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“Can you tell me your name?” Aoi Yuka asked before leaving.

“Liu Lei,” I thought for a bit and felt there was no need to hide it from her, “If you want revenge, you are welcome to find me any time!”

“Liu Lei,” Aoi Yuka repeated to herself. After that, she covered her mystical and sacred places and limply walked outside. Stopping a taxi, she got on it and quickly left.

“Boss, what did you do to her?” Guo Qing looked towards the direction Aoi Yuka left and asked me with a lascivious expression.

“Nothing,” I shook my head. I probably won’t see her ever again. Ah! I wonder what would happen if her fans found out that their favorite idol made love with me.

Just as I returned to the headquarters of Three-Rock Gang by car, my phone started to ring. I picked up the phone and looked at the number. I couldn’t help but stare at it. Unexpectedly, it was Ding Wenfeng’s number that got stolen!

“Hello?” I quickly picked up the phone.

“Liu Lei, it’s me, Wang Shu!” From the receiver, Wang Shu’s tired voice drifted into my ears.

“Wang Shu, where are you?” I was so excited that I almost dropped the telephone in my hands.

“I am at home!” Wang Shu replied.

“You are at home? How did you arrive home?” After listening to her, I was remarkably amazed! Wang Shu was home, how could she be at home?

“What? Is there something wrong with me being at home?” Wang Shu asked.

“Weren’t you kidnapped?” I blurted out.

“Kidnapped?” Wang Shu said to me, “You knew about it?”

“I know everything! All I don’t know is how to ask you just what the hell is going on? How did you run out of there?” I asked in a hurry.

“Oh, it isn’t something that I can describe over the phone in a short while! So, I will pick you up from your hotel after half an hour; then I will tell you everything in person!” Wang Shu said.

“I am not at the hotel right now. You tell me your address. I will come to pick you up!” Who knows if Sawai Toji already found out that I didn’t transfer a cent to his account? What if the dog jumped the wall out of desperation and tried to harm Wang Shu again. Being a bit careful would do me no harm!

“Alright, I live at…” Wang Shu told me her address. Although I wasn’t familiar with the place she told me about, I had Heng Lujing Ba to lead the way for me. Ten minutes later, we arrived at the address she gave us and stopped before the gate of a villa.

After Wang Shu saw me, a smile appeared on her face as she ran over to the van and boarded.

Heng Lujing Ba drove a big car, so even after Wang Shu entered, it wasn’t crowded at all.

After Wang Shu boarded the car, she saw Ding Wenfeng, and said to him somewhat embarrassedly, “Um…Big brother Ding, I am sorry! I didn’t know it was you yesterday, and so I made you faint…”

As we heard Wang Shu’s words, both Ding Wenfeng and I were stunned!

So that’s what transpired. Wang Shu had been shut in the basement by Sawai Toji, and when the door opened after a short time, she had thought it was Sawai Toji who had come down. As he was hostile towards her, so she immediately hid behind a wooden cabinet in the corner. But the unexpected thing was that instead of Sawai Toji, another group of people entered the basement, and they had the same goal as Sawai Toji, to lock a person in the basement!

Wang Shu was afraid to be found out by them, so she didn’t dare make a single sound, or come out from behind the cabinet and remained safe as a result. Not much time had passed since that group of people left and another group of people savagely broke into the basement and took away the person who was just locked away.

Wang Shu held her breath and tried to not make any sound. After waiting for a while and confirming that all those people had left, Wang Shu rushed towards the basement door in an attempt to run away. Just when she arrived before the basement door, Wang Shu heard some movements on the other side of the door.

In the midst of an emergency, Wang Shu tried to think of a countermeasure and remembered she had a self-defense spray she always carried on her. As soon as the person arrived at the door, she immediately sprayed it towards the gate…

After the man fell to the ground, only then did Wang Shu discovered that the man was Ding Wenfeng, the Chinese man who came with me on the plane. Although Wang Shu was embarrassed, it was going to take a while for the effects of the spray to wear of, so Wang Shu had no way to wake Ding Wenfeng.

As for Ding Wenfeng’s phone, when Ding Wenfeng fell on the floor, his phone also fell out of his pocket. Wang Shu’s phone had been broken, so after thinking for a while, she picked up Ding Wenfeng’s mobile phone and wanted to call me and tell me about the incident. Finally, after running out of the building, she discovered that the phone had no charging left!

Wang Shu decided to go home and charge the phone so she could give me a call. Ding Wenfeng and my phone had been bought from the Telecom Bureau before we came here, so the models were the same. As Wang Shu had also bought the same model of phone, she had the charger for it.

As soon as she got home, Wang Shu plugged the charger to the phone and lay down on the sofa. The fatigue from the travel all day, the barbecue at the beach, coupled with her shocking kidnapping and the events that followed, Wang Shu fell asleep.

When she woke up, it was already ten o’clock in the morning. Wang Shu rushed to turn on the phone and immediately called me…

After listening to Wang Shu’s explanation, I could only smile helplessly. It turned out that all my anxiousness was for naught yesterday! As for the second person who was locked in the basement, it was definitely Aoi Yuka!

That Changfeng Boss was probably the most unlucky guy in the entire incident as he was bombed flat by me and died in vain. I will just think of him as collateral damage. Although I saved Aoi Yuka, she was the one who suffered the losses as I slept with her. For good or for evil, she was a miracle of a woman living in Japan yet still a virgin! {TL Note: Can anyone tell me if Japan really doesn’t have virgin maidens!}

I also introduced Guo Qing and Heng Lujing Ba to Wang Shu. After thinking about the matter, I decided to be blunt about the identity of Heng Lujing Ba. After all, Wang Shu’s family run a business in Suwon city, so knowing Heng Lujing Ba, the local snake in this place would make things a lot easier for her family and their business.

“Wang Shu, this guy here is Heng Lujing Ba, leader of Three-Rock Group Branch in Suwon City,” I introduced him to Wang Shu. {TL Note: Group, to make them look like people of Culture!}

“Ah?!” Wang Shu was shocked to hear this. When she had just returned to Japan, she had heard from her parents that the local underworld Gangs had been replaced by a Triad known as Three-Rock Group. She never expected me to be familiar with the in charge of a triad group.

“Hehe, no need to feel scared of him. Actually, he is a very kind guy, and later you can call him…… Hmm, yeah call him Li’l Ba, or just call him Xiao Ba?” I said with a smile.

“Righ, Miss Wang! If you have any matters in the Suwon City in the future, you can directly contact me. Here, please receive my business card!” Heng Lujing Ba nodded, trying to smile charmingly, and presented his business card to Wang Shu. Now that he knew that Big Boss had a relationship with this woman, he would certainly not miss this opportunity to kiss ass and flaunt his loyalty.

Wang Shu saw him with an awkward look, and couldn’t associate him with the legendary underworld bosses, and simply took the business card with a smile. How would she know that Heng Lujing Ba would only look harmonious in front of people above him!