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At this time, Uncle Ye also walked downstairs and said, “Old woman, has XiaoXiao, our girl, returned home?”

“Dad, I am back!” Seeing her father walk downstairs, Ye XiaoXiao quickly greeted him.

“XiaoXiao, you have really come here! Didn’t you say you were going to bring along your boyfriend? Hehe, let me have a look just which outstanding young man was able to capture our family’s XiaoXiao’s heart?” Uncle Ye said while putting on his glasses. Seeing me sitting downstairs, he had the same surprised reaction like Aunt Ye, “Little Liu, how come you are here? Why didn’t you let me know you were coming, I would have prepared to welcome you ahead of time and even exchanged some notes on chess!”

Ever since Uncle Ye and I played chess in Grandpa Zhao’s home, he would always look for an opportunity to compare notes with me! Although we will always have a tie on the surface, Uncle Ye was clear that I was actually letting him win!

Therefore, as soon as Uncle Ye learned any new trick, he would look for me to compare notes. But after I went to B City, he obviously didn’t come to find me to compare notes on chess. Now that I came to visit them, he would obviously want to compete with me!

“Dad, Mother, actually I…” Ye XiaoXiao had already practiced it countless times before entering the door, but when it came to the actual time to speak, she flinched!

“What do you want to say? Are you going to say that you weren’t able to find a boyfriend at all?” Aunt Ye was stunned and obviously misunderstood the meaning behind Ye XiaoXiao’s hesitation, “It doesn’t matter, not like dad and I were nagging you! I know you want to comfort us but it isn’t a good thing to bring Little Liu and make him act as your boyfriend! You should have at least looked for someone we don’t know!”

“What? Wife, are you saying that XiaoXiao brought Little Liu along to pretend to be her boyfriend?” Uncle Ye asked Aunt Ye as he looked at me.

“No… I…” Ye XiaoXiao knew that her parent’s had misunderstood. She wanted to explain but didn’t know how to say it, so she started to sweat!

Looking at Ye XiaoXiao’s distressed expression, I knew it was time for me to step ahead!

“Uncle, aunt, you are misunderstanding the situation and what XiaoXiao is trying to say!” I said as I shook my head.

“Little Liu, what did you say? What did you call her?” Aunt Ye wondered why I was calling her daughter’s name so intimately! It must be known that her daughter was my teacher!

“That’s how it is, aunt. This time, I actually came here as XiaoXiao’s boyfriend, to be precise, as her husband, so I will obviously call her by her name!” I nodded seriously.

“Haha, Little Liu, what are you playing along with her so seriously for? What benefit did XiaoXiao promise you to make you pretend to be her boyfriend?” After Uncle Ye listened, he started to laugh, “You and Old Zhao’s granddaughter are a pair, that’s something we have known for years! Good, no need to act anymore!”

“Grandfather, why are you saying that mommy and daddy are acting in a play?” At this time, Little Ye Zi suddenly started to talk.

“Little Ye Zi, are you really going to call him daddy? I am really surprised, even you are participating with them?” Uncle Ye shook his head and said to Little Ye Zi with a faint smile, “It’s wrong for a child to lie, understand. Grandfather won’t like you otherwise!”

“Grandfather, I am not lying! I just asked why you said that Mommy and Daddy are acting?” Little Ye Zi replied without understanding just what Uncle Ye was trying to say.

“Then… tell grandfather… is he your father?” Uncle Ye pointed towards me and asked Little Ye Zi.

“Yeah!” Little Ye Zi nodded immediately! He finally found his father, how could he say no?

“Haha, is this not you lying? How could he be your father? He is your mother’s student!” Uncle Ye patted Little Ye Zi’s head as if he had discovered a great secret.

“Ah! Daddy is mommy student? Is this teacher and student love?!” Little Ye Zi blurted out.

Ye XiaoXiao, Uncle Ye, Aunt Ye, and I looked at Little Ye Zi with amazement. How could Little Ye Zi know of such things and words? These Hong Kong and Taiwanese dramas seem to be harmful!

“Uncle Ye, we are not lying to you! XiaoXiao and I really have a relationship that a man and woman would have!” I explained with a smile.

What happened to the world! Why does no one believe me when I tell the truth! At that time, you were rushing to get me as the son-in-law of your Ye Family, yet now that your wish has turned to reality, you are saying that we are lying and deceiving you!

“Well then… let’s say that I believe you… then what about Zhao YanYan? Are you going to tell me that you broke up with her? If something so big happened, there’s no way Old Zhao won’t tell me about that!” Uncle Ye said with a face of disbelief.

“YanYan and I are still good. I didn’t break up with her, but XiaoXiao and I are also…” just how was I supposed to answer? I couldn’t just say it frankly that YanYan was the queen of the harem, while XiaoXiao was one of the concubines?

Looking at Ye XiaoXiao standing close to me, trying to open her mouth wanting to say something but not being able to say that, I could now understand her plight! If Ye XiaoXiao wasn’t present, I could still come clean to Uncle Ye, after all, it was better and easier when men communicated with men and women communicated with women! If I was to talk to Uncle Ye alone, I believe that I would be able to make him accept the matter calmly, but now, there are Aunt Ye and XiaoXiao. Speaking in front of everyone wasn’t too convenient!

Oh, right! Alone! During my hesitation, I suddenly thought of a magical solution to the problem!

“Uncle Ye, it’s better that we go upstairs and talk over a game of chess. We can discuss the matter then!” I stood up and took the initiative to walk upstairs.

“Chess? Ok! I have been getting itchy to play a match with you!” Listening to me take the initiative to recommend a chess game, Uncle Ye was happy. Not only that, his heart was even more certain that I was just here to pretend to be Ye XiaoXiao’s boyfriend. He believed that I was feeling guilty and deliberately trying to divert his attention!

Ye XiaoXiao inexplicably looked at me. She wondered how was I going to come clean before her parents now? Why did I suddenly make such a weird suggestion?

“Divide and Conquer!” I used my psychic ability to transmit the message to Ye XiaoXiao’s mind. Only she could hear it.

Divide and conquer? Ye XiaoXiao understood what I meant and blinked to me. So that’s how it was! Ye XiaoXiao wasn’t stupid and understood my reason! With her father and me not there, it would be much easier for her to talk to her mother. Since the relationship between a mother and daughter is quite good, so communicating with her won’t be hard!

“Little Liu, have you been free recently? How come you returned to Songjiang?” Uncle Ye asked me as we were walking upstairs.

“Hehe, I have always had a lot of free time. What happened, Uncle Ye, do you think I am a very busy person?” I didn’t understand why Uncle Ye asked me this question.

“Little Liu, I know everything about you! Ah, I never expected that I, Old Ye, will be acquainted with the chairman of the biggest conglomerate in the world! Not only that, this Old Man even played chess with you! If I told that to anyone, no one would believe that!” Uncle Ye laughed, “Originally, I had thought that the brat Junsheng was your backing, who would have thought that you would be the mastermind behind everything!”

“So that’s what Uncle Ye was talking about! You also know that everything is taken care of by Uncle Zhao and I, the chairman, am always relaxed!” I shrugged.