VPAAPT V4C190 – Feiyan Gate’s Crisis

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

After he (Jin Hongzhong) knew my status, he no longer had any contempt for me (Liu Lei). He knew that with my strength and the fact that I was related to Jiao Yazi, I was certainly not some mortal man. It was very normal for someone powerful like me to look very young – appearance proved nothing before absolute might.

“Forget it, I won’t blame you for this matter, but I still have reservations regarding your Feiyan Gang!” I beckoned with my hand.

“What Feiyan Gang? Little Zhong, have you been using the skills I taught you to commit illegal things?” Listening to my words, Jiao Yazi was stunned and immediately asked his disciple.

“Master, please punish this disciple!” Jin Hongzhong was shocked and immediately kneeled on the ground, repeating the words he had said to me to Jiao Yazi. He didn’t dare to hide anything and told him everything including the matter about the Ring of Love.

After listening to his explanation, Jiao Yazi was no longer angry, but he still disapproved of their methods like me, “Little Zhong, your original intentions might have been good but the methods were still somewhat inappropriate! If you can’t even restrain the people under your gate, the original intentions will soon turn into evil.”

“I have already understood this,” Jin Hongzhong said with embarrassment, “I will thoroughly root out the bad eggs and let master deal with it all!”

“No need. You are the master so it will be enough if you did it yourself, after all, Feiyan Gate has nothing to do with me and it was all created by you!” Jiao Yazi said, “There’s no need for you to discuss with me!”

“How can that be? A teacher for a day is a father for a lifetime!” Jin Hongzhong said, “If I didn’t have master’s teachings, where would the Feiyan Gate come from today?”

“Alright,” Jiao Yazi waved his hand and said, “If you are really going to listen to me, you should wash your hands from this kind of business completely! Although I don’t understand the concept of money that much, but I am sure that you have collected enough over the years for you to invest in proper businesses! I understand what you do and it is indeed a form of public welfare, but it is still not an honorable thing to steal from others to do it! There are many ways to make money legitimately, after all, Martial Uncle is an example!”

Why am I being used as an example?!

“I understand,” Jin Hongzhong didn’t dare to go against Jiao Yazi’s command, but he said with some awkwardness, “Master, but I can’t help myself out of this now, that’s why I had been looking for you so eagerly!”

“Can’t help yourself out?” Jiao Yazi’s brows furrowed a bit, “What’s going on?”

“The matter is like this… Little Dong, bring that letter…” Jin Hongzhong shook his head helplessly and narrated the matter!

It turned out that the world’s second-largest theft gang, the Raytheon Gang, had always been wary of Feiyan Gate. As two of the most powerful gangs, they would obviously have some friction! Feiyan Gate had been able to get their hands on the “goods” several times, making the Raytheon Gang very unhappy without having any means to deal with them!

However, god knows from where, but the Raytheon Gang was able to obtain some evidence regarding Feiyan Gate’s crimes, coercing Jin Hongzhong to bring the Feiyan Gate under the wings of the Raytheon Gang.

Jin Hongzhong was certainly not going to agree, so the Raytheon Gang used the evidence as a bargaining chip to dump massive trouble of theirs onto Feiyan Gate’s head.

They promised Jin Hongzhong that so long as the Feiyan Gate can solve that problem of theirs, they will return the evidence to them and no longer look for any trouble with them! However, if the problem is not solved, then Feiyan Gate must become part of the Raytheon Gang, otherwise, they will give the evidence to the international police!

The International Police had some records and cases against more or less all international criminal organizations. But although they knew that these organizations were bad, they couldn’t take drastic measures or prosecute them because of not having enough evidence.

Those criminal organizations were also very wary when committing any crime, leaving almost no evidence behind after their crime. Feiyan Gate had always been low-key and it wasn’t easy to keep on working like this without having any evidence related to them found even after so many decades! However, there was an accident. At the beginning of the year, Jin Hongzhong’s proud disciple, Little Gang, who was second only to Little Dong ended up leaving some evidence behind! Instead of saying he left evidence, it would be better to say he was framed!

At the beginning of the year, Feiyan Gate received a report that some organization from China was going to make a deal with some business in France, selling some ancient Chinese relics! France was the stronghold of the Raytheon Gang. It was only rarely that one gang would step into the turf of another gang, but the transaction this time was far too huge and the things being traded were the ancient Chinese relics, so Jin Hongzhong didn’t want them to fall in the hands of the foreigners. After careful considerations and arrangements, he sent Little Gang and a few of his good men to France.

However, what Jin Hongzhong would have never imagined was that someone had already been waiting for Little Gang and his team. There were no deals or rich businessmen from France, instead, there were only members of the Raytheon Gang!

After Little Gang came to France, it was very easy to find the place where the Chinese relics had been stored with the information provided by the informant. Fortunately, although the guards there were strict, they had still many blank spots! For someone as skilled as Little Gang, it was very easy to evade the guards and arrived at the entrance of the vault!

It took them a lot of effort when opening the vault, and just when the vault was about to open, a large amount of water flooded over them from all directions, turning Little Gang and his men into drenched chickens! For some reason, unknown, the fire prevention system in that place had been triggered! Little Gang immediately found and pressed the button with the words “Incendie” (Fire) on them and the water finally stopped.

However, as their entire bodies had been soaked in water, it became harder for them to work in those wet clothes. So Little Gang and his men removed the wet clothes and hoods as there was nothing to worry about being seen by others! The cameras in several angles had already been covered with black clothes when Little Gang and his gang entered.

After that, everything went smoothly. Little Gang successfully cracked the password of the vault and took the Chinese relics!

In fact, if it wasn’t because of not having enough time, people like Little Gang who dealt in relics would be able to easily tell that the goods in their hands were fake! But because of the urgency, Little Gang didn’t pay any attention to them and carefully loaded the goods on their vehicles. After doing all this, Little Gang carefully returned through the route that they came in from!

They swiftly left the place without alarming anyone on their way back! Only when they returned to their temporary stronghold did Little Gang breathed in a sigh of relief and call Jin Hongzhong to report the status of his mission. After that, he started to check the spoils with his men.

However, right after the first box was opened and the Ming Dynasty vase was taken out, Little Gang’s face changed! That was obviously not a vase from the Ming Dynasty, it was clearly a high-quality imitation! However, Little Gang didn’t care that much since it was normal to get a thing or two that was fake. After all, the imitation business was very strong in the relic industry. Unless the one buying it was a professional, the buyer wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. Sometimes, even the seller didn’t know they were selling a sham! This was very common.