VPAATP V4C102 – Stupid Reasoning

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Edited by: Supreme Doge

“Humph, Liu Lei, there’s no need to pretend. It’s me who had been blind, still remembering you even after all these years!” Ye XiaoXiao said with a miserable expression, “You have beauties as common as clouds by your side, so you obviously already forgot about me, right? The reason you are sitting here so patiently is that you want to take away my son away from me? However, you can rest assured that I will not allow your plans to prevail!”

I looked at Ye XiaoXiao with a dull expression. This woman was too fierce and must have been influenced by Maori Kogoro too much! Really, too retarded……{TL Note: It’s some detective from some Anime\Manga that lazes around all day. I don’t know why he referenced it here.} {ED Note:…}

What kind of stupid reasoning was this!

“XiaoXiao, wait and listen to me!” As I saw Ye XiaoXiao trying to walk away with Little Ye Zi, I immediately blocked her path! By the heavens, if I let them go again, this woman, Ye XiaoXiao, will certainly take away Little Ye Zi and hide somewhere that would be even harder to find them!

“What? What else is there to listen? If you don’t have anything else to say, please give way!” Ye XiaoXiao squinted her eyes and looked at me coldly.

“XiaoXiao, you are misunderstanding me!” I directly looked into Ye XiaoXiao’s eyes and said, “I certainly don’t mean to do anything like that. You are thinking too much!”

“I am thinking too much? What do you want me to think then? Let you take away Little Ye Zi from me?” Ye XiaoXiao shouted with a blank expression.

“XiaoXiao, no matter what the matter, please sit down first! So many people are watching us!” I shook my head and bitterly smiled.

Ye XiaoXiao was just too excited right now and naturally didn’t think too much about anything. Now that she heard me speak, she saw a lot of guests looking towards us strangely. She felt embarrassed and immediately sat back in her seat, “Liu Lei, say it now!”

I glanced at Little Ye Zi sitting next to her, although he wasn’t an outsider, saying honeyed phrases and sweet words to his mother before my son still felt awkward, so I said to him, “Little Ye Zi, you go and sit with those few elder sist… Um… Aunts, yes, you should go and play with those aunts for a while. Daddy needs to talk with mother for a while!”

I had originally wanted to say “sister” but I immediately realized that it would be messing up the seniority in the family, so I quickly changed my statement.

Little Ye Zi looked towards me and then looked towards Ye XiaoXiao. When he saw Ye XiaoXiao nod to him lightly, he stood up and went to Zhao YanYan and the others. Although Ye XiaoXiao was afraid of me taking Little Ye Zi away from her, since I was sitting right before her, she agreed. She didn’t believe that I would be so shameless as to make Zhao YanYan do something like that.

When I was talking to Ye XiaoXiao a moment ago, Zhao YanYan and the other women had their ears perked up, so they naturally knew that Little Ye Zi was Ye XiaoXiao and my child. Since that was the case, they also felt very close to Little Ye Zi. In their opinion, my son was also their son, and once they had this little guy at home, the home will get a lot livelier.

“XiaoXiao, you are misunderstanding the matter. I only found out that I have a child just now! Yes, it’s true that I really want to take Little Ye Zi home with me…” When I spoke till here, I could see that Ye XiaoXiao was already getting impatient and angry, so I didn’t dare drag the conversation and immediately said, “But when I bring Little Ye Zi, you must also come with me!”

“Humph!” When Ye XiaoXiao listened, she sneered and said, “Isn’t it because you are afraid that I won’t let you take Little Ye Zi away? Otherwise, why didn’t you mention that a moment ago? Now that I am acting like this, you talk about taking me back?” Listening to my words, Ye XiaoXiao thought that I was only taking her existence for granted, thinking of her as a trophy wife. Indeed, with my current financial resources, raising another person would be no big deal for me.

“Ah, XiaoXiao, no way is it like that! You listen to my explanation!” I looked at her very sincerely and said, “You know, when I just saw you now, I got really excited! My actions at that moment were not an act, I didn’t even need to act as I didn’t even know that Little Ye Zi is my son! When I heard that you had a husband, it really broke my heart! Afterward, when I heard the truth from Little Ye Zi’s mouth, I tried to get close to Little Ye Zi in an attempt to use him as a card to get you back with me! I didn’t know if you would be willing to accept me as you haven’t even tried to contact in such a long time, making me very disturbed. I am very clear about what kind of disposition you have, you are a really stubborn woman and that can be seen from the fact that you didn’t even say goodbye to me before you left. Therefore, I started with Little Ye Zi as I knew that as long as Little Ye Zi approved of me, you will certainly accept me as well!”

Ye XiaoXiao only looked at me without saying anything, but her expression wasn’t as ice-cold as before. She carefully took in my words and thought that they made sense. Because of her disposition and the accident with Wang Xindie, she didn’t have full trust in me yet.

“Ah, I know that our union might have been a mistake but I have said already, but I will be the one to take responsibility for you. Now, not only will I be the one responsible for you but for the both of you mother and son! It’s true that I love Little Ye Zi, but it’s the same when it comes to you, I can certainly not leave you!” I said in a low voice and then sighed.

“You can’t leave me? Is that the truth or a lie? I see that you have been doing great in the past few years!” Ye XiaoXiao’s anger had disappeared halfway, but she still appeared to not be clear and asked, “When we met each other, I was your teacher and how old were you? How could you even have any feelings for me?”

“Hehe, XiaoXiao, haven’t you heard the words: [It’s all about love!] In love, age, identity or any other things don’t matter!” I smiled, “Though you might be older than me, but I doubt that your mental age is higher than mine! True, you were my teacher, but now, you are not. Even if you were, what would that matter? Yang Guo was younger than Xiaolong, and Xiaolong was also his master, still, did they not get together in the end? I know what you think, it’s that I don’t like you, right? You think that I was too young at that time and wouldn’t have any interest in you, that the matter at that time was just an accident, and I am simply saying all this for the sake of just taking responsibility?”

When I asked all those questions, Ye XiaoXiao subconsciously nodded.

“Silly girl!” I put out my hand and took Ye XiaoXiao’s both hands into my own, closely grasping them. Ye XiaoXiao tried to subconsciously struggle away, but where would she get the strength to get away from me? As she realized that she couldn’t get away, Ye XiaoXiao gave up and let me hold her hands as she looked at me with a malicious expression.

I knew that Ye XiaoXiao’s heart had started to melt so I decided to hit the iron while it was still hot, “XiaoXiao, I don’t know what it means to like someone, what it means to love someone, but I do know that whenever I saw your appearance, whenever I would bicker with you and the angry appearance you would make… not being able to see you made me feel empty. I really missed you. When you left me, I was really sad. But now that I got to see you again, I am very happy!”

“For a long time now, I had wanted to inquire about you from your father, but I was afraid that you would be angry! But I never gave up as I believed that you will honor your promise that you left me with, that you would come back to me!” I continued, “But a miracle happened today and God allowed me to be able to see you again. I don’t have to wait any longer now. XiaoXiao, come home with me!”