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“Hehe! I will be relieved as long as he doesn’t bother me anymore! I don’t want anything else!” Auntie Zhang didn’t hide what she really thought.

I knew that Da Nan had wounded Auntie Zhang’s heart quite deeply, so I didn’t say anything. Anything could only be said after Da Nan actually transformed for good! But I was quite confident that Da Nan will get better!

I asked him to follow A Chai to make him suffer a bit and personally experience life! Otherwise, I could have easily used my Spiritual energy to transform his brain and make him a filial man. It’s just that that method is very dangerous. If I wasn’t careful enough, there was a chance that the guy would turn into an idiot.

Saying goodbye to Auntie Zhang, Ye XiaoXiao and I walked out of the old building. We only took some necessary things such as books studied by Ye XiaoXiao, some of her cosmetics, and toys that Little Ye Zi played with.

When we got in the car, Ye Xiaoxiao could no longer hold back and asked, “Liu Lei, how do you know people from the underworld?”

After listening to Ye XiaoXiao’s anxious question, I couldn’t help but smile, “Why? Do you think your husband is a bad man?”

“How can that be? Of course not,” Ye XiaoXiao shook her head, “You are mistaken. I am just feeling strange that a lot of things you do don’t match with your age. I always have a feeling that you are more mature than me!”

After listening to Ye XiaoXiao’s words, my heart screamed: That’s my biggest secret. I am someone who was reborn! Even the people around me didn’t know about it! I was scared that if I revealed my secret to anyone, it might bring some unexpected consequences! I have to be cautious at all times, “XiaoXiao, you do know that Ganluo was appointed the prime minister when he was just 12 years old. I am just a bit maturer than the average person! Right, you asked why I know people from the underworld? Three Rock Gang is the branch of Three Rock Entertainment and since Three Rock Entertainment is a sub-company under the Shuguang International, I obviously know them. Moreover, you should also know the founder of Three Rock Gang!” {TL Note: Gan Luo didn’t become the prime minister but the prime minister’s assistant or something because of his wits.}

“Do I really know him?” Ye XiaoXiao was stunned, “Since when have I known such a great person?”

“Guo Qing!” I said with a smile, “He was also your student!”

“Guo Qing!” Ye XiaoXiao was extremely surprised, “So it was him! I had never thought that I just taught for half a year and ended up being the teacher of two great people! No wonder you are so precocious, it turned out to be his influence!”

Guo Qing, brother, you will have to take the blame for me now! Don’t blame me later! I said, “Yeah, that brat was a tyrant at school!”

Ye XiaoXiao nodded and said, “I don’t have much to say about your business since I know that you know what you are doing! However, as long as Auntie Zhang’s son can improve, everything is all right!”

“You can feel relieved. Hehe, the methods of the underworld are much fiercer than a prison!” I said with a smile.

While I was driving, Ye XiaoXiao wanted to speak quite a bit of time but hesitated. I just looked at her and didn’t say anything. However, after a while, seeing that Ye XiaoXiao wasn’t able to say anything, I could finally not bear and asked, “XiaoXiao, what’s the matter?” I was afraid that once we went home… if it was something private, she might not be able to say it.

“Nothing……” Ye XiaoXiao just shook her head.

Since she didn’t want to say, I didn’t ask again either. I couldn’t just force her to speak, could I?

The wives in the family displayed unprecedented enthusiasm to Ye XiaoXiao, probably because of Little Ye Zi, they weren’t hostile towards Ye XiaoXiao at all. After all, it was impossible to oppose her since she gave birth to my child, so they might as well get along. Also, having such an adorable child like Little Ye Zi join the family had increased the happiness at home.

After having dinner, everybody was chatting. I looked at Ye XiaoXiao and then looked at Zhao YanYan.

Zhao YanYan immediately understood my meaning and stood up. Yawning, she said, “Sisters, it’s already late, let’s go to sleep!”

Others also knew that I had reunited with Ye XiaoXiao after many years, so there must be a lot I had to say to her… Also, they didn’t want to be the bone in the burger, so they just followed Zhao Yanyan and went upstairs.

“I want to sleep with daddy!” At this time, Little Ye Zi suddenly said.

“Ah?” Ye XiaoXiao and I were startled and could only look at Little Ye Zi helplessly.

“Little Ye Zi, be obedient. It’s no good today, daddy will definitely sleep with you tomorrow!” I smiled bitterly.

“Why not today?” Little Ye Zi asked.

“Um…… Today, I have to discuss an important matter with your mother!” I said sternly.

Ye XiaoXiao looked at my appearance and smiled. Rolling her eyes at me, she then said to Little Ye Zi, “Little Ye Zi, be obedient, okay. Mama and Daddy have a matter to talk about……”

“Alright, Little Ye Zi, you should sleep with Eldest mother today! Mother will tell you about your father’s younger times and amusing matters, how about it?” As Zhao YanYan saw my awkward appearance, she immediately came to help me on her own initiative.

“Father’s younger times? Good, good! I will sleep with Eldest mother!” After Little Ye Zi heard her words, he happily went to her.

I finally relaxed and looked towards Zhao Yanyan with a hurrying expression. Zhao YanYan actually returned the look with a vague smile, and then said ambiguously, “You two will be sleeping in the room downstairs. Remember to not chat too loudly or create too much noise, lest Little Ye Zi wakes up!”

“We are not… that kind of…” Ye XiaoXiao hadn’t thought that Zhao YanYan would be so straightforward and replied while stuttering.

“Sister Ye, what are you talking about! I am just afraid that when you are chatting with husband, your voices might be too loud and others get disturbed!” Zhao YanYan said with a pure and innocent expression. Anyone looking at her would think that she was a very pure girl.

“Ah!” Ye XiaoXiao was startled. Was it really her having crooked thoughts? However, when she saw Zhao YanYan’s trying to hold back her smile, Ye XiaoXiao knew that she had been played. In her heart, she muttered: You little lass, actually daring to play a joke on your teacher!

In the room, it was just me and Ye XiaoXiao. Ye XiaoXiao was acting a bit unnatural, after all, this was the first time in the true sense of the relationship between the two of us!

“Teacher Ye, you seem to be anxious?” I looked at Ye XiaoXiao who had a ruddy expression as she wrapped her body tightly. So as to not make the atmosphere awkward, I intentionally called her “Teacher Ye.”

“I am not anxious, Student Liu Lei!” Those words from me amused Ye XiaoXiao, reminding her of the time at the high school. Suddenly, the atmosphere between the two of us was much more relaxed.

“Teacher Ye, do you know, the first time I went to your office, I really wanted to do something! But I didn’t dare do it!” I said as I looked at Ye XiaoXiao’s bulging chest.

Ye XiaoXiao hadn’t paid attention to where I was looking at and asked curiously, “What did you want to do?”

“What I wanted to do…” as I was saying that, my hands slowly approached and tried to assault Ye XiaoXiao’s chest, “…was this!”

“Ah, pervert!” Ye XiaoXiao had a scare as she immediately shoved my hands, that were about to commit evil, away and said, “How old were you at that time, did you really have those thoughts regarding me?”

I could only laugh hollowly at that but I didn’t let the opportunity go and my hands again climbed onto the unprepared Ye XiaoXiao’s body. This time, my hands went straight through the lower hem of her dress!

Ye XiaoXiao twisted her body to escape but she was afraid of tearing her clothes, so she just let me do as I pleased. I unbuttoned her bra and a feeling of fullness and softness occupied my hands. It was as soft as cotton, Ah!