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“Sorry…… I…… Ah, actually, this can’t be blamed on me, it was your tongue that first…… Ok!” I said with some awkwardness. F***, why do I have to be a man and admit the mistakes after this happens? It was obviously her that teased me first!

When Wu YingYing heard me, her entire body turned stiff and she didn’t speak for a while. After some time, she spoke with a pale face, “Are you trying to say that I am a b!*ch? It’s I who took the initiative? Good, I, Wu YingYing am a b!*ch who seduces men! Rest assured, you don’t need to have any burden on your mind!”

Saying that, Wu YingYing stood up and before I could respond, “splash”, she again jumped into the nearby water!

“YingYing!” I called out loudly. Oh f***ing world, why is this chick again jumping into the water! Had she not had enough? I immediately followed behind her and jumped into the water as well!

It was obviously much harder to find someone in the darkness of the water then to see them in the air! This is why the chances of people getting stranded inside ice caves getting saved were much lower!

I couldn’t be sure of Wu YingYing’s current position, but with my ability, I could see everything in the dark. Otherwise, Wu YingYing will really die this time!

Although it wasn’t a good thing to open my eyes in the rushing water, since my physique was different from ordinary people, there was no problem. I could clearly see the seen inside the water!

I looked around and realized that there wasn’t any sign of Wu YingYing! I couldn’t help but get upset and also feel incredible. I jumped in right after her, so how could she disappear so soon?

It was absolutely impossible! Thinking of this, I calmed myself down and carefully observed the surroundings. Suddenly, I found a piece of water grass not far from my left side, and there was a white coral near the grass! At this moment, Wu YingYing was caught on top of the coral, and I could faintly see her white shoulders!

It turned out to be like this: Wu YingYing’s skin was already very white, and her top was already taken off by me just now, so the white skin and the white coral got mixed. And there was also the cover of the water grass in front, so it made it harder to find!

After finding my goal, I quickly swam towards her and pulled Wu YingYing out. However, after I pulled her up, I discovered that Wu YingYing’s pants were stuck in the coral and got torn off!

If I tried to be careful, I could separate the pants and the coral, but where did I have that much time? I pulled with all my force and the sound of cloth getting torn sounded. In the end, Wu YingYing’s pants were left in the lake forever!

Perhaps, years later, scientists will do research in this lake and will wonder just what sort of fish wore pants? Could it be the legendary Fishman?

I pulled Wu YingYing who was as light as a board and brought her out of the water. At this moment, the only clothing she had on her entire body was her small white underwear. Because it was summer and the underwear she wore was quite thin, it was the same as not wearing anything after getting so wet!

This time Wu YingYing didn’t lose consciousness again, she was completely awake!

Wu YingYing didn’t evade me, instead, she looked at me with her glassy eyes. I looked at her and I was very angry and distressed. Just what did this girl want, actually trying to commit suicide!

After a while, Wu YingYing slowly squatted down at the edge of the fire that I “generated” and started to cry weakly.

I have always been this way and I have also said that what I fear the most is a woman’s tears! It’s also because of a woman’s tears that the heart I just want to harden turns soft again and again, leading to the growth of my harem!

Wu YingYing was sadly crying but didn’t try to make any aggressive moves again. She simply squatted there with her thin body constantly shaking. The sound of her cries made me really confused.

I sighed and walked over to her, patted her shoulder and whispered, “Don’t cry! I didn’t mean that at all. Why are you acting like this? If you are angry, then you can take the anger out on me, why must you try to commit suicide!”

I didn’t say anything good and this made Wu YingYing’s emotions get even more excited, “I committed suicide? Oh’s isn’t it all because of you… it’s all your fault! If you weren’t trying to commit suicide first, why would I get there and try to help you! Yet now, you are still blaming me… How can you be so conscienceless… Humph!”

I was committing suicide? When was I committing suicide? I was bewildered, “YingYing, what did you say? You said that I was committing suicide?”

“Humph, what’s wrong? You don’t want to acknowledge your mistakes? Although I lost consciousness a moment ago, I am not stupid nor did I lose my memory! I clearly remember what was happening before!” Wu YingYing listened to my words and seeing that I forgot, she got even angrier and even forgot that she was just crying.

“How did I not acknowledge my wrongs? It was obviously you who came to frighten me, and I ended up throwing you down the cliff, causing the events that just transpired! How can you blame me for everything!” The more I listened to Wu YingYing, the stranger I felt. She wouldn’t have hurt her head during the fall?

“When did I try to frighten you? What are you saying? Did you injure your head after falling in the water twice?” Wu YingYing carefully looked at me, “Don’t you remember? At that time, you were standing at the edge of the cliff in a daze and were even speaking gibberish aloud! That is obviously how someone would try to commit suicide! I even came to console you with good intentions, how would I have ever thought that you would throw me down the cliff without listening to a single word! You still not going to acknowledge your mistakes?”

“I was committing suicide?” Listening to Wu YingYing’s explanation, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! This was definitely a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding that almost cost a life! “I wasn’t going to commit suicide! I came here to handle an important matter and was observing the terrain at that time. While I was thinking, I suddenly felt someone pat on my back, and in my haste, I subconsciously thought that someone was going to push me down!”

“Ah?” Wu YingYing’s mouth opened wide as she said, “What? Then… you weren’t going to commit suicide?”

“Nonsense, I am living a great life! Why would I commit suicide?” I said, “Excuse me, Miss Wu, just because you see someone standing at the seashore, will you think that they are going to jump into the sea?”

“What!” Wu YingYing got angry and stood up. Pointing at me, she said irritatedly, “What do you mean! I came to rescue you yet you talk to me like this! Besides, I never thought that the person standing before me was you, after all, I can’t just see someone in danger and do nothing! My father has educated me and my brother since childhood that we must be good Samaritans and save the sick and the wounded!”