VPAATP V4C133 – The Strength of the Devil (Unedited)

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Later, some people even spread the rumors that Xie Wenhua wanted to hoard the treasure by himself, so he killed Zhang Danian! Since he couldn’t open the stone gate, he returned to the village and made a lie to get help to open the door.

Before these rumors spread, no one had any suspicion regarding what Xie Wenhua said, but once this rumor spread, everyone became skeptical. Zhang Danian’s family members were even more unassuming, openly saying that Xie Wenhua had killed their loved one!

Xie Wenhua couldn’t say anything to protect himself at this time! Seeing that the people of the village were gathering together and wanted to beat Xie Wenhua, the village chief Wang Guangcai prevented them immediately. He proposed that they tie up Xie Wenhua and go to the mountain tomorrow together and see what really happened. When the time came, it would still not be too late to handle Xie Wenhua.

After that was decided, Xie Wenhua spent the rest of the night in grief and fright. Although the next day wasn’t very great for him spiritually, he still went up the mountain with everyone to prove his innocence.

With the marks he had left, the villagers quickly found the cave! When everyone saw Zhang Danian, everyone was scared witless. How could someone die like this? Zhang Danian’s entire face was covered with black blood. So long as there was a hole in his body, that part was covered in black blood!

If Zhang Danian was really killed by Xie Wenhua, then Xie Wenhua’s method of killing was really too cruel – he must be high to do something like this! At least, they all believed that as long as Xie Wenhua was replaced by them, they would never be able to kill someone like this!

Therefore, the suspicion the villagers had regarding Xie Wenhua being the murderer decreased quite a lot, but they still didn’t free him.

Seeing the stone door before them, the villagers were bursting with joy. If it was really a mausoleum, then the villagers were going to get really rich! Seeing the villagers have the same expression as what Zhang Danian had that day, Xie Wenhua immediately tried to stop them from being impulsive. However, once the greed of man took over, it was not easy to subdue it. The village chief simply ignored Xie Wenhua’s words and began to organize the men of the village to bring a lot of crowbars and iron hooks, and then fix them on the stone gates. The village chief commanded everyone to work hard and pull with all their might to open the stone door!

“Everyone, do it with all your might! After I count to three, everyone starts! Let’s start!” The village chief yelled towards the people.

“One, two…” That’s all he could say! The word three was never heard from his mouth!

Everyone who pulled silently fell to the ground just like Zhang Danian. Blood flowed from all their orifices, forming a puddle of blood on the ground!

The village chief, women, and the children present there were shocked! Even Xie Wenhua, who had just experienced watching a man die yesterday, couldn’t help but be shocked and scared!

This was certainly the work of the devil! After a while, Xie Wenhua responded and murmured, “I had said it for a long time, but you just didn’t listen and angered the souls inside the mausoleum. Now look at what happened… dead, they are all dead!”

Xie Wenhua was innocent, everyone present could tell that now, but what did that even matter? Majority of the labor force from the village had already died!

The village head also realized the severity of the matter and immediately reported to the police. After the police rushed there, they thought it was unbelievable. This wasn’t something that could be explained with common sense, therefore they reported the matter to the higher-ups, putting the matter under military control.

At that time, the military sent out a lot of their experts. Not only were there forensic experts, doctors, and biologists, but there were also archaeologists. But no matter from which angle they looked at the situation, no one could explain the cause of death!

But what they could affirm was that this stone gate certainly wasn’t some sort of a mausoleum! The archaeologists described that it couldn’t be a mausoleum since a mausoleum couldn’t be in such a good condition! On top of that, the building material and age of the mausoleum didn’t appear to be too old!

Later, the biologists speculated a more acceptable result, that is, the place might be a biochemical test base abandoned by the Japanese!

Although this conclusion was pretty far-fetched, several experts who had come in contact with the mausoleum in that time also died, so even though the conclusion wasn’t credible, it was agreed that the place was very dangerous! Therefore, after a while, a few senior officials involved with the case decided to blow up the cave. They couldn’t let this place harm anyone else again!

That was also the cause of the past Xixing Mountain earthquake! In reality, it wasn’t the Earth’s crust moving, instead, it was caused by a massive explosion!

Uncle Wu was one of the officials involved in the past. Mentioning the matter now, Uncle Wu still had a lingering fear and some regret, “At that time, the technological level of our military wasn’t very good, so we decided to blow up the place. If it was found now, we would certainly have studied it more extensively! However, this isn’t a very great matter, so there’s no need to mention it ever again! I had never thought that I will actually see such a map after so many years!”

I nodded and didn’t say anything else. Only I am clear that the possibility of it being a biochemical lab was close to nill, after all, the map was from Qing Dynasty – it was impossible for there to be any biochemical labs at that time!

However, I didn’t mention this matter to Uncle Wu. Since I now know that the things inside haven’t yet been taken away, I must go there and have a look! If I said this out loud, Uncle Wu will certainly prevent me from going on such a dangerous mission!

“So that’s how it is, it had been blown up!” I pretended to have regret written all over my face, “It seems that my plans of making a fortune have been washed down the drain!”

“Haha, will you ever be short of money?” Uncle Wu laughed, “Alright, since I have already explained the matter to you, I won’t be the lightbulb anymore – YingYing and you can go ahead and play now. I will go upstairs and do some work!” Saying that Uncle Wu gave the sheepskin back to me.

Returning back to Wu YingYing’s room, before I could speak, Wu YingYing asked, “Husband, you haven’t lost heart yet?”

I nodded and said, “Since the gate hasn’t been opened yet, it’s proof that the thing inside hasn’t yet been taken away!”

“But haven’t you heart my father just say that the place is very scary?” Wu YingYing asked, “Those people died so strangely, it must be something bad and strange!”

“The scientific level had not been up to par at that time, so some things that are conventional might have been regarded as inconceivable. And, have you already forgotten that I have special abilities, so that’s already a plus!” I said with a smile.

“Special abilities? What relation does this and your spatial shift have?” Wu YingYing asked as she felt strange.

“Spatial shift is only one of my abilities. In fact, it’s impossible for my body to be invaded by poison, chemical weapons, or even atomic bombs. I don’t fear anything!” The rest of the words that I wasn’t even afraid of ghosts, I kept them to myself! Which ghost wasn’t afraid of Yama (King of Hell)? And I was Yama’s sworn brother!

“Truth or not?” Wu YingYing obviously didn’t believe what I was saying. It was just like some acrobat on the street saying he was invincible.