Volume 3 – Chapter 202: Whose Father-In-Law Is Fiercer 2

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Listening to his words, Alice Yang thought otherwise and said, “Father, what is your identity now! You shouldn’t let any random person get in contact with you. I don’t think that person has any good intentions towards you! Otherwise, why would he spend his money to treat you to a meal! Isn’t it just because you are the vice-CEO of Shuguang US, and he wants to flatter you!”

Alice Yang just wanted to say a few good words regarding Zhang Zhisong’s relative as they had invited them. She never thought her father would reprimand her and tell her she wasn’t polite. Now, the only one she could vent her anger on was his cousin’s father-in-law whom she hadn’t even met!

“What status and what identity? I am just a person who works for someone else! I have told you many times before. You shouldn’t think you are a cut above others just because I have a good job now!” Yang Honghai said with a frown.

“Humph!” Alice Yang wasn’t happy with her father’s words. As Zhang Zhisong saw that, he immediately pulled her to his side and said, “Dear, why are you getting angry with father-in-law. He’s a very kind, good old man. When the time comes, the two of us will cooperate and give that company owner a run for his money, uncovering his true appearance before everyone!”

“Alright! Humph, I even wanted to help him by saying a few good words, but now, this great aunt is angry. When the time comes, I will sweep the floor with his face!” Alice Yang said with a nod.

As Zhang Zhisong and his family stared at the Mercedes Benz S600 I drove out of the underground parking lot, they felt strange. In their opinion, my family couldn’t be too rich. They hadn’t expected me to own a Mercedes Benz, especially the current High-end S series.

However, with the jealousy steeming in his heart, he sourly said, “Mercedes Benz is on the same level as a taxi in the United States…” Zhang Zhisong had only said half his sentence when he felt something wrong.

The “Song A” 88888 license plate on the car wasn’t something Zhang Zhisong couldn’t understand unless he was stupid. He knew it was a symbol of one’s status and prestige. It was impossible to have this kind of number unless one was filthy rich!

When a propitious license number was mentioned, it was normal for people to associate it with the rich and powerful people, the second generation young masters, heirs to the underworld gangs, etc. And that’s how it actually was as well.

It was just like in B City where the Situ Family used the same local 88888 license on 4-5 cars, without any regard for anyone. As the Situ Family had a very deep background in B City, it was impossible that anyone dared to go and say anything against their actions even if everyone knew they used the number on multiple cars.

It was also the same case in S City. At that time, the one who hung the “SA88888” on his car was the boss of Black Tiger Gang, while the legal license owner was actually Su Yuanchao. Yet, even then, no one dared to go out of their way and find trouble with the Black Tiger Gang or sue their boss!

Before I legally owned the “Song A 88888” license in Songjiang, many people here with good backgrounds hung the fake license plates with the same number on their cars. It was only after Songjiang’s underworld was unified by Three-Rock Gang that those people dared not use this license plate number anymore.

I also heard Ding Baosan mention one time that there was some business boss from outside the province who smuggled in a Hummer and hung on it the “Song A 88888” fake license number plate. That guy was said to have some background with the local underworld gangs. Originally, Ding Baosan didn’t know about his matter, but that boss wasn’t very law-abiding in their territory and brought his Hummer to the Provincial capital to show off.

After Ding Baosan’s subordinates saw him, they immediately reported to Ding Baosan. As soon as Ding Baosan heard about it, he was livid. That bastard actually dared use the license plate that belonged to their chief! Ding Baosan brought a dozen of his subordinates and directly smashed the Hummer into a dead horse.

The boss suffered a big loss and ran back to his city, and found the local underworld big boss there. He wanted that boss to avenge his loss. As a result, the boss asked him who did it. As soon as he heard it was done by the Three-Rock Gang, he immediately slapped that business boss to the ground and said while swearing, “If you wanna die, go die by yourself. Don’t involve me in this mess. Do you want to kill me and my entire family together with you?”

That gang was also part of a small gang under Three-Rock Gang, so their boss’s reaction was understandable.

As that boss stomached his suffering, he spread out the matter to relieve a bit of his grievance. The matter quickly spread in the inner circle of the rich and the underworld, and everyone knew the license plate belonged to Three-Rock Gang. Now, no one dared hang “Song A 88888” on their cars like before. Currently, many vehicles with 66666, 77777, 99999, etc. could be seen throughout the province, but there were no more with the 88888 hung on them.

Although Zhang Zhisong didn’t know all these matters, he did know that people who could use a license plate like this were certainly very prestigious. He felt a bit strange but didn’t dwell on the matter too much. He just thought my family might have ties with the Vehicle Management Office, and the local Traffic Police.

Just because he didn’t know didn’t mean others don’t know either. The Rolls Royce Zhang Zhisong rented had a fake license plate of “Song A 99999” hung on it. Out of curiosity, the driver had once asked his boss why he wouldn’t hang the 88888 license plate on such a luxurious car? The result was a thorough scolding from the boss for being too chatty! The driver had been stunned and bewildered by his boss’s reaction, so he later asked his friend and realized the truth.

When the driver saw the slowly approaching Mercedes Benz S600, he was shocked and then scared! He had heard that the 88888 license plate indeed hung on a Mercedes Benz S600. And it was impossible for anyone in Songjiang to be bold enough to use this license plate for themselves. Then, the only possibility was that the owner of this car was the legendary bigshot who had a great relationship with the Three-Rock Gang’s boss!

Before leaving, I had already told Zhang Zhisong that we were going to the Guobin Hotel. As the Guobin Hotel had become very famous in Songjiang, there wasn’t a need for me to lead the way. The driver was familiar with the Guobing hotel.

“Overtake them!” As Alice Yang saw me drive in the front, while her Rolls Royce was in the back, she felt disgruntled and shouted towards the driver.

For the past few days, I had been sitting in other people’s cars and hadn’t had the opportunity to drive, so it made me feel a little out of sorts, making me drive slowly and adapt to it. It wasn’t that the driver of the Rolls-Royce behind me didn’t want to surpass my car, he didn’t dare surpass my car! Who dares surpass the car in front! He knew his place. Just then, he heard Alice Yang yell at him, telling him to overtake the car in front. The driver just shook his head, and immediately said, “Overtake that vehicle? I am not tired of living yet!”

Listening to his words, Alice Yang had a ridiculous expression on her face as she said disdainfully, “Hmph! This young miss car races all day in the US, but is still living well!” She thought that the driver was afraid of the traffic rules, so he dared not overtake another car.

Yang Honghai knew his daughter’s disposition and could only shake his head helplessly. He had no way to right this daughter. She always thought of herself as above the others, looking down on them from her high pedestal. But Yang Honghai loved his daughter a lot, making him overlook these matters.

There was a saying, “Don’t fault a family if you can’t enter through their doors!” Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang were extraordinarily similar. Their meeting was a meeting of two minds made for each other. Both of them always had their nose to the sky, looking down on everyone else! {TL Note: If you can’t get along with people, it’s because you just aren’t made for them. Only those who are alike will be able to get along. [It was my interpretation and might not be correct. Heck, it might be completely wrong.] So, here you go, “不是一家人,不进一家门” If anyone knows what this means, do leave a comment so I can correct it!}