VPAATP V4C105 – Reporting Good News (Unedited)

As I saw Ye XiaoXiao had some matters to deal with, I wasn’t too reluctant to let her do them. After all, Ye XiaoXiao had lived here for many years, so she will obviously have a lot of things to sort out.

“Alright then, I will meet you tomorrow! Tell me the address!” I nodded, “You better not vanish on me again!”

“How is that possible! All these years, I had to raise my child, go to University, and deal with many other matters in life. Now that I have a rich and powerful man… husband, even if I don’t think for myself, I still have to think for the child, right! It’s as you said, the child is innocent after all!” As Ye XiaoXiao was about to call me ‘husband’, she hesitated a bit… she wanted to call me ‘boyfriend’, but then she thought that she already gave birth to my child, so calling me ‘husband’ wasn’t a matter to be embarrassed about.

I nodded with satisfaction. Just now, when I was explaining to Ye XiaoXiao in order to get her heart back, I told her how she should always think of Little Ye Zi first. My point was that though she could raise the child for now, but what about the future? She will have to spend money on a good primary school, then the child needs to go to a good middle school, then a high school, and then the University. Even if Ye XiaoXiao’s father was the leader of the Songjiang Provincial Education Department now, he will certainly have to retire one day, right? And he can’t just take care of Little Ye Zi for a lifetime!

“If you don’t believe me, then I will let you bring Little Ye Zi along with you first!” Ye XiaoXiao saw that I didn’t reply and thought that I didn’t believe her, so she made such a suggestion. She was now completely relieved and believed that I won’t take Little Ye Zi away from her. As a woman, she could clearly feel my feelings and love for her. From my clear and substantiated eyes, Ye XiaoXiao could feel my sincerity towards her.

“Haha, I also had the same intent! You see, Little Ye Zi is now closer to his Big mother and three mothers now and doesn’t want you any longer!” I said with a smile.

After Ye XiaoXiao heard my words, her forehead was filled with dark lines. However, she knew that something like that was not possible, after all, Little Ye Zi was her own son!

We had driven a modified RV, so I proposed that we will drop Ye XiaoXiao back at her place, to which, Ye XiaoXiao had no objection. She had already accepted me from the bottom of her heart, so these little decisions were left to me now.

The University where Ye XiaoXiao was originally enrolled at was the B City’s University of Foreign Languages, and the house she rented was also quite close to the University. I proposed to send Ye XiaoXiao upstairs but Ye XiaoXiao shook her head and said that she won’t have any troubles. She gave me her apartment number and her phone number and then went upstairs.

I didn’t insist on it, after all, this was a small matter that didn’t have much effect. Little Ye Zi came home with me and he seemed to not be unhappy about the matter, instead, he was very novel and happy.

When he saw my villa, he was taken aback! The parking lot, the swimming pool, the tennis court, and the garden and courtyard… it was all just like what those luxurious villas and mansions on TV have!

Little Ye Zi finally understood that his father was no ordinary man! He was both amazed and very happy! Although children are quite naive, there is still competition psychology in them. He was once invited to be a guest at a kindergarten kid’s family. There, he saw the jade walls and resplendently designed three-bedroom apartment decorated by that friend’s family. Looking at that place and thinking of the little place he and his mother lived in, he felt low-spirited.

Currently, Little Ye Zi had a feeling of booming self-confidence as he realized that he wasn’t any worse than anyone else!

If I knew what Little Ye Zi was feeling right now, I would really feel wise for bringing the mother and son back. After all, it wasn’t a good thing if a child grew up with an inferiority complex!

In the evening, I couldn’t restrain my excitement and called my parents!

“Mom, let me tell you a good news!” As soon as the phone connected, I hastily said with excitement.

“LeiLei? What good news do you have?” My mother’s voice was very calm. She had already seen her son make a lot of miracles, so her immunity to shocking things had improved a lot!

“Mom, you try to guess!” As I saw that my mother wasn’t as enthusiastic as me, I asked her to take a guess.

“How am I supposed to know. Though I am your mother, I don’t have such a great foresight to know!” My mother complained, “You wouldn’t have brought another daughter-in-law for mother?”

“Well, that’s part of it,” I said with a smile.

“You really got another one? LeiLei, mother isn’t trying to blame you or anything, but you already have so many daughters-in-law for me that I am already happy. But there’s still something that I need to say… you are a man and your body isn’t similar to a woman’s. In some aspects, you need to tone things down! I know… you already have so many women and they might not agree if you want to tone things down, so when you bring them back, mother will talk to them about the importance of a man’s body…” My mother’s chattering rumblings started to fall on me.

“Mom, wait!” I quickly interrupted her, “Mom, have you forgotten your son’s practice? Hehe, even if I have a few more wives, it’s nothing! Mom, you and dad should have a deep understanding of this point, right? I taught him a set of those practice methods!”

“What are you saying to your own mother, it’s not proper to talk behind your father like that. See if I don’t make him spank you!” My mother felt shy, but then she thought how her husband was bursting with even more vigor and energy compared to his youth, so she felt relieved and changed the topic, “Is this what you called me to tell?”

“I never said this was the only matter. It’s only one of them! The other one is what you and father wanted the most!” I said with a mysterious vibe.

“What we want the most? You have already gotten married and have a carrier of your own. Your company has also reached the zenith of the business world. What we want the most is to have you give us a grandson or granddaughter of our own to hug…… Hello, son, don’t tell me you have?” My mother suddenly realized something and asked.

“I had?” Listening to my mother’s questioning, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “What do I have?”

“Hehe, it’s mother’s wrong. It’s not you who has! So, which of my daughter-in-law is it?” My mother was grinning as she asked. It seemed the possibility was quite great!

“Little Ye Zi, come over and talk to grandmother!” I finally revealed the mystery.

“Grandma, how are you?” Little Ye Zi received the phone from me. As he had already received my instructions before, he wasn’t scared to talk.

“I am good……” My mother felt strange… just who was this child? Why was he calling her grandmother? When I brought my several wives home for New Year, my mother was sure none of them were pregnant. Even if one of them was pregnant at that time, it’s impossible for the child to be so big that he could speak!

“You are……” my mother asked with some doubt.

“Grandmother, my name is Liu Ye……” Little Ye Zi replied.

“Liu Ye? You…… Give the phone to your father first, I have a matter to ask him about!” My mother hoodwinked the little boy and didn’t clarify what matter she had.

I took the telephone and asked with a smile, “What’s the matter, mother?”

“LeiLei, what’s all this about? Who’s child did you adopt?” My mother asked, “Is it because you were getting annoyed by me? Although I like the child, he’s still not my biological grandson, so……”