VPAATP V4C13 – Rehearsed

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“Isn’t it a little too expensive?” Xu Xueyun said in a low voice.

However, I didn’t think the same as her. I had long gone past the age of these cell phones in my life experience. How could these old-style phones compare to those colorful Tablets, Phones, and devices of the future? As I looked at the T2688, I felt it was too bulky. After thinking for a long time, I recalled that only Motorolla’s V998++ and Nokia’s 8850 were the high-end models this year.

V998++ was more suitable for girls. 8850 was more inclined towards the male audience. So I interrupted the sales lady’s words, “You don’t need to introduce it anymore. We won’t be buying this!”

As the sales lady heard Xu Xueyun’s words followed by me saying we weren’t going to buy it, she thought it was too expensive for us and was disappointed. She was about to bring some other even lower-end model.

“Do you have the Motorolla V998++ here?” I asked with some uncertainty as I couldn’t remember the exact time when the phone went on sale.

“Ah?” The sales lady was startled. Everything now became clear to her. It wasn’t that the T2688 was expensive, it wasn’t good enough. So she quickly answered, “Yes, we have a modified version of the V998++ that went on sale this year. It has a function to record and edit ringtones compared to the previous V998. The built-in name book can also store……”

“No need to describe all the functions. Do you have it in different colors? Do you have it in pearl-white?” I remembered that the pearl-white color of this model was quite attractive.

“Oh, apologies, but this phone isn’t available in white. This phone comes in three colors: blue, black, and gray. The deep blue color is the most attractive and suitable for girls. I will show you the actual device right away,” the sales lady said with excitement. The V998++ had a lot of commission on its sale!

I couldn’t remember when the model came out in white, but it certainly had that color. It probably hadn’t been released yet. However, the blue color was also very charming.

When the young sales lady gave the phone to Xu Xueyun, the little girl just wouldn’t put it down again. I remember this model had once been Motorolla’s classic and had a sales volume that no other model of their’s could rival. The trend continued until Motorolla launched the V3 series. The V series had always been Motorolla’s classic collection.

It was visible from Xu Xueyun’s expression how people of this age were captivated by this model.

There wasn’t a need to ask anymore as Xu Xueyun’s expression spoke it all, so I said to the sales lady, “We want to buy this mobile phone. How much is it? Also, are there any accessories with it?”

“This mobile phone costs 4380 Yuan. You will get a mobile phone strap, a screen protector, and a crystal cover,” the sales lady said.

“Oh, good. You can create the invoice now.” I had only asked casually and didn’t care about the accessories too much. There wasn’t a need to bother about bargaining over these things. The profit I easily made from Shuguang and East Asian Motion was more than what could be earned even after selling tens of thousands of these phones.

“Ah? More than 4000? Liu Lei, that’s too expensive! I can buy the mobile phone we just saw!” As soon as Xu Xueyun heard the price, she put the mobile phone back.

“It was unattractive, and I don’t like it either!” I knew that I must reject Xu Xueyun severely. Otherwise, she will keep on thinking about this matter. She was too similar to Chen Wei’er and would probably be a good friend of Chen Wei’er.

The young sales lady was quite astute. As she heard my words, she knew I was the one to make the final decision, so she said to me while taking my bank card without hesitation, “Sir, you need to pay in advance. I will help your wife check the mobile phone……Oh, right! Do you need a sim card as well? Here, we have the newly arrived sim registration device. You can get one and activate it on the spot!”

“Oh, then we will get a sim card as well. Do you have a list of available numbers?” I asked.

“Yes, we have a lot of phone numbers you can choose. And if you top it up with more than a 1000 Yuan, there won’t be any service charges either!” The sales lady replied hastily.

“Alright, then how much money does the sim card cost. I will top-up a 1000 Yuan. Just make the bill, and I will pay for it all at once!” I nodded.

“Good! The sim card costs 200, bringing the total bill to 1200 Yuan. I will open the system for you to choose a number from,” the young sales lady said hastily.

Xu Xueyun wanted to say something but didn’t. She wanted to think about the matter, but couldn’t think clearly. He had already spent so much on her today, what was she going to do for him?

“Do you have a phone number that ends in 0816?” Xu Xueyun said.

“0816?” After paying the bill, I heard Xu Xueyun’s words as I returned to her side.

“Yes. It’s my birthday on August 16!” Xu Xueyun said.

“Really?” I stared at her. How could there be such a coincidence? My birthday was also on the 16th of August!

“What’s wrong?” Xu Xueyun asked as she looked at me strangely.

“Ah, nothing,” I didn’t say it. Although I knew Xu Xueyun wouldn’t doubt even if I told her. I still felt it was sort of a cheap trick used to court girls!

“Oh, look! 139***0816. This number hasn’t been registered yet. Do you want to register it now?” The sales lady excitedly pointed towards the number list.

“Alright, let’s get this one!” Xu Xueyun said as she looked towards me.

After we left the cell phone shop, Xu Xueyun couldn’t help but sigh as she thought about how we just spent more than 5,000 in an instant. She wondered if this was how the life of the rich was?

Thanks to the two previous shopping experiences, Xu Xueyun didn’t talk too much when buying shoes. She chose two pairs of shoes she liked, and their price was also moderate. She knew I was going to buy them for her anyway even if they were expensive.

After buying all the stuff, I looked at the time. It was around 5:00. Although there was still over an hour till the agreed time, the traffic in City B wasn’t small, so we rushed to the Jiuding Resort.

Jiuding Resort was originally opened by a wealthy businessman from Hongkong who came to B City. When Three Rock Gang and Daxing Gang divided territories, the Jiuding Resort fell inside Three Rock Gang’s territories. The Hongkong businessman was afraid of this mess. He had grown up in Hongkong and heard that the Underworld Gangs were very terrible. He was afraid of getting implicated, so he handed the resort over to the Three Rock Gang. Three Rock Gang naturally wouldn’t deny a new development site, nor did they lack money, so they bought it and didn’t take advantage of the Hongkong businessman either. They easily got the resort under their subsidiary!

I naturally didn’t know all these little matters, but Du Xiaowei had investigated a lot of stuff as he was worried over my safety and let me know. However, there didn’t appear to be any chance for some accident in a reunion like this.

I didn’t know who put out the idea of the class reunion and even chose this place. It must be known that the Jiuding Resort had turned into one of the biggest resorts in B City after its reform. It seems the host wasn’t some common businessman or young master.

Xu Xueyun and I had already rehearsed all our actions on the car beforehand. Now, when someone asked us about our experience, how we got acquainted, and how I pursued her, there wasn’t a need to think too much. When the time came, we could just say what we made up.