VPAATP V4C12 – Holding Hands

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“Let’s go. We need to buy other stuff!” I said to Xu Xueyun after putting away the clothes.

“Ah? Continue to buy?” Xu Xueyun asked strangely, “Haven’t we already bought enough clothes?”

“These are just clothes. We must buy shoes and other things……” I said.

“Do we need to buy those as well?” Xu Xueyun said with some embarrassment, “It doesn’t matter. The pair of sneakers I am wearing are also quite fashionable, and they are also from a brand……I bought them when I came to University!”

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing and said, “How could these sneakers match the dress we just bought. These shoes might be good with the casual dresses you wear to University, but if you put them on together with that dress, they will be a stain on your flawless beauty. Just as boys look when they wear sneakers with a western suit!”

“Ah! I will listen to you then; I never knew there were so many formalities……But you can’t buy something expensive!” Xu Xueyun said.

“Haha, of course! I am only your fake boyfriend after all. If I buy you something too expensive, won’t your elder sister YanYan and the others be jealous?” I said with a smile, “And I am also a poor person. If they were too expensive, I won’t be able to afford them either!”

“Ah? That’s good……” Xu Xueyun hadn’t thought I would say something like that. Her face was crimson as she thought in her heart: If he was really my boyfriend, then would he also buy me more expensive things? However, it was just a thought that flashed through her mind. What she actually thought more about was whether Zhao YanYan and the others would really be jealous? Just like he said, if they were jealous, they wouldn’t have accepted her dinner invitation!

When we passed a cell phone shop while walking, I suddenly remembered that Xu Xueyun didn’t have a phone of her own. And it was also inconvenient for her to borrow a phone from others, so I held onto Xu Xueyun’s hand and walked towards the telephone shop, pulling her along!

It was just an unintentional move from me when I pulled onto her hand. Ever since my rebirth, every time I go out, I always have my woman together with me, so many actions have turned into a habit now. And now, I was simply acting unconsciously, there wasn’t any other idea!

As I held her hand so suddenly, Xu Xueyun almost had a scare and wanted to pull away immediately. But as she saw my expression hadn’t changed, she felt a bit disappointed and stopped her struggles. Xu Xueyun thought: Perhaps it was unintentional! However, since she was pretending to be my girlfriend, it was normal to hold hands.

Thinking all these complex matters, Xu Xueyun cautiously walked on the road. Her body was faintly trembling, shy, excited, timid, and fantasizing. Just like many small rivers falling into the sea, intertwined. The feeling was complex and fresh.

After walking for a bit, I felt Xu Xueyun wasn’t behaving normally, so I stopped walking and turned my head. Looking at her little red face, I asked strangely, “What happened? Are you uncomfortable?”

“Ah, no! I am alright……” Xu Xueyun said as she hastily shook her head.

Although I was puzzled, I didn’t think too much, but then I suddenly felt that I was gripping onto something hot in my palm. I realized it was Xu Xueyun’s small hand that was already covered in sweat. I realized what happened and immediately let go of her as I said with some embarrassment, “Ah, sorry, I didn’t mean to! I mistakenly thought of you as one of my wives……”

“It’s alright……” Xu Xueyun shook her head and silently followed me into the cell phone shop. She didn’t know what she should say.

Now, Xu Xueyun could affirm she had a very favorable impression of him and she really wanted to be his girlfriend. But the fact he already had so many girlfriends gave her a painful feeling. Her reason told Xu Xueyun to not think about him, there wasn’t anything going to happen between the two! But on the other hand, leaving things to chance told her that all those girls could live together and co-exist, why couldn’t she?

I naturally didn’t know what Xu Xueyun was thinking. As I looked at her silent appearance, I thought she was angry, so I didn’t dare say anything either. After all, Xu Xueyun was a very traditional and conservative girl, otherwise, she wouldn’t have had that conflict with her employer. I had held onto her hand after all. Though it wasn’t a bit deal for me, and instead, I was the one who got the advantage, it was different for Xu Xueyun. I didn’t want this matter to weigh on her mind, so I said, “After a while, we will be acting as lovers, so there will certainly be some intimate contact between us! Otherwise, the people might not believe us! It’s better to rehearse that now, so we won’t blow our bubble latter!”

“Hehe……Alright!” What I hadn’t expected was Xu Xueyun actually smiled and agreed. What was more was Xu Xueyun was even bolder and actually took the initiative to hook her arm around mine! {TL Note: 1}

Actually, Xu Xueyun had also been feeling contradictory. She certainly liked me and wanted to keep on holding hands a moment ago! And now, my words were equivalent to give Xu Xueyun a reason to indulge herself, making her behavior a lot bolder.

The sales lady selling Wangfujing had obviously mingled around here for a long time and had a pair of hawk eyes. As soon as she saw what Xu Xueyun and I were wearing, she knew I was a rich young master!

Although the style of my dress was ordinary, anyone with a good pair of eyes could see the material wasn’t common at all. In addition, my extraordinary and mature temperament wasn’t something an average man could compare to!

And Xu Xueyun was wearing the Chanel dress we had bought a moment ago, making the eyes of that sales lady even brighter. Although she had sold 7-8 cell phones today, they were all low-end models. The commission she could earn from them was very little compared to those high-end models. And looking at her colleagues who sold some high-end models, she was already very anxious. Now that she saw me and Xu Xueyun enter, she was as excited as a hungry wolf that had seen its prey!

“Welcome, sir! Would you like to buy a mobile phone for yourself, or would your wife want to buy one?” The young sales lady said with a smile.

Wife? I looked towards Xu Xueyun and the girl hurriedly lowered her head, but she still didn’t loosen her grip around my arm though!

“Oh,” I grinned and said, “It’s my girlfriend who needs a phone!”

“Alright, sir! I wonder what your price range would be for the phone?” The young sales lady knew it was the man who took out money in a situation like this, so she wanted to find out my bottom line.

“We will buy a cheaper one……” Xu Xueyun heard the sales lady ask and immediately realized her intention, so she replied to her quickly.

“Do as she says.” I heard Xu Xueyun’s words and said to the sales lady.

As the sales lady heard we were going to buy a cheaper phone, she couldn’t help but be disappointed. Just now, she had wanted to introduce us to several high-end models enthusiastically, but it seemed her luck wasn’t too great. So she sighed and said, “This is Motorola T2688, a new model that just launched this year. The body is very compact and suitable for girls, and there are also a lot of colors to choose from. Such as this red color. It is very attractive……”

A disappointment was a disappointment. At least, selling a low-end device was still better than not selling anything, so the sales lady started to introduce the various models professionally.

As Xu Xueyun saw the marked price of 2180 Yuan, she hesitated as she thought it was still expensive.

1: F*** Rationality!