VPAATP V4C131 – Toy Agency (Unedited)

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“You… go kill yourself! When did I ever had a boyfriend! You are the first one! Alright, if you don’t want to go in, just say that, why are you saying so many useless things!” Wu YingYing was now a little angry with me.

“Ah, I was just joking!” I quickly reached my hand out and pushed open the door, entering Wu YingYing’s room.

“Ah?” I looked at the room in front of me and felt inexplicable. Could I be seeing wrong? Wu YingYing’s room before me stunned me! If I didn’t know this was a bedroom, I would have thought it was a toy doll store!

A large dolphin was hung with the chandelier, and the pink bed was filled with dolls, fluffy rabbits, and even a cute caterpillar!

This was just the tip of the iceberg. These fluffy toys were everywhere – on the bookshelf, on the window sill, and even on the desk! As long as you want it, you could find almost any kind here!

I had never thought that a girl with such guts and personality would ever like these sort of plush toys! Isn’t this what little girls like?

Looking at my astonished appearance, Wu YingYing’s face turned red with embarrassment, “This… this is why I don’t want you to move things around heedlessly!”

“I won’t move… definitely won’t move… hehe, I never expected you had the hobby of collecting dolls!” I shook my head and said with a smile.

“That… do you feel that I am childish…” Wu YingYing asked with her red face.

“Of course not! Something like this doesn’t make one childish, it’s good to have a child’s innocence at all times. Not to mention, when we have children in the future, we won’t have to buy toys again! You can also play together with the children!” Wu YingYing said with a smile.

“What are you talking about?” Listening to me telling her to play with her children, Wu YingYing felt bashful.

“Hehe, there’s actually nothing, this sort of thing, every girl likes these. I was just surprised because of your personality! Zhao YanYan and the others also like these!” I explained.

“Right! You won’t be bothered by these, right?” Wu YingYing asked as she still didn’t feel relieved.

“Naturally, you can bring all these back to B City with you. When putting together with YanYan and the other girls’ stuff, you can even hold a toy expo!” I laughed.

“Really?” Wu YingYing asked happily.

“When have I ever fooled you!” I nodded, pointing towards the Heavenly Dolphin, “These Fishman look good!”

“What Fishman, that’s a dolphin!” Wu YingYing said, “If the Fishman heard you treating him like a dolphin, see if he won’t turn you into a person who fades away!”

[Author Note: The above is purely a joke…{Some monthly ticket stuff.}]

Wu YingYing opened the drawer and took a map from it. Handing it over to me, she said, “This is the one, and it is indeed very similar to the one you have!”

I received the map and looked. The map that Wu YingYing gave me was much more professionally drawn than mine! This was a formal military map. Although it was just a tracing, it was traced according to the first edition, and the proportions were much more precise compared to mine.

From the shape of the mountain range, there wasn’t much difference from mine. But the location of the treasure trove on the map was indicated by a triangle.

“This means that the treasure on the map should have disappeared?” I sighed as I looked at the map, with a feeling of depression.

“That’s how it appears to be! This was something from more than a decade ago. Even if there was a treasure, it should have been discovered by someone!” Wu YingYing nodded, “If you are not at ease, you can ask my father about it!”

“Ask your father? Didn’t you say it was confidential? Your dad got angry at you because of this map, and you want me to ask him?” I asked strangely.

“Ah, how can you be so stupid? It’s as you said, this is a treasure map! And you also said, it’s a treasure that might have already been taken away, this is a matter from 10 years ago! This map can be nothing but ordinary! A secret map without a treasure is no secret map!” Wu YingYing said.

Right! I smacked my forehead and said, “That’s true! It was a secret at that time, but it’s not necessary that it will still be a secret! I didn’t even think of that! I will ask him lest it weighs on my heart forever! Whether there was a treasure or not, so long as I can confirm it, I will be able to feel at ease!”

“I had also thought about this matter for a lot of time yesterday! Therefore, there’s no need for you to be embarrassed!” Wu YingYing said.

I realized that every time Wu YingYing analyzed a matter, she would be very systematic and clear about it. Her calm and brilliant display when doing something gave off a feeling of a mature and experienced woman. She was just like a different person, with the disposition of a fairy! Could it be possible that I picked up a treasure?

At noon, Uncle Wu asked his subordinates to arrange the meal. The meal was all made by the military canteen. Its style was ordinary, but the nutritional mix was very good. The meal was also very delicious. Because of my arrival, Uncle Wu specially arranged a few special dishes for me.

“I can’t afford to have a mountain of delicacies and can only ask you to have a simple meal!” Uncle Wu said with a smile.

I know that many army cadres are incorruptible, so I didn’t mind his words. What does a mountain of delicacies matter, only meals cooked at home are worth eating!

“Uncle Wu, there’s no need to be so humble, I think this is already very good!” I said, “In fact, I believe that all these dishes will be more than enough to eat to our fill!”

“Good! Home cooked dishes and rice are obviously the most delicious. And together with this Braised Abalone with Sea Cucumber, it will be enough to fill our stomachs!” Uncle Wu nodded in agreement.

Since there was no alcohol during the meal, everyone ate to their fill. After letting the servicemen clean the table, the three of us sat on the sofa to rest.

“Uncle Wu, I want to ask you something!” I took the sheepskin roll from my coat, “Do you about the place marked above this map?”

“What’s the matter… Oh, what kind of map is this? Why do I feel as if I have seen it? It’s just like a map from the past?” Uncle Wu took the sheepskin roll over from me and joked, “Is this some kind of a treasure map? Aren’t you afraid that I will take it under my possession?”

“Haha, look at what you are talking about? If you lack money, YingYing and I will give you all you want as filial piety! What need would you have to go treasure hunting?” I said with a smile.

Uncle Wu opened the sheepskin roll and looked at it. The more he looked, the more dignified his appearance became as he frowned and didn’t say anything for a while.

Looking at his appearance, my heart was getting more and more anxious. Could it be that the treasure buried there hadn’t yet been taken out?

“Little Liu, where did you find this map?” Uncle Wu asked very seriously.

“I inherited this map. What happened, is there any issue Uncle Wu?” Liu Zhenhai gave it to me, so it could be said that I inherited it, right? Therefore, I wasn’t lying to him.

“Death Valley… True, that place is really a valley of death!” Uncle Wu muttered what he was thinking, “Little Liu, this isn’t any map to a treasure. You must never go to that place!”

“Not a treasure map? Is there anything wrong about the location marked above the map?” I asked strangely.