VPAATP V4C134 – Pitiful Dolphin

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“You don’t believe, wanna try?” I said and thought, “You should have a gun in your family, right? How about you shoot me?”

Wu YingYing looked at me for a while. After waiting for a while, “Alright, I believe you and that’s the end!” Wu YingYing said very sincerely.

“Since that’s the case, so do you feel relieved now?” I said with a smile.

“No, I still don’t feel relieved! I will go along with you, if there is any danger, I will be able to promptly rescue you!” Wu YingYing said with care.

“That’s not too good. You are just an ordinary person, if something happened, then I will live in self-blame for the rest of my life!” I shook my head and rejected Wu YingYing’s suggestion. I will be alright but there was no guarantee if something won’t happen to her. If something happened, I will also have to make sure that nothing goes wrong with her!

“No, I won’t let you go either then!” Wu YingYing said, pulling my arm.

“YingYing, don’t act like a child with me now. Haven’t you heard your father describe just how dangerous that place is!” I said seriously, “Be obedient – I promise you I will come back immediately as soon as I think there is some sort of danger! Don’t forget I have instantaneous spatial shift!”

“If you want to do it like this, then I will go together with you. I also promise that I won’t touch anything there! You should be able to feel relieved now, right?” Wu YingYing still didn’t want to give up.

I weighed the pros and cons and finally agreed. It’s not that I was being arrogant, I had methods to protect someone with me! Moreover, looking at the things, it was sure that Wu YingYing was definitely not going to give up if I didn’t bring her along. There was even a chance that she might tell Uncle Wu who will send an entire army to prevent me from going! {TL Note: Even if he sent the f***ucking army, it will take a heck load of time. Who gives a f*** when they have the spatial shift?}

“Hehe, I knew you will agree, husband!” Wu YingYing excitedly kissed on my face.

After that, I planned with Wu YingYing and decided to set off as soon as we prepared the required equipment. The preparatory work was naturally handed over to me.

In the evening, I immediately teleported to Sun Sikong’s research base.

The security personnel at the base were already aware of me, so they weren’t too surprised at my sudden appearance. They all knew that I was the richest and greatest person in the world, so I will obviously have some incredible prowess!

When I arrived inside the lab, Sun Sikong was doing experiments as always. As the assistant, Xu Qingwei had nothing better to do, so he talked to me about the current research progress and research difficulties. {Tl Note: Xu Qingwei is probably the saddest character in the series, all he got is a doctor and his hands!}

It turned out that they had encountered a bottleneck in the research. They had made a survey spaceship that searched for stars that had life, but even after searching as far as they possibly could, they hadn’t found a single sign of life!

If not for the fact that I disclosed to them where I got all my technological sources (aliens), they might have already given up! They suspected that there might not even be a star with life in the entire Universe except for Earth!

I knew that this kind of thing couldn’t be rushed and must be researched on slowly, so I had no opinion on the matter. The main purpose of my trip right now was to make Sun Sikong help me prepare equipment that could drill holes in mountains, that would be convenient in my treasure hunting.

When I came up with this idea, Xu Qingwei already promised me a heck load of things. In his opinion, there wasn’t a need to bother Sun Sikong for something so simple, even he could do that!

The time used to manufacture the equipment surprised me even more. Xu Qingwei said that he will be done in just three hours! I thought that Xu Qingwei was just boasting, but when I saw the newly built production line, I believed his words!

It was all just intelligent robots working on everything. Just enter the design and the robots will create the stuff in just ten minutes. The majority of the three hours was needed to design the equipment!

After this matter, I went back to my place. I told Ye XiaoXiao about my trip to hunt treasure. Ye XiaoXiao didn’t say much and only told me to be careful.

In order not to attract too much attention, a mountain-drilling roller coaster was manufactured and transported to the hidden location in Xixing Mountain. Looking at the small-sized mountain-driller, I couldn’t help but sigh. How could men be so talented? It was so cool. I never thought something so creative could be thought up by Xu Qingwei!

The mountain roller coaster used the East Asian Power System, obviously, the more advanced version unlike the one on the market! Thus there wasn’t a need to be worried about not having enough fuel.

The body of the roller coaster was made using special metal that was especially used to manufacture spaceships. It wasn’t only resistant to high temperatures, it even had a hardness comparable to that of diamonds.

In Xu Qingwei’s words, even if we dug from to the middle of the earth and then out the other side, there would still not be any problems!

This high level of security gave me peace of mind. When everything was ready, I immediately teleported to Wu YingYing’s room!

What surprised me was that the girl hadn’t woken up even though it was half-past five! This same chick had vowed yesterday on how she was going to get up early! At this moment, Wu YingYing was holding a dolphin – the fluffy toy that looked just like Fishman, as she slept soundly.

Anyway, I wasn’t in a hurry. I had been busy for an entire night and didn’t get a break. Although I wasn’t very tired, lying down for a while wasn’t a bad idea! I took off my clothes and got into Wu YingYing’s quilt!

Wu YingYing seemed to have felt that someone hopped in, so she threw away the dolphin under her feet (poor Fishman) and hugged me directly.

Unconsciously, I also fell asleep.

“Ah!” A scream woke me up from my sleep. I opened my eyes and looked at Wu YingYing, who was already sitting, “What happened, what are you doing?”

“You bad husband, you almost scared me to death! I woke up and discovered that there was another person in my quilt. I screamed out of reflex, but soon saw your face, otherwise, I would have kicked you!” Wu YingYing mumbled with her small mouth.

I looked at the clock on the table. It was around 10:00 AM, so I teased, “I say, just who was it that said she was going to wake up very early today? I returned from the preparations and saw that you were asleep, so I couldn’t bear to disturb you and decided I might as well accompany you in your beauty sleep!”

“Ah, that…” Listening to my words, Wu YingYing apologized to me, “Husband, I am sorry!”

“It’s no big deal, we can go there now. The equipment is waiting for us there!” I said, “Go and wash up and wear your clothes… I will bring you to Xixing Mountain after that!”

Although Wu YingYing was used to seeing strange sights, looking at the strange mountain roller coaster, she couldn’t help but feel surprised. What surprised her was the fact that I could bring something like this to Songjiang over a single night. When I told her that this was designed and created during the same night by someone, she was so startled, she didn’t have words to describe her surprise.

If creating and bringing something like this was possible, Wu YingYing would now believe me no matter what I said.

It wasn’t necessary for us to search for the location aimlessly since Wu YingYing had the military map with her. With the precise altitude and latitude already written on it, all I had to do was add that in my roller coaster.