VPAATP V4C118 – Falling In The Water Together (Unedited)

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

TL Note: Don’t tell me there’s going to be another chick this time around as well! 🤦🤦🤦 I hope it’s a f***ing filler where he reminisces about the past as I already lost count of how many chicks he has.

I parked the car in the parking lot under the mountain and then walked towards the mountain. The mountain road here was obviously a lot more developed compared to the last time I came here. In the recent years, all the localities had been vigorously developing tourism spots, especially in Songjiang that had the backing of the Shuguang International’s economic power. They obviously were at the lead in development. It was the number one metropolis in China. {TL Note: In case anyone is tired of the Author, you can go to Shuguang and find him. I am pretty sure that dude is from there.}

The purpose of my visit today wasn’t to eagerly find any treasure, instead, I wanted to find the cave where Liu Zhenhai discovered the sheepskin. I wanted to see if there were any clues!

I walked to the top of the mountain in accordance to the general direction provided to me by Liu Zhenhai. Looking at the people around me, my heart was beating furiously. I wasn’t sure if the cave was still there, after all, there were so many tourists, and who would know if someone had already destroyed the cave!

But soon, I calmed my heart down. The farther I went, the lesser the number of tourists. The further I was, the more weeds there were and there wasn’t an actual road there nor any attractive scenery, so tourist will obviously not come there willingly.

At first, I was still a bit puzzled. The excellent land for building commercial and other buildings was snow white. I wondered just what was the administration of the scenic area thinking. However, I immediately knew the reason! In a place not far away, there was a row of small buildings, all of which were selling snowboards. One of them was selling the Fishman brand skis. The store had the name “Fishman Snowboard Store!” At the entrance of the store, there was a poster with the words, “Fishman, the second generation snowboards have arrived!”

Indeed, Fishman the second had arrived! {TL Note: The author of VPAATP is “Fishman The Second”. Someone probably ate Fishman The First! I wonder if they fried it or smoked it?}

It turned out to be a winter ski resort. No wonder it was so deserted in the summer! I called Liu Zhenhai again and determined the position again to make sure I wasn’t mistaken. But right now, there was only a cliff in front of me, there was no road, so where was the cave?

I wandered around the cliff and wondered if Liu Zhenhai confused the places since he was old now? But even if he remembered the wrong place, there was nothing I could do. The current owners of this place weren’t the locals, only Liu Zhenhai was the most familiar with this place.

Looking at the towering tree under the cliff, I couldn’t help but feel a little stunned. The last time I was here, that guy named Li Shaojie pushed me down the cliff! If it was now, I would never have had to go through something so embarrassing. But it was precisely because I wasn’t as powerful as I am now that I was able to get together with Wei’er!

I don’t know how that guy was doing right now. Would he suddenly appear behind me and push me down again? While I was reminiscing about the past, a hand suddenly grabbed my back! {TL Note: What a jinx!}

Greatly surprised, I immediately reached my hands behind and held onto the person, throwing them into the valley!

Don’t say I am cruel. I was just thinking about that Li Shaojie, so I subconsciously linked the hand with that situation at that time! So I obviously didn’t have any mercy!

“Mr… don’t… Ah!!!” It was actually a woman’s voice!

The scream of the woman woke me up from my daze! I immediately realized that the person behind me wasn’t Li Shaojie at all! Thinking of this, I quickly reached my hand out and grabbed her. I wanted to pull the person back but it was already too late. In desperation, I also ended up jumping! {TL Note: Don’t glare at me, I didn’t know it would be a woman!}

Although I have killed people in the past, they were all evil people. I don’t want to kill any innocent person!

I followed the woman, reached out my hand, and grasped the unknown woman from behind! This seemingly insignificant distance still cost me a lot of strength to fully embrace her from behind! At a fast speed, I couldn’t understand whether it was the woman shaking in my arms, or just the wind. I couldn’t even open my eyes!

The large tree! Right, that had once rescued me and Chen Wei’er, it’s the same tree! A moment ago, I had just been standing above that tree!

Thinking of this, I was much more relaxed. Reaching my feet out, I immediately stepped on a very thick brach! Although I fell from the mountain, it was impossible for me to get any wounds, but the woman with me… I wasn’t so certain of her condition. It was very to have accidents with such a fast speed!

With this thick branch as a cushion, I easily tried to jump on the nearby platform! It was very familiar and easy for me, in addition, my ability and condition was much better at this time compared to the past!

But the situation didn’t play out the way I wanted it to… maybe, I was just too unlucky, or there were some other reasons, but that branch didn’t play the role of a cushion. I directly broke through the branch and fell down together with the woman!

Dammit! I shook my head! Why were we going to do now? Teleport? Use another ability?

Before I could comprehend what I was going to do, I fell into the water with the woman in my arms!

Oh, right! There was a lake below me!

This could be considered a revisit to one’s hometown! I really had that thought just now! I hugged the woman in my embrace tightly and submerged under water. Taking the same route that was in my memory, I swam towards the cave that I had once been stranded into!

Fortunately, my memory was quite astonishing and there weren’t any accidents again this time. I helped the woman and raised our heads out of the water!

Even if it was a burning hot summer season, the inside of the cave was still filled with a chilly wind. As it hit me, I trembled and put the woman in my embrace to the ground. The woman immediately fell to the ground weakly. It was unknown if she was frightened into fainting or because she had to stop breathing under water, she laid there motionless.

She wouldn’t have died, right? I thought anxiously. After all, from the looks of the situation, this woman was 80% innocent! If she died, I will die with this guilt!

I wanted to examine the woman’s condition, however, the inside of the cave was very dark and there was not a single ray of light! I wasn’t afraid that the woman will see me, after all, she had already fainted, so I used my ability to direct light a flame.

The flame didn’t have any sort of carrier and was thoroughly maintained using my spiritual energy!

Relying on the flame, I could clearly see the woman lying on the ground! Oh my God! What made me surprised was that the woman on the ground was the unruly princess, Wu YingYing!

F***! On the cliff, this chick wouldn’t have gotten behind me to scare me, right? Well, she got what she asked for and got thrown down the cliff! Karma is a b!*ch! Thinking till here, my teeth were getting itchy! Why did this chick have to court disaster everywhere!

Looking at her belly, I felt funny. She actually choked on water! However, when I used my finger to check her breath, my smile immediately vanished!

She wasn’t breathing! F***, if fatty Wu found out that something like this happened to his sister, that guy would come to kill me! Even if fatty Wu didn’t blame me, Wu YingYing’s father won’t forgive me and he will certainly send troops to slaughter me!

Fortunately, I was a Star at swimming in the University in my previous life. During the learning phase, they also taught us how to rescue drowned people in an emergency!