Volume 3 – Chapter 203: Whose Father-In-Law Is Fiercer 3

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Because of Zhao Junsheng’s relationship with me, Ding Baosan already knew it was me who reserved a private room in Guobin Hotel, so he quickly put down all work at hand and immediately rushed to the hotel. He greeted us together with Zhao Junsheng.

Ding Baosan had a difference between Heaven and Eart compared to his previous image. The former blonde haired punk appearance had changed with a suit and dress shoes with a flat, neat haircut. His long face now appeared full of maturity, and he looked just like a successful businessman.

Zhao Junsheng and Ding Baosan had met before. Though their relationship wasn’t very close, it could be considered somewhat good. As the president of a world-class enterprise, Zhao Junsheng still had many matters where Ding Baosan, the local authority, was needed to resolve them.

What made Zhao Junsheng feel strange was every time Ding Baosan saw him, he would treat him very politely! Zhao Junsheng was very clear about what kind of business Ding Baosan was involved. With his identity, was there even a need for him to be so humble before some president? Was it to give face to his father? But his father was going to retire by the end of the year!

Zhao Junsheng didn’t know that his identity was also very clear to Ding Baosan. The father-in-law of their Chief Liu. Obviously, he would be respectful to him as a junior is supposed to be!

“Boss Ding, how come you personally arrived to greet the guests?” Zhao Junsheng didn’t know the relationship between me and Ding Baosan, so he was curious and asked strangely. Ding Baosan’s influence here in Songjiang was very powerful, even more than him, the President of Shuguang! This was something very clear to Zhao Junsheng.

“Ah, no need to call me Boss Ding! Uncle Zhao, you can call me Li’l Ding or Third Monkey!” Ding Wenfeng shook his head and said respectfully.

“Third Monkey?” Zhao Junsheng was even more puzzled now. Ding Baosan was a local underworld lord and these lords hated being called with nicknames. But this Ding Baosan actually asked him to call him by his nickname. On top of that, every time the two met, he even called him Uncle Zhao so respectfully!

Zhao Junsheng hadn’t figured out what was happening when our car arrived. Ding Baosan saw my car coming over and immediately smiled, and greeted me. Pushing away a security guard who was about to guide us to the parking, he personally led us there.

The security guard was stunned as he watched everything in a daze. He was also a member of Three-Rock gangs surrounding influence and clearly knew how Ding Baosan treated people normally. But today, he actually went forward and led someone to the parking! It was a matter never done before! Not even the public celebrities of the province or the city leaders could get such a high-level treatment!

Ding Baosan personally opened the car’s door for me and said with a smile, “Brother Liu, you returned yet didn’t even call me about it. I would have prepared a big feast for you!”

“This time I returned to see a few relatives. It wasn’t a big deal, so I didn’t look for you!” I said as I got out.

Ding Baosan opened the backside door and helped my parents get off the car. At this time, the security guard led the Rolls Royce behind us to the parking lot, and my second uncle’s family came over.

Zhao Junsheng felt even more strange now. How could Ding Baosan actually open the door to my car and help me off so respectfully?

“Uncle Zhao!” I waved towards Zhao Junsheng, to which he greeted me back.

“Dad!” Zhao YanYan also smiled and immediately ran over to Zhao Junsheng’s side.

“You, this little girl, I have surely raised you in vain. You returned to Songjiang yet didn’t even come to visit me and your mother. The two villas are so close, only ten minutes apart you know!” Zhao Junsheng complained.

“Brother Liu, the private room has already been prepared. You can walk in straight and the dishes will be immediately served!” Ding Baosan gestured towards us, inviting us inside.

“Brother Liu?” Zhao Junsheng was startled, and then asked me, “Liu Lei, why is Ding Baosan calling you Brother Liu?”

“Oh, Third Monkey was originally my classmate. He’s a subordinate I casually accepted at that time!” I explained coolly.

Subordinate? Zhao Junsheng gasped. A subordinate he casually received now turned into a massive underworld lord! Zhao Junsheng had believed for a long time now that his son-in-law was a gold mine. It seems he wasn’t mistaken! No wonder Ding Baosan respected him, Zhao Junsheng, so much. It turned to be because of this!

“He is my cousin, Zhang Zhisong!” At this time, Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang walked over. Yang Honghai and my uncle had still not gotten off the car.

“Hello, Mr. Zhang!” Ding Baosan nodded to him politely.

As Zhang Zhisong heard his greeting, he frowned with displeasure. He thought about how the guy just called me Brother Liu but addressed him as Mr. Zhang. He was sure Ding Baosan was looking down on him! Zhang Zhisong snorted and turned his face away in displeasure. In his heart, he was thinking, ‘What are you so arrogant about? Just my cousin’s classmate, yet you are so respectful to him, but show no humility before someone with a powerful background like me! Just an ass-kisser. Let me get an opportunity and I will deal with you!’

Zhang Zhisong then glanced towards Zhao Junsheng and then said with disdain, “You must be my cousin’s father-in-law? What small computer company’s boss are you?”

As he was my relative, Zhao Junsheng felt it wasn’t right to smack his face, so he smiled and nodded towards him, “This humble Zhao Junsheng isn’t a boss of any company. I am just a part-time worker!”

“Worker? Oh, you must be a professional manager!” Alice Yang said with a sneer.

“You may think of it like that,” Zhao Junsheng nodded. She was right, he was indeed a manager, so there wasn’t a need to get angry.

On the other side, my second uncle held Yang Honghai back in the car and chatted with him about their daily lives and some other business matters. He was simply trying to pretend like some bigshot, and trying to appear haugtier!

Before his daughter’s future parents-in-law, Yang Honghai didn’t feel good not giving face to them! Although he felt he was being impolite by not getting out of the car, he still had to deal with second uncle on the surface!

In fact, the other reason for his action was the fact that his position was quite aloof in the US. Although he didn’t have to wait for others, there were still some occasions where he had to wait for something. So even though he felt he was being impolite at the moment, he didn’t think too much about it. {TL Note: Where do you find such a naive guy who would wait for others and be so respectful even though he had such a high position?}

But Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang weren’t like Yang Honghai, and boldly spoke some mean and bad words. The two had got off the car early under my uncle’s arrangement and went ahead to shoot bullshit from their mouths.

Zhao Junsheng didn’t already know the two of them were the staff members of Shuguang US division, and only treated them as mean relatives of mine. Though he wasn’t happy in his heart, he didn’t show it on his face.

However, Zhao YanYan couldn’t stand their bullshit anymore. Just because she was quiet didn’t mean she would bear with unwanted bullying from others.