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I still had to give face to Auntie Zhang so I hadn’t used a lot of force, otherwise, this fellow would have been smashed to death.

Auntie Zhang and Ye XiaoXiao looked at me with surprise! Ye XiaoXiao had not thought that I was so fierce even though I appeared to be so gentle!

Looking at her son who just fell to the ground, Auntie Zhang didn’t have any unusual expression, she just shook her head. There was no longer any caring thoughts for him in her heart after he had harmed her so much!

I took out my phone and dialed a number, explained my current address and then hung it.

I looked at the Da Nan lying on the ground and sneered, “Weren’t you saying that you are in the underworld? You want to be a big boss right, I will help you!”

Auntie Zhang and Ye XiaoXiao were bewildered listening to these remarks from me!

However, they were soon going to understand what I meant! Since the door hadn’t been closed, my people quickly rushed into the house. The man who was in the lead respectfully said to me, “Mr. Liu, my name is A Chai, I was sent here by the higher-ups!”

I just called the person in charge of Three Rock Gang in B City and asked him to send over a man. The person in charge wanted to come here in person but I refused. There wasn’t a need for someone of that level to deal with a fly like Da Nan.

Ever since my real identity was revealed, everyone in the Three Rock gang knew my appearance, so there was no need to introduce myself. They know that I am their real boss.

I nodded to A Chai, “Do you know this guy?” I pointed towards Da Nan.

“Big brother Chai, why are you here?” As Da Nan saw the guy who was actually his boss arrive here, he quickly tried to get up.

A Chai didn’t reply to him, just looked at him and then replied to me, “Mr. Liu, I don’t know him!”

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t know him! A Chai, I will give you a task to complete,” I said.

“Mr. Liu, please say what you want me to do! Even if you order this A Chai to cross a mountain of swords or a sea of fire, I will not flinch under any circumstance!” As A Chai heard that I had a task for him, he was excited. This was a good time to prove his loyalty. He felt that he must be blessed today! Even though he was just the lowest member of the Three Rock Gang, he got the opportunity to see the Big Boss and got a personal call from the boss of B City as well!

A Chai had the feeling of reaching the Heavens in a single leap! Actually, the reason the boss in charge of B City looked for A Chai is that he was the closest to my location. The in charge was afraid that I might be in a hurry so he sent A Chai!

“It’s nothing serious, just a small matter!” I smiled as I was very satisfied with the situation at hand. Though I was still respected a lot before, it was all because of Guo Qing and Zhao Junsheng’s influence. Only now could I feel true respect and fear from these people!

I pointed towards the Da Nan sitting on the ground, “This fellow said that he’s a member of an underworld gang, yet he’s unfilial to his mother and unrighteous to his brothers! What do you think would be his punishment!”

“Mr. Liu, do you want me to get rid of him?” A Chai was puzzled. Did the ultra-boss just call him here to do something like this? Was there really a need for something like this? Right, it must be that the ultra-boss doesn’t want to dirty his hands with crap so he called him!

When A Chai’s words left his mouth, Da Nan’s face immediately changed! Even though Da Nanping was a rampant thug, he was merely a thug on the streets. He would usually get in simple fights, blackmail small businessmen, etc… it was a completely different thing from what the real gangsters did! Gangsters would kill without batting an eye! If someone dared f*** with this A Chai, they would get sentenced to death. How could Da Nan not be afraid!

The two thugs beside Da Na were scared by the hand that I exposed. At this moment, hearing A Chai say he was going to deal with Da Nan, they came back to themselves and immediately said, “Big Brother Chai, please let brother Nan go! We are just some small flies, killing us will only dirty your hands!”

Listening to their words, A Chai said happily, “I am here to deal with Mr. Liu’s matter. I don’t even have enough time to be happy. It’s just dirtying my hands, I will clean them afterward!”

“Ah?” The two thugs realized that the person in charge here was me! The life and death of their boss depended on my words, so they hastily said, “Mr. Liu, our brother Nan has offended you but sir, you are a great person, although he made a mistake, it wasn’t that serious!”

I wasn’t going to kill Da Nan, after all, this guy was still Auntie Zhang’s son! However, what let me keep on going is that Auntie Zhang hadn’t said a thing from beginning to end, she hadn’t asked to let Da Nan off! Instead, it was these two thugs who were with him that asked me to let this unrighteous guy off even though he didn’t treat him well!

“He isn’t even loyal to you yet you ask me to let him off?” I asked somewhat strangely.

“Mr. Liu, although he isn’t good to us, no matter what, he’s still our elder brother, therefore we must ask you to let him off!” Da Nan’s subordinates sincerely said.

“You see that?” I sneered at looked at Da Nan, “Your subordinates are more sensible than you! Is someone like you even worthy of being there boss?”

Da Nan lowered his head. Perhaps he wouldn’t be able to understand the matter in a short time as he was a selfish man!

“A Chai, I will let you have this guy Da Nan. Go and let him understand what real underworld is like! I will give you a year to turn him into a man with filial piety and loyalty. Can you do that?” I said my command.

“Mr. Liu, there are no problems!” A Chai patted his chest and ensured me. After that, he smiled at Da Nan and said to him, “Brat, I will give you a year to transform. If you are still an immoral brat like this, and I can’t complete the task because of you, you will know what true pain is like!”

Da Nan’s entire body trembled! This was even worse and scary than going to a prison! In the prison, even if a person didn’t transform too well, they will only beat someone at most, but now, the other party was actual gangsters, not a prison! If they didn’t feel well they will just kill you!

“What are you called?” I then asked Da Nan’s subordinates.

“I am A ki, while he is A Shui!” One of the men replied.

“A Ki, A Shui, the two of you will follow A Chai from now on!” I pointed towards Da Nan and said, “He will follow you in the future!”

“Ah? This…” The two looked at me in a dilemma.

“Ah what! After today, later the two of you will be Elder brother Ki and Elder brother Shui, while this Da Nan will be the Little brother!” A Chai said coldly. As he saw Da Nan’s reluctance and immediately got angry. Son-of-4-b!*ch, Mr. Liu has arranged for you to be a little brother and you are unhappy about it? He walked towards him and kicked him, “Hurry up and call them how you are supposed to!”

“Elder brother KI, Elder brother Shui, Boss Chai…” Da Nan knew that he no longer had a choice and must say it.

“Are your dog eyes blinded! Mr. Liu hasn’t killed you yet you said not a word of gratitude towards him?” A Chai yelled.

Da Nan hastily said, “Thank you, Mr. Liu!”

“Forget it, just take him already!” I said as I didn’t want to get tangled in this matter anymore.

After A Chai took Da Nan and the others, I explained to Auntie Zhang, “Auntie Zhang, you can rest assured that your son will become a filial child after a year!”

I legit thought there was going to be some major world transformation plan since Liu Lei has a lot of technology!