at me.

“Name your price,” I didn’t care about the amount of money needed. As long as I could find Yang Mei, it didn’t matter how much I had to spend.

“Five hundred thousand! How is it, can you pay?” Curry said a number.

“500,000? Alright, so long as you can find the person, I will pay!” I nodded.

Curry never thought that I would actually agree to his request. He was surprised but he still asked, “What do you want me to do?”

“You just need to send out your people to all the hotels in Venice to see if there is a Family with three Chinese, two females and one male, living in any of them. The man is called Yang Xiong, one of the women is called Li Xiaohong while the other is called Yang Mei,” I said, “If you can find the hotel they are staying in, I will honor the deal and pay what you asked for.”

“That simple? Alright, there isn’t any issue, but I want to take part of the deposit first,” Curry said after thinking.

“How much do you want?” I didn’t oppose. It was normal that he wanted a deposit.

“Half, 250,000!” Curry said.

“No problem!” I agreed with Curry’s request and took out my chequebook, preparing to write a cheque.

“Not this, I will tell you an account number where you can directly transfer the money!” Curry waved his hand and said his account number.

I didn’t care much and transferred 250,000 to the account number Curry gave me.

Curry took out his phone and checked the message. Seeing that the money had arrived, he nodded with satisfaction.

“Now then, when are you going to take action?” I asked.

“Action? Hahahaha!” Curry suddenly started to laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” I asked, feeling a little upset.

“What am I laughing at? Don’t you feel that is a ridiculous question? Making a gang find someone, how can you even think of something like that! You can f*** off now!” Curry laughed and shouted towards me. {TL: Just how stupid does someone need to be to be this stupid?}

“What do you mean?” My expression sank.

“What do I mean? Isn’t it obvious that you got played! Did you really think that I will help you find someone after you gave me money? I cheated you, fool! If you don’t want to get hurt, hurry up and f*** off, you stupid Oriental!” Curry said with extreme arrogance.

“Hahahaha! Hurry up and leave!” Curry’s subordinates also started laughing loudly.

Mark looked distressed. Seeing that I was deceived, he wanted to say something but didn’t dare to. He pulled on my shirt, hinting me not to be impulsive and provoke the gang!

“Have you decided to take the money and not handle the matter?” I didn’t pay attention to Mark and calmly asked Curry.

“What about it? What can you do? Want to scare me! Ah, I am scared!” Curry said mockingly.

“Well, do you dare name your gang?” I wasn’t prepared to make things big, that’s why I hadn’t been using my real identity all this time. But now, I was really getting angry.

“Want to know about the gang? We are the White Horse Gang. What’s wrong, are you going to go to the police and report us? You can go, no one will give a f***! Go ahead and see what the police can do for you! Even if you provide them with evidence, they will never be able to do anything! Hahaha!” Curry said while still laughing madly.

“Hmm, all I have to do is make one call. Three minutes, just sit here for three minutes! I promise you will change your mind!” I said with strong anger and intent to kill. Although I don’t have a very bad temper, it doesn’t matter I won’t get angry! If not for my identity being public, I would have already killed every single one of these. But I was afraid that there will some unwanted consequences because of my identity!

“Ha? What did you just say? Three minutes and I will change my mind?” Curry didn’t believe my words at all and said to his subordinates, “Guys, did you hear what he said? He said three minutes! Haha! Who do you think you are? God?”

I wasn’t going to waste too much time on his useless bullshit, “Do you dare gamble with me?” I interrupted Curry’s words.

“Gamble? Good! I will gamble with you then! You should think about the consequences clearly. If you leave now, I will let you go! After three minutes, if I haven’t changed my mind, then you just watch how I turn you into a meatball!” Curry said to me.

“Alright. But what if you changed your mind?” I asked.

“If I change my mind? It’s impossible for me to change my mind!” Curry obviously didn’t believe that there was any chance of someone like me, who was just here as a tourist, making his mind change.

“What I mean is, if!” I don’t plan to let him off.

“If? Good, if I changed my mind, not only will I help you find whoever you want, I will also return the 250,000 to you!” Curry said after thinking.

“Good, now that you have said that you better keep your words!” I nodded and pulled out my phone, dialing Du Xiaowei’s number. Once the call connected, I told him my current situation and also told him to give a call to Guo Qing and pressure the leaders of this White Horse Gang from both sides.

Du Xiaowei recalled for quite a while and finally remembered the White Horse Gang’s name. This White Horse Gang was just a small gang in Italy that hadn’t enter the wider underworld. They had once bought arms (guns and stuff) from Du Xiaowei but Du Xiaowei obviously didn’t care about them. Now that Du Xiaowei himself took the initiative to call their leader Owens, Owens was excited beyond words. If his gang could maintain relations with Du Xiaowei, it was possible for the White Horse Gang to rise from being just a small gang! It must be known that in the majority of the times, the degree of excellence and advancement of the gang’s weapons decided their status!

But before Owens could live the happy moments, he heard Du Xiaowei tell him that his boss had been blackmailed by his own subordinate! Owens was immediately bursting with anger, wasn’t this asking for their own deaths? If Du Xiaowei was just an arms supplier, Owens wouldn’t be worried, but Di Xiaowei’s other identity was the instructor or a mercenary group in South Africa. He was the highest leader of that mercenary group. If a conflict between the mercenaries and their gang happened, the result could be imagined. One was a bunch of amateurs, the others were professions. How could a gang like theirs fight them?

Just when Du Xiaowei hung his phone, Guo Qing’s call followed. Although Owens had never had anything to do with Guo Qing, Guo Qing was still the head of Asia’s biggest gang. Even if his gang had nothing to do with them, Guo Qing’s gang had relations with a lot of other European gangs that weren’t ordinary either. It was just a matter of a few words for them to extinguish his White Horse Gang.

So Owens obviously didn’t dare neglect the call. He politely inquired what Guo Qing wanted from him. When he heard the reply, he was stunned to find out that the issue was the same as Du Xiaowei’s! Owens was now infuriated and decided to beat that subordinate of his into a pig today! Just after Guo Qing hung the call, the heads of several major European Gangs also called Owens with the same purpose. By this time, Owens was already sweating with fear.

It turned out that before Guo Qing called Owens, he had called several other leaders of major gangs to ask about Owens and his gang. Those leaders of the gangs thought that the matter wasn’t a big thing, so they all rushed ahead and decided to deal with the issue in Guo Qing’s stead to score points. {TL: It’s like: I said words in your favor, in the future, you say words in my favor as well.}