VPAATP V4C122 – Where Are You?

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

However, this was also the most adorable point of a girl, otherwise, if both people respected each other as guests all day long, then we might as well go f*** a prostitute at night!

“Well, me pursuing you will have to wait for us to get out of here. Let’s do some other matters first!” I said with a bad smile.

“What are you……” Wu YingYing’s body subconsciously shrunk back and the “See all you want and touch all you want” heroic spirit disappeared!

“It’s naturally this!” I sealed her cherry mouth gently…

“Um…… Bad guy!” Though Wu YingYing was complaining from her mouth, her heart was very happy. The kiss just before had too many factors involved in it, but the kiss now was the real kiss between lovers with their souls integrated into it! Knowing that her love had accepted her, Wu YingYing was having the feeling of spiritual pleasure as she got more and more excited!

I didn’t directly go into a hard kiss right from the start. I didn’t want to give a satyr’s image. Although I know that even if there was no foreplay and I f***ed her, she will not say anything, it was really important that both parties be satisfied in this matter!

I gently kissed Wu YingYing’s lips, slowly sliding down to her chin, neck, and then her chest… When I gently covered Wu YingYing’s small cherry on her chest, Wu YingYing’s body shuddered but there was no movement to stop me. Wu YingYing had already seen through it all, there was no difference if the matter happened now or later, it was all the same! Moreover, the present atmosphere was really good, why would Wu YingYing prevent me from this!

I gently removed the final covering from Wu YingYing’s body and then continued to kiss all the way down to her virgin land.

The lake here was very clean, so not only was there no stain on her body. Wu YingYing kept her really clean! So I didn’t hesitate to use the tip of my tongue to smack the small protruding in Wu YingYing’s virgin valley…

Wu YingYing obviously shuddered and whispered, “Anh… Dirty… Don’t… don’t kiss there…”

Though she said that, Wu YingYing was really happy and enjoying the pleasure. She felt that since I could do this, I must feel her be someone really close to me and not get disgusted by her!

“Liu Lei… kiss me…” Wu YingYing clasped my head as she muttered.

I saw Wu YingYing’s appearance and knew that she was really emotional right now, so I quickly got up and kissed her warmly. Two pairs of hot lips entangled with each other, sucking on each other, twisting each other’s tongue, feeling hot in the lower body. It was the first time Wu YingYing felt this feeling and her body burned for pleasure!

But Wu YingYing didn’t have any sexual experience. She had never been exposed to AV’s, and only had her big guts. When it came to the matter between men and women, she was thoroughly stupid!

Wu YingYing didn’t know what to do. Her body felt like ants were crawling on it, especially at the place where I had licked and sucked before. She could only clasp her legs and keep on kissing!

The only thing she could do is to keep kissing and kissing wildly! But that will not decrease the itch, instead, it will make it even worse!

“I… I am feeling so uncomfortable…” Wu YingYing said.

I could tell that already. I had already noticed the reaction from Wu YingYing’s body. But it was her first time, so I didn’t want her to feel too much pain, so I could only keep teasing her v4gin4 with my c0ck, tease her to the limit in order to dilute the pain of the first tear!

After teasing her to the limit, my c0ck finally tore the protective layer and burst inside, making her also come naturally! Although this was the first time Wu YingYing did something like this, she wasn’t shy like any ordinary girl. The first reason was that she really didn’t understand things in this respect, so there wasn’t a reason to be ashamed. The second reason was that she was a very bold girl, she didn’t think there was anything to be embarrassed before her lover! There was no need for artificial hypocrisy between the two!

With Wu YingYing’s wild and coordinated movements and the tacit understanding between us, the two of us completed the oldest tradition in human history as we both released and relaxed!

After Wu YingYing fell asleep, I didn’t bother her and only looked at my sleeping beauty. I carefully picked up her underwear and washed it in the water. Gently wiping her body, especially the parts that had been devastated by me, I carefully looked at her for a long time.

After doing all this, I washed the two lover’s clothes that had been scattered around and then dried them with my abilities and put my coat on Wu YingYing’s body.

We had just done some very strenuous exercise, so I was afraid she might catch a cold! As for myself, there wasn’t a need to care too much since my body was much stronger than normal people, so I only wore a pair of underwear and wandered around.

The same cave but two different girls! It seems I really have some fate with this place!

Looking at the wildfire not far away, I was sure that was the phosphorous flare. I couldn’t help but remember the last scene when I was here with Chen Wei’er.! There was a skeleton here… and so… eh?

Didn’t I come out this time to find a cave with a skeleton? Cave! This is the cave! Thinking of this, I quickly went to the pile of phosphorous fire! Because of the darkness, I didn’t get to see anything clearly last time. Arriving before the phosphorous flare, I quickly released my fire ability and looked for clues near it.

When I checked the wall, I knew that the coincidences in the world weren’t little! The writing, looking at the writing on the wall, I knew that this was the cave Liu Zhenhai came to in the past!

But why is it that the route told by Liu Zhenhai was different from the cave? Did Liu Zhenhai really remember incorrectly? Or… did the mountain range change over the years… Oh, right… the mountain range changed. I remembered just now that when I was young, Songjiang city was hit by an earthquake. Although it wasn’t very intense, the nearby mountain range did change because of that!

Naturally, there wasn’t a need for me to confirm if these matters were real or not as they didn’t help in anything.

Taking advantage of the flame, I looked at the writing on the wall. What made me feel disappointed was that the writing had no difference from what Liu Zhenhai told me about!

I looked around for a long time and found no valuable clues. It seems that Liu Zhenhai and the others found all the clues!

Before I came here, I always looked forward to finding new clues, but it seems that I was only going to be disappointed! I sighed. If the mountain range changed because of the earthquake, then the location recorded on the map is very likely to have changed as well and won’t be accurate anymore!

It was getting quite difficult to get that treasure!

I again read the text engraved on the wall and remembered the content above it. After that, I slowly erased the writing from the wall. When I looked at it again, there was nothing written anymore!

Just when I was about to destroy the skeleton, I head Wu YingYing’s cry of horror from the other side of the cave, “Liu Lei! Liu Lei, where are you?”

There wasn’t much difference at the end of this skeleton, so I didn’t really care and quickly rushed to Wu YingYing’s direction.

Wu YingYing was sitting there with panic and horror on her face.

“What happened?” I shouted as I ran towards her.

As soon as Wu YingYing saw me, she became happy but then started to cry because she felt she had been wronged.

“What’s wrong? Don’t cry, tell me what happened?” I was shocked and quickly picked her up to comfort her!

It turned out that although Wu YingYing was asleep, after all, she was very young and grew up in a military training, so she recovered quite soon. So when she was asleep, she had a sweet dream where she dreamt of being married to me. In the family, she went out shopping with Zhao YanYan and the others on Sunday! Wu YingYing was happy to death! So when she woke up, she naturally wanted to see me next to her!

But when she looked around, she found that I wasn’t there. A fear rose in her heart and her entire body went cold! Was it all a dream? Was it all just her fantasy? Was everything fake? Disappointment, frustration, and fear overwhelmed Wu YingYing!

Although Wu YingYing was a big girl and wasn’t stupid since she just woke up, she was a bit blurry, therefore she had those strange thoughts. But she immediately realized that it wasn’t a dream because she was still in that cave. And the pain in her lower body told her that everything really happened!