VPAATP V4C155 – Arriving In Venice

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“Then what are we going to do! We can’t just sit back helplessly and do nothing, letting her leave us like this!” Liu Yue said somewhat anxiously, “You must do something and quickly find a solution!”

“Hehe, don’t worry!” I smiled, “Let me slowly explain the matter to you first!”

“You are smiling! Even when something like this happened, you actually dare smile!” Liu Yue said angrily.

“That’s not what I mean, at least listen to what I have to say! Although Yang Mei’s sickness is almost unusable with current medical advancements, I am 99% sure that I will be able to completely heal her!” I said with a smile, “Therefore, I am now going to look for Yang Mei!”

“Really?” Liu Yue already knew about my ability. Since I have confidence in myself, then there must be a method! Therefore, listening to my words she also smiled in relief and understanding, “That is good, I will support you! You should go and quickly look for Yang Mei. QingQing and I are here with the family so you can rest assured about us!”

“I also think the same that is why I gave you a call! I will prepare and go to Venice in a while!” I said.

“Should I help you book a plane ticket?” Liu Yue asked.

“Alright, I will visit the company in a while!” I nodded. As for my passport, there was nothing for me to worry about. After I had made my status public, Liu Yue had helped me apply for a Visa for every company. As a result of the massive status of Shuguang International, getting a Visa wasn’t a big deal for me.

After tidying up all these matters, I went on a journey to Venice.

Venice was located in the northeastern part of Italy. It’s an important port on the northwestern shore of the Gulf of Venice of the Adriatic Sea. It was strange that Venice, a city, was actually composed of 118 small islands!

Moreover, the city of Venice was completely built over water. The main mean of their transport was a skiff (a small boat for recreation or racing)! What made me interested even more was that it was a floating city, yet they still had a dedicated airport! {TL: Eh, how does a city float? Venice is actually called “The Floating City” >> Sauce >> https://bit.ly/1KXAgvf }

Venice Airport, also known as Venice Marco Polo Airport was their dedicated airport named after the great traveler Marco Polo. It was 13 kilometers away from the center of Venice and mainly operated domestic flights in Italy. But even if there was an airport, there was no direct flight from China to Venice in 1999. It was necessary to go to another Italian City and then head to Venice. I don’t remember when the direct flights started in my previous life, probably around 2007, but that wasn’t any of my concern. {TL: Marco Polo >> https://bit.ly/1ZPribp | Venice Marco Polo Airport >> https://bit.ly/2FBfYxn}

Two days later, I appeared at the Venice Marco Polo Airport. I wasn’t very familiar with this place but there was a Shuguang International headquarters in Italy. It was located in Milan and also had a branch here in Venice, but I didn’t want to trouble them though.

I decided to first find a place to settle first and then go on my search. After all, if I wanted to find Yang Mei, being anxious would do more harm than good. Even if I tried to look for a person who knew Chinese to help me get by in this foreign city, it won’t be very easy!

I went to the place with the water taxis, the special features of Venice. The taxis were actually small speedboats! Only when seeing everything in person could someone see the difference between Venice and the cities in China. There were no such things in China.

I had learned Italian in my previous life, so there wasn’t much difficulty in communicating with the people around here.

“Sir, are you a tourist or here on business?” Once I went on the skiff, the driver talked to me since he had seen me speaking Italian before.

“I am here… as a tourist. In fact, I am here for a private matter!” Since I had arrived in Venice, I wasn’t very far from seeing Yang Mei again, so I was in a good mood and chatter with the man.

“Oh. There aren’t many Chinese people who come here, and there are even fewer who actually speak Italian.” The driver said with a smile, “Is this your first time here?”

“Yes, but I have learned some things from TV before,” I had been here once in my previous life because of work, but that was in 2010 and I didn’t have a very deep impression of this place.

“Venice is a very good city. It’s a city that is suitable for travel and tourism. There are many attractions that need to be seen. If you need a private taxi, I can be at your service any time you need!” The driver started to sell his service.

I considered and knew that if I was going to search for Yang Mei, I would need a vehicle here, so I nodded and said, “That’s all right but what about when we are on land?”

“There is no problem with that either, my brother drives a taxi on land. When you go to land, you can use his car. When you are on the water, you just have to look for me. All that and you just have to pay a small fee!” The driver said.

“Good, I will rent your car(riage) then! Name your price?” I don’t care how expensive it might be. The key was that the guy was very enthusiastic and I also needed a guide!

“Haven’t you asked the price in the area? My name is Mark, while my brother is called Luke!” The driver asked.

“I don’t think that you will deceive me. If you do, I can just find someone else tomorrow, can’t I?” I said with a smile.

“That’s true! The price of rented taxis is 800 Euros a day. Moreover, if you want to go on a journey at night, the price needs to be increased to 1000 Euros!” Mark said.

“800 Euros?” I had thought it would be expensive, it was around eight thousand Chinese Yuan, which is pretty expensive!

“If you think it is expensive, this is already the lowest price…” Mark saw my expression and thought that I considered the price to be too expensive. {TL: Expensive, too damn expensive.}

“Well, it’s 800 Euros. From tomorrow, you will bring me around the city!” I nodded. This amount of money wasn’t anything to me either way.

“Alright, where are you going right now?” Mark said happily.

“Help me find a hotel nearby, I need to get some rest right now. You can pick me up tomorrow!” I said.

“No problem, there’s a hotel nearby. Will 4 stars be alright?” Mark asked.

“It doesn’t matter so long as it is comfortable,” I didn’t have any special requirements for the place as long as it was comfortable enough. After all, I wasn’t here to enjoy, I had a duty to fulfill. There wasn’t need to look for a five-star hotel specifically!

We arrived at a hotel not far from Venice’s Piazza San Marco (St. Mark Square). I couldn’t help but look at the typical western-styled classical architecture before me!

“How is it? Not bad, right?” Seeing my satisfied appearance, Mark was very happy and said proudly, “It is the best hotel in the vicinity that has the preserved characteristics of ancient Venetian architecture, spacious hall, and a charming inner courtyard. It is a unique hotel of its kind in Venice!”

“It’s great!” I nodded heartily! I don’t know the rules of the hotel’s star ratings here, but this is definitely enough to be rated five-star in some places!

When I entered the hall of the hotel, I felt that it was worthy of staying! A large number of rare authentic collections and some masterpieces were on display in the hall of the hotel. There was also an “Institute of Arts and Museum” in which the original masterpieces from three philosophers were preserved!

I used my passport to complete my check-in procedures and then exchanged contact information with Mark. I paid him the initial deposit for his service and agreed on him picking me up tomorrow morning.

I took a relatively classical room. Although I wasn’t here to enjoy and tour around, it still made me have a good feeling.

After taking a hot bath, I laid in bed and closed my eyes, thinking about how I was going to look for Yang Mei’s whereabouts!