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“Little Liu, listen to me, don’t ever try to find this place, because this place… this place is insane!” Uncle Wu sighed.

“Dad, what are you talking about? Is there anything dangerous there? When I was a child, you were angry with me over this broken map!” Wu YingYing was somewhat upset about her father’s attitude.

“Hmm, I was wondering just why Little Liu suddenly brought a map to ask me about it… it turned out that you told him about the map and you two had premeditated this, Ah!” Uncle Wu suddenly came to a realization after listening to Wu YingYing’s words.

I knew that some things couldn’t be hidden, so I had no choice but to say, “Pardon us, Uncle Wu. I wasn’t trying to hide the matter from you deliberately, I was just afraid that you might not tell us the truth! I had no choice but to pretend not to know!”

“Forget it, there’s no issue letting you know about this matter! It was confidential at that time but the task has already been executed and there’s nothing to keep a secret anymore!” Uncle Wu said.

Executed? Sure enough, it was just like what Wu YingYing had analyzed, the secret was no longer a secret! But I wasn’t concerned whether I could get the treasure or not, all I wanted to know was what the treasure was! However, from Uncle Wu’s tone, it appeared that there wasn’t any treasure, instead, there was something very terrible!

“The matter should be said from what happened on one night 13 years ago…” Uncle Wu started talking about the past.

Originally, there was a small village called Buji Village in the Xixing Mountain. There were only a dozen households in the village. Because there were mountains in the vicinity of the village, there were no cultivation {rice, wheat, etc. Don’t mix it with Spiritual Cultivation.} fields. The people in the village relied on the mountains to pick up certain stuff like medicinal herbs, etc. to make money.

At that time, there was a man in a family named Zhang Danian. Zhang Danian was in his thirties and depended on the sale of mountain goods to make a living. One day, he and another villager named Xie Wenhua arrived on the mountain as always to pick up fresh herbs.

When the two men picked medicine, they forgot the passing of time and soon lost their way, ending up at the bottom of a valley. Since they were herb collectors, they obviously had climbing tools, so climbing out of a valley was an ordinary matter for the two of them. Neither of them had ever been to this place before, so they decided to keep on exploring and see if they could find another way to get out.

Of course, the more they walked, they also left marks on their paths. This way, they could prevent themselves from getting lost again.

Later, the two came across a cave. Seeing that it was getting late, the two decided to rest in the cave overnight and continue their exploration in the morning the next day. Since it was night, there was a high possibility to end up running into wild animals, and even if they didn’t, they might end up taking some bad and tortuous paths.

After the two had raised enough firewood, they found that there was a huge stone gate in the innermost part of the cave! This discovery made the two of them pleasantly surprised. They had always heard that there were mausoleums of Emperors and Nobles in the mountains, filled with unlimited gold and silver treasures!

Therefore, their first thought was that this may be the tomb of a certain prince or minister from time immemorial! The stone door looked very imposing and magnificent! This was definitely a man-made landscape, it was impossible for something like this to be formed naturally!

So the two men resisted their inner surprise and pleasant feelings and walked to the front of the door. At this moment,
the two didn’t think that the thing before them was a stone gate, instead, it was infinite gold and silver. They had the illusion of gold coins with wings waving to them!

But they also knew that the door won’t be very easy to open, and they had also heard that there were a lot of hidden traps in these ancient tombs, so they were very careful. After observing the vicinity for a long time, they found that there was nothing unusual there. Zhang Danian couldn’t hold back his excitement and reached out his hand to pull the suspended ring on the door!

The results could be imagined, the door didn’t move at all! Not even some minute shaking! When Zhang Danian saw that the door couldn’t be opened, he became anxious and discussed the matter with Xie Wenhua.

Neither of them wanted to share the matter with the rest of the villager since there might not be a lot of treasures inside, and one more person that knew, the lesser the part they got! Who wasn’t greedy, especially two herb collectors who were sure of living the rest of their lives in poverty!

The two sat there for a long time but still couldn’t decide what they were supposed to do! Though it will take a lot more effort this way, the treasure obtained will belong only to the two of them! {TL Note: All that needs to be seen is who kills whom first!}

So the two people simply ate some dry food first, filled their belly, rested for a while, and accumulated some strength! Zhang Danian took out the and put it in the slit in the door, trying to pull it with all his might.

At this time, a strange matter occurred!

Zhang Danian didn’t utter a word for a while and then fell to the ground without any warning!

In the beginning, Xie Wenhua thought that Zhang Danian was pulling a joke on him, so he said, “Old Wang, you motherfucker, it’s not the time to play, hurry up and do what you are supposed to do! Between us, you are the strongest! Hurry up and open the door, so you might have a chance to get a wife!”

But even after some time, Zhang Danian didn’t have any response. Xie Wenhua called him multiple times but he just wouldn’t respond. Xie Wenhua flew into a rage and kicked Zhang Danian’s foot and said, “Don’t you want to be rich?”

In his anger, Xie Wenhua kicked with so much force that he believed that Zhang Danian will certainly jump from the ground, but he never expected that Zhang Danian would have no reaction! He was still lying dead on the ground!

Xie Wenhua finally realized that there was something wrong there! He quickly squatted down and brought a torch {Torch made of wood lit with fire} close to Zhang Danian’s face…

The moment he looked at his face, Xie Wenhua almost dropped the torch! He saw that Zhang Danian was bleeding from all seven orifices and had already been dead for some time!

“Ahh!! Mother, there’s a ghost!” Xie Wenhua subconsciously came to the conclusion that there was a ghost. After all, how could someone just die without even making a sound like this! And there weren’t even any signs of struggle or bruises!

It must be Zhang Danian’s actions of slamming and trying to open the door like this that angered the souls in the mausoleum into punishing Zhang Danian! Xie Wenhua firmly believed this!

Xie Wenhua didn’t dare want any treasures anymore, he just wanted to keep his life. He quickly kneeled on the ground and looked at the stone door. He kowtowed before the door and begged for mercy, praising the great lords inside, he stumbled and rushed out of the cave!

It might be that his sincerity touched the Heavens or some other matter, but Xie Wenhua was able to get out of the valley and return! Of course, as he was rushing away, he still left marks. Obviously, he didn’t want to come back to the tomb again, he didn’t dare come back! The horror he had just experienced was something he will never forget in his life. He swore that he will never go back to the stone gate for the treasure again!

The reason he left the marks was so he could inform Zhang Danian’s family, so they could go back and get his body!

When Xie Wenhua returned to the village, he let the people of the village know what he had experienced! When he told them about Zhang Danian’s inexplicable death, the people in the village didn’t believe him and thought that someone couldn’t just die so inexplicably. Were there really ghosts in the world?