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“Liu Lei, Auntie Zhang has a son but he’s idle all day long. All day long, he will hang out with shady people and extorts money from the people in the neighborhood. Even the retirement money Auntie Zhang had saved up was wasted by him!” Ye XiaoXiao sighed, “Liu Lei, can you help Auntie Zhang?”

“XiaoXiao, there’s no need to put him in a difficult situation. He already has to take care of you two mother and son, so don’t add chaos to his life!” Auntie Zhang was afraid that it might add to my economic burden, so she immediately rejected.

“Auntie Zhang, what are you saying!” I beckoned to her with my hand, “Just a moment ago, you were saying that you consider Little Ye Zi your biological grandson, then wouldn’t you be Little Ye Zi’s grandmother! Also, you are XiaoXiao and my elder, it’s normal for us to look after you in your old age!”

Saying this, I took out my wallet and handed 5000 Yuan from inside to Auntie Zhang as I said, “Auntie Zhang, if you recognize us as your family, please take the money. We will visit you often in the future as well!”

“This…” Auntie Zhang still wanted to say something but Ye XiaoXiao spoke first, “Auntie Zhang, take it. Usually, you will buy things for Little Ye Zi and I never have the chance to pay you back!”

After listening to Ye XiaoXiao’s words and insistence, Auntie Zhang finally took the money in her hands, “Alright… I am already used to buy things for Little Ye Zi. That can’t be considered as an expense!”

“Auntie Zhang, what you are saying is making us look like outsiders. Later, I will give you money every month!” I said with a smile, “If you don’t comply, I won’t bring Little Ye Zi to visit you!”

Auntie Zhang nodded. Just when she was about to start speaking, the sound of the door being knocked came from the outside.

“Who?” I stood up and walked to the entrance.

“Open the door, hurry, open the door! Is my mother here?” The voice of a man sounded from outside.

I wondered if it was Auntie Zhang’s son?

“Ah, don’t open the door……” Hearing the sound, Auntie Zhang immediately said not to open the door but I had already put my hand on the door lock and opened it.

“Whish!” The door was shoved open and three young brats walked in. The moment the head of the three saw Auntie Zhang, he immediately walked over to her, “Old codger, you were really here!”

“Da Nan, how did you know that I was here?” Auntie Zhang was a bit frightened and tightly clutched the money in her hand. She was afraid her son will take it away!

“I? Hehe, I didn’t have any money so I thought of going back to take care of you and ask for some money, but since you weren’t home, I figured that you would be here! Hehe, you should have already received the rent for the second half of the year, right?” Da Nan stared at the money in Auntie Zhang’s hands and then said, “Dammit, you got so much money!” Saying that, he snatched the money from Auntie Zhang’s hands and said, “There are thousands of Yuan!”

“You… give me the money!” Auntie Zhang was shocked and angry. This son of her was too unfilial, actually snatching money from her hand by force.

“Give it to you? I will give you nothing but a fart!” Da Nan didn’t even look at Auntie Zhang and said to Ye XiaoXiao, “Little sister, thank you! I hope you will keep on living here! Hahahaha!” Da Nan obviously thought that the money in his hands was rent given by Ye XiaoXiao.

I looked at Da Nan’s act and I got so angry that I was shaking! Auntie Zhang was such a kind woman yet she got a wolf for a son!

“Give her the money!” I said coldly. I don’t care about the money but I certainly didn’t want to feed an ungrateful dog with it.

“Huh? The f*** are you?” When Da Nan had entered the room, he ignored me even though it was me who opened the door. Only now did he notice me.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what matters is that the money in your hands belongs to Auntie Zhang that I gave her,” I said without any expression.

“Haha! Are you saying that you gave this money to this old undying woman! I took the money from her hands so shut the f*** up! You look like a rich man so is there even a need for you to care for this little money? If you care about her, just give her more money later!” Da Nan smirked and then said, “Let me tell you, I, your father, am from an underworld gang. If you dared go against me, I will f***ing kill you! ”

“Elder Brother Nan, there’s no need to waste your time talking to him, just f*** him up already!” The little thugs who came with him yelled.

“Yes, f*** him and let him see stars… paint his face in purple!” The other thug said.

“Good! I will give this to you!” Saying that, Da Nan took out 200 Yuan from the stack of money and gave a hundred to each of them.

“Ah? Elder Brother Nan? How can you be so stingy? Giving us just a 100 Yuan?” One of the two thugs immediately said.

“Elder Brother Nan, we, your brothers, work ourselves to death yet you do something like this to us? Originally when you got five hundred and gave us 100 each, we would have nothing to say… but this time, you have 4000-5000, yet you still give us a 100 each. Aren’t you being too stingy?” The other thug wasn’t willing either.

“Motherf***er, if you don’t want it then give it back to me! F***er! Are you the boss or am I the boss?” Da Nan scolded the two.

I felt funny and said with irony, “Even someone like you can be a gangster? Do you know what the underworld society is like? An unfilial b!*ch with no loyalty, yet you are still alive… I am surprised!”

“You–” Da Nan wanted to say something but I didn’t give him the opportunity to speak and continued, “The first thing when you mix with the underworld society is filial piety and loyalty, yet you are such a filthy dick to your mother who raised you! When you mix with the underworld, you need to be loyal and good to your brothers if you want them to work their lives for you, but you don’t give a sh!1 about them! Is this not being disloyal and a b!1ch!”

“What are you talking about! Smash this b4s1ard for me!” D Nan pointed towards me and ordered his thugs to attack me.

The two thugs were in deep thought after listening to my words. Although these two usually bossed around in the markets, they were still awed when they were before their parents and families. Plus, the things Da Nan just said and did made them feel disappointed in him, so they simply ignored his orders.

“Motherf***ers… you!!” Da Nan got angry and said, “This daddy will personally level this b4s1ard!”

“Look at yourself, this is the fate of unfilial and disloyal men like you… getting deserted by your own family and allies!” I said with a sneer.

“This father is from the underworld! If a businessman like you dare annoy someone from the underworld, the underworld will kill you!” Da Nan swung his punch.

I didn’t even pay attention to this brute, I disdained to even look at him! However, Ye XiaoXiao didn’t know of my ability and only knew that I was rich! Therefore, when she saw Da Nan attack me, she anxiously called out, “Liu Lei, be careful!”

“Da Nan, stop!” Auntie Zhang also had a scare! Although she knew that her son wasn’t very filial nor had any manners, hitting a guest was something unacceptable no matter what!

I smiled and held Da Nan from his collar, raising him up, I slapped him! Da Nan had obviously not thought that I would have such strength and got angrier. As his legs were hanging in the air, he immediately displayed his gangsta ability and kicked towards my lower body!

After my body’s transformation, my younger brother had also transformed and turned invulnerable, but I still didn’t want to get kicked there.

I never expected this Da Nan to be so insidious. If it were someone else, I am afraid they would die without any heir! In my anger, I threw him towards the wall. Da Nan’s entire body pounded on the wall and then he fell to the ground, unable to move for quite some time.