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After girls wear clothes, the first thing they think isn’t whether they feel good or not, but whether other think they are attractive or not. The same was true for Xu Xueyun. No matter what clothes she wore, she would want the opinion of others.

“Very attractive! This dress is very charming, but it isn’t suitable for the reunion tonight. It will be quite good for University though!” I said with a nod, “Oh, right! You see that black Windbreaker coat, it is much better. It will be much more suitable for an occasion like that!” {TL Note: It isn‘t Chanel as I couldn‘t find a beauty wearing it for display. It‘s just an example to let you know what you can be considered a windbreaker!}

“Right! I will give it a try……” Xu Xueyun at the dress and walked into the changing room.

The young clerk next to us looked towards me in a daze. She was probably dissatisfied that I made her work even when I wasn‘t going to buy anything. She loathed me in her heart but still went ahead and looked for the windbreaker in Xu Xueyun’s size.

After trying on over ten sets of clothes in a single breath, Xu Xueyun was tired and changed back into her original clothes.

The clerk rolled her eyes at us. The set of clothes Xu Xueyun handed back was still not being bought, so she looked towards us with despise.

“Should we leave?” Only now did Xu Xueyun realize how shameful her behavior appeared in other’s eyes, so she asked me with some embarrassment.

“Leave. But first, we need to buy these clothes. We can then leave!” I stood up from the waiting chair and waved to the clerk next to us, “I will have to trouble you to securely wrap all the clothes this lady tried just now. We are going to buy them all!”

“Huh?” The young clerk stared at us as her eyeballs were as if going to drop out the next moment. With her mouth wide open, she said while stuttering, “What…….? You are going to buy them all?”

“What? There‘s an issue?” I was also disinclined to deal with snobbish people like her who always looked down on others.

“No, no……there’s no issue, there‘s no issue! I will wrap them securely …. ..” The young clerk anxiously replied. In her heart, she was thinking: This man looks like a rich man, while this girl‘s clothing looks so poor. She must be one of his mistresses! But isn‘t he too rich, right? He bought them all. Just how much would it all cost! Only one of the dresses is more expensive than my month‘s salary.

“Liu Lei, you are going to buy them all?” Xu Xueyun was bewildered and thought that she had misheard my words.

“Since you look charming in all of them, so we naturally have to buy them all!” I said.

“Ah! No need to buy anything, hehe—miss clerk, there‘s no need to pack. Don‘t pack, we aren’t going to buy……” Xu Xueyun had just said half her words when I pulled her over.

“We had already reached an agreement for me to buy your clothes. If you don‘t like them, then I can only bring you to a more expensive place. This is the cheapest place in Wangfujing!” As I had no other means, I could only deceive her, “If you are unsatisfied, then we can go to a bigger mall. The clothes there cost in tens of thousands.”

“Ah?!” Xu Xueyun had never been to Wangfujing, so she naturally didn’t know I was lying to her. She thought I was telling the truth, so she didn’t dare talk anymore.

After a while, the clerk came over, but she only had six bags in her hand.

“Just these? Aren’t you making some mistake?” I asked as I looked towards the bags.

“That……|…….I am sorry. I didn’t pay attention when the young lady tried on clothes, so I couldn’t remember a few of them…….” The clerk said with a red face. A moment ago, she had been absent-minded when dealing with the two before her and wanted them to leave as soon as possible, therefore, she hadn’t paid any attention to what Xu Xueyun tried. It was already a miracle she could remember six of the dresses.

I hadn’t wanted to haggle over the previous matter with her, but listening to her words, I couldn’t help but get angry as I shouted towards her, “Is this how you usually deal with customers? It’s just a few clothes, yet you don’t even pay attention! Go and call your store manager!”

“|……I didn’t think you were going to buy anything……” the young clerk started to find excuses.

“You didn’t think? Then everything goes according to the plans that you think huh! If you think you are the world’s richest person, then you won’t have to work, right?” After I listened to her, I got angrier. Not only did she make a mistake, she didn’t even apologize and even started to quibble with me and made such lame excuses!

At this time, a man in his thirties came over and saw me scolding the clerk. He quickly put on a smile and said, “Hello, sir! I am the on-duty manager of the store, Wang Qixin. Can you tell me what happened? Why are you unsatisfied with our store’s clerk?”

“Heh, the clerk in your store seems to have a bit of a problem in serving customers. She thought we couldn‘t afford to buy anything, so she didn‘t pay any attention to what we wanted!” I saw the guy was polite, so I didn‘t flare up at him on the spot either.

“Little Cui, what‘s the matter?” Wang Qixin asked the young clerk.

The young clerk immediately explained the matter to the manager as she gave the same excuse. After listening to her, Wang Qixin quickly said to me and Xu Xueyun, “I apologize, I apologize! I will punish her according to the company regulations and make sure it doesn’t happen again. As compensation, I will give you the VIP card for the store, so you can enjoy preferential treatment and 10% discount on everything. Are you satisfied with this? As for the dresses she forgot, I will accompany you and the young lady so she can try on the dresses she likes again!”

“Forget it, I am not a crude person either! Since you already dealt with the matter, I won’t make things difficult for you either. But I will remind you, this kind of attitude will make you lose a lot of potential customers!” I beckoned with my hand and said, “I remember the several dresses. Just follow me, I will point them out.”

When I walked out of the Chanel Store with a big package together with Xu Xueyun, Xu Xueyun was both happy and disturbed by the fact that I bought all the clothes she had tried on. As the saying went: No work was impossible; You must give back for what you take from others! Xu Xueyun was afraid I would ask something from her she couldn‘t do. But then she thought it was impossible, there wasn’t anything she could do that I couldn‘t do myself.

Then why would he buy so many clothes for her? Xu Xueyun thought with a red face: Could he like me? If he really likes me, then should I promise myself to him?

In fact, I didn‘t have any complicated reasons when I bought all these clothes for her. I just saw she didn’t have any decent clothes, and all these clothes looked really beautiful on her, so I bought them for her as we are already good friends. In my eyes, this amount of money was nothing. Even if I was in my past life, I could still afford this level of expense, let alone now!

Zhao YanYan and the others spent more money on the streets compared to what we spent. Xu Xueyun naturally didn’t know all this. If I made her accompany my wives to shopping, who knows, she might be scared of their spending?

I had Xu Xueyun change into that black windbreaker dress and put her original clothes in the package.

Fortunately, the clothes were flexible and compressible, so we placed them in the car‘s trunk. Looking at all the plastic bags and the shopping mall slips, Xu Er was dumbstruck! Xu Er finally believed the news they showed on television about a rich man spending a lot of money to pursue a woman wasn’t fake!

It was over 80,000 Yuan! Did Chief Liu really have a liking for my sister?! Xu Er began to have more delusions as he started the car and stepped on the accelerator.