Volume 3 – Chapter 197: Airport Incident

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Chapter 12/12 for the week.

Although I wanted to touch her more, I didn’t have skin thick enough for it. I felt embarrassed about wanting to reach out to Wang Shu’s chest again. If I did, then what difference would there be between a rogue and me? {TL Note: Says the guy who “literally” raped a maiden and forced her into submission using her family! I just had to say this, ignore it!}

“Cough! Right, if Sawai Toji dares retaliate against you, you can find Little Ba. He will help you settle him!” In order to end the awkward atmosphere from going on, I quickly shifted the topic.

“Um,” Wang Shu nodded with her crimson face. In Wang Shu’s perspective, my sudden shift of topic was because of my care for her.

As I saw Wang Shu’s cute face that had turned into a crimson cloud, I wondered if the little girl had a fever?

“Hmm, it isn’t early, so I will leave first. I still need to prepare for the flight. You don’t need to send me off tomorrow. After you are done dealing with your family matters, you must go back to China and continue your studies!” I said.

“Of course!” Wang Shu nodded. Suddenly, she whispered to me lightly, “Then…we will still be good friends in the future?” {Tl Note: Good Friend 好 朋友 (Hao Pengyou)}

“Naturally!” I nodded. In my heart, I was thinking it would be better to remove the “Good (Hao)” word from it, that would be even better. However, I know I already have enough wives. Though I didn’t worry about having another wife, Zhao YanYan’s words made me hesitate. Whatever, I will let nature take its course! {TL Note: Removing ‘Hao’ from ‘Hao Pengyou’ leaves Pengyou that can also mean companion, partner (sexual)! Basically, he’s a…}

“Then, can I call you when I return to China?” Wang Shu thought about it and said. For the first time in her life, a boy had moved Wang Shu’s heart. She didn’t want to let go of this opportunity that she chanced upon through luck! She wanted to fight for her first love!

“Of course! Here, this is my phone number,” I took out my private card and handed it over to Wang Shu. Only my name and phone number were written on it. There were no positions or titles.

“Alright, then! I will call you as soon as I return to China! We will also go out to eat barbecue?” Wang Shu happily received the business card and said.

“No problem! At that time, it will be my treat. I guarantee to entertain the guests well!” I said with a nod.


Ding Wenfeng and I embarked on the journey to our homeland the next day!

Guo Qing and Heng Lujing Ba came to see us off at the airport.

“Boss Ba! That’s the guy! Teach him a lesson and get my documents back!” Just as Ding Wenfeng and I entered the airport, we came across a group of people headed by Sawai Toji.

The black men around Sawai Toji immediately rushed towards me as soon as they heard his orders.

“Stop!” Heng Lujing Ba immediately stepped in their way, and shouted while raising his hand, “What’s the matter, what’s happening here!” Although Heng Lujing Ba didn’t know who the men in black were, he was sure they must be from the Three-Rock Group.

“Boss!” Though Heng Lujing Ba didn’t know them, it didn’t mean they didn’t recognize him either. As soon as they saw Heng Lujing Ba appear before them so suddenly, they immediately changed their attitudes to humility.

“What’s the matter?” Heng Lujing Ba said in anger. His own subordinates dared to rush over to the Big Boss at the airport in front of the Boss to teach him a lesson. Wasn’t this just asking for their own deaths?

“Boss…He wants us to deal…teach a lesson to this gentleman…” one of the black-clothed men explained.

“Mr. Liu, how should we deal with this matter?” Heng Lujing Ba asked with a smile as he was afraid I would vent my anger on him. As for calling me Mr. Liu, I had instructed him to do so. Whenever I hear the words Big Boss from him, it makes me feel uncomfortable.

“Hmm, how to deal with this matter? I don’t want to see this man in the future!” I said faintly. I don’t want to leave such a troublesome b a s t a r d for Wang Shu. I know Heng Lujing Ba would understand what I meant, otherwise, he wouldn’t be qualified for his current position.

And indeed, Heng Lujing Ba’s expression sank as he understood what I meant. He immediately told his subordinates who had followed him here, “Bring that guy back to the headquarters together with those guys and deal with him. Make sure to find a burial place!”

Those few subordinates nodded and immediately walked over to Sawai Toji, apprehending him. As the other black-clothed men saw their Boss was angry, although they had some good relationships with Sawai Toji, they knew better to not anger their Boss, so immediately drew a line between themselves and him. To prove their loyalty, one of them immediately came forward and chopped at Sawai Toji’s neck, sending him into a faint state, dragging him away from the airport.

For a man like this, there was no pity in my heart. Although sentencing him to death with a few words was a bit too excessive, I know that one must ‘nip the evil in its bud, lest it comes back to haunt you.’

It was just too normal to kill people in Heng Lujing Ba’s eyes. He didn’t care much about the matter. What he cared about was whether I would vent my anger on him and his subordinates? As he saw I had no intention of making things difficult for him, his smile immediately returned to his face.

I hugged Guo Qing, and there was no need to say any words. Both of us, however, could feel each other’s sincerity, our deep friendship, and our brotherly love. Except for always being together when we were in Highschool, both of us have always been busy with our careers. He had to develop his Underworld Gang, while I had to build my own empire for my women. The two of us rarely meet each other now, and whenever we meet, we separate in a hurry. Oftentimes, there are always some outsiders present with us, and we rarely get some time to truly get together by ourselves and talk to each other. So, this simple hug was full of our support and care for each other.

We separated after a short hug. After all, it was a little too much for two grown-up men to hug for a long time. Who knew people might think we were gay!


On the plane, I could still remember the feeling of Wang Shu’s soft chest from the cafe yesterday. It was true that Wang Shu’s chest wasn’t the biggest of all the woman I have had relationships with, but her chest was the one that felt the best. Could it be possible because none of my wives are wildflowers like her? {TL Note: His wives aren’t adventurous enough…}

There’s also Aoi Yuka. I had the thought of coming back for her, but it seemed unlikely with her youth idol profession.

Near the airport, a yellow-colored Toyota race car stopped on the roadside. As Wang Shu looked towards the plane that flew in the sky, she was thinking. Why didn’t he let me see him off? Does he like me, or does he not have any feelings for me at all?

Then, why did he caress and fondle me there yesterday? He also kneaded twice…Could it be unintentional?

Ah! Wang Shu sighed. It seemed that she had fallen for him thoroughly.

Wang Shu turned around and entered her car. She looked at the phone number he left with some hidden bitterness as her heart fluttered off to the unknown……