VPAATP V4C139 – Where Is This? (Unedited)

“There were a lot of superstitions in the past… just like the Temple of Heaven where Emperors went to pray and sacrifice every day and year so as to avoid disaster!” I said indifferently, “Maybe this place was built by some kingdom in the past as a hoax to spread fear!”

I thought of what Steven had said about the aliens giving the ring as a gift to Empress Cixi. Perhaps, it was someone who made this mysterious place in order to please her! I won’t deny that there were a lot of skilled craftsmen in ancient times. It wasn’t surprising that someone came up with this!

“You can’t just say it is superstition! Someone that can create something like this – can the current technology and science make something like this?” After Wu YingYing heard my words, she said.

“What you said is also true. What science can’t yet explain isn’t necessarily unscientific. It’s just like my ability, it can’t be explained with current science!” I said. The human body was the most mysterious thing. Let alone today’s science, even Sun Sikong couldn’t explain everything.

“Oh, right! Now that you reminded me, I suddenly thought of something! What if this triangle was a transmission matrix? Just like your ability to transfer instantly!” Wu YingYing said on a whim.

Wu YingYing’s words gave me a spark of inspiration. Exactly, the words entrance could represent a lot of things, and a transmission matrix is likely to be possible! If so, then where did this triangle lead to? Could this send someone to the top, giving them the entire world?

In what way could the world be owned? If there was something so good, why did Empress Dowager Cixi not come here to test it? Or did she just not believe in it?

Of course, these thoughts couldn’t be verified. Perhaps, Empress Cixi was also suspicious, or maybe, because she already stood at the pinnacle of the feudal society in her time, she just didn’t want to take the risk with something so unknown! If successful, your name will go down in history, but failure?

The imperial rulers had always been very conservative. They will never venture into something that had no guarantee! That explains some of it!

However, just what kind of mystery did this transmission matrix lead to!

After hesitating for a moment, I made a very important decision. I was going to try this myself!

“YingYing, I am going to stand inside and experiment with it and see just what the hell is going on!” I said seriously.

“Are you going to experiment in person?” Wu YingYing said, “You are kidding, right? God knows just what serious consequences this thing may cause!”

“Since I am already here, I must experience what it is. If I don’t, I won’t be able to sleep!” I was telling the truth. Sometimes, curiosity could be very uncomfortable!

“You can’t try it yourself then! You can just put a kitten or a puppy in there and let it bring a camera along for the trip!” Wu YingYing suggested. {TL: 🤦‍♂️ }

“Let’s just imagine that the puppy or kitten somehow are able to start the matrix, but then, will they even be able to return?” I shook my head, “And, it might just bring about the opposite effect!” {TL: Yeah, what if the pup or pussy became the ruler of the world!}

My reason might have sounded very far-fetched, but Wu YingYing understood that I had made up my mind! What could Wu YingYing say? However, Wu YingYing also knew the special nature of my body, so she still had some peace of mind.

“I will try it with you! Even if it leads to death, we will die together!” Wu YingYing looked at me and said her decision. {TL: I knew it. Fucking, we will die together bullshit. For some reason I hate this the most.}

“YingYing, be obedient. You can’t go. I am different, even if something happened, I have a special body! But you don’t!” After I listened to her words, I immediately shook my head! What a joke, I couldn’t even be harmed by guns. I believed that I will not have any issues, but I couldn’t guarantee whether I could protect Wu YingYing!

“Can I really not come along?” Wu YingYing already knew that I won’t agree, but she still didn’t give up.

“I promise I will be careful! In fact, it’s just a test, it might even be a lie!” I lauged.

“Then you have to be very careful. As soon as something appears to be out of sort, return immediately! Promise me?” Wu YingYing sighed and said in a faint voice. At the same time, she made a decision in her heart that if I was really transmitted, she will follow after me! At that time, won’t I have to return for her?

“Good, I promise you that I will come back! Remember, your husband is the strongest, he will not have any issues!” I nodded and walked to the triangle before us……

When I stepped into the triangle, I only felt my body become light and there was a feeling that it was being disintegrated! How should I say it, it was quite similar to the spatial transmission!

However, the spatial transmission was quite instant in a sense, while this took a very long time!

Darkness everywhere! Only this could describe the vision I had at this moment! There was only endless darkness. I didn’t know how much time passed but my eyes suddenly came in contact with brightness!

Since my body was stronger than others, I wasn’t hurt by this sudden light! From very dark to bright, it was very easy to damage your vision. I believe that people with similar experience will understand the agony.

“Where did this man come from?” I didn’t see anyone but I was able to hear a voice ringing in my ears. I blinked and opened my eyes, getting shocked by the sight!

There was a woman wearing a grass skirt, holding a spear in her hand. But that wasn’t the issue, the most important thing was that her upper body was completely naked!

I was lying on the ground at the moment. The woman was looking down at me, a pair of tits were dangling in front of me!

Fuck, what kind of place was this? Could it be that I crossed into some sort of kinky club? Looking at the big and soft tits before me, I really wanted to take a bite, but I was afraid that this might not be a kinky club but an indigenous tribe. If I did that, God knows if she will just stab me with the spear. {TL: I fuck anything that walks! – Liu Lei}

The woman walked over and poked me!

“Who are you?” I could understand what the woman was saying!

Don’t ask why I could understand what the woman was saying, it’s because Fishman the Second made me learn that! It was necessary!

“Who are you?” I looked at the woman in front of me. The more I looked the more I felt that something was wrong! Although I knew that some kinky clubs made young women dress up as tribe women, but looking at the woman before me, it didn’t appear to be the case!

The well-built tall and straight body, the proud strong chest, the lower abdomen, and thighs were telling me that it was all a result of regular exercise! On top of that, those two bright red cherries on her chest were unlike what the women who were regularly played with would have. Their nipples would be darker! All this made it obvious that this wasn’t some sort of kinky club nonsense!