Volume 3 – Chapter 194: The Unlucky Aoi Yuka (Uncensored)

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“You dare!” Aoi Yuka glared at me and said, “Do you believe if you dared do that to me, then I will make sure you can’t live in this country again!”

“Thank you for your kindness, but I wasn’t going to stay either! I am a Chinese!” I sneered. This girl had the same tone as people from the underworld. Where did she look like an idol singer!

“Chinese?” Aoi Yuka looked towards me with scorn and said, “Don’t try to fool me, I have heard you Chinese are very poor. Moreover, you all are greedy for money. You certainly kidnapped me because of my family background! Tell me, how much do you want, as long as it isn’t outrageous, I will give you the money!”

Did this woman take me for a beggar?! I was already fuming, and now, this Aoi Yuka crossed my bottom line. I had heard that the Japanese were arrogant but never expected for them to be so arrogant.

Chinese are poor and greedy? What kind of fantasies was she having? Let alone Japan, China’s Shuguang was ranked first in the world, yet she actually dared say these words.

I tore apart all of Aoi Yuka’s clothes, stripping her bare before me!

“Wha~ What are you doing?” Aoi Yuka looked towards me with horror, “I am telling you, my family is very powerful in Japan. They won’t let you off if you do anything to me!”

If she had asked for mercy at this time, I might have let her go. But her threat made me even more determined to give her a life lesson!

“My little darling, don’t be willful you serve me well and make me happy, I might even help your family rise to the skies! If I am not happy, then your family won’t have a good time! Don’t doubt my word, as you are free to try!” I coldly said while removing her bra.

Fuck! Japanese women sure were busty. Her tits didn’t even fit in my hands.

If it was during normal times, I would never have done something like this. But the continuous anxiety and worry made my mind unstable. Plus the words said by Aoi Yuka almost made me go crazy!

I didn’t care about how Aoi Yuka felt, and only vented on her body, thrusting and pumping her, blaming Wang Shu’s disappearance on her. Looking at the tears and her painful expression, mixed with her moans and groans, I had an unprecedented feeling of thrill!

An hour later, I left Ao You Xiang’s messed up and exhausted. Her vagina was swollen with a bloody redness.

I didn’t have any mercy nor any gentle feelings for the fairer sex. Pointing towards her, I said coldly, “Clean up and change!”

Aoi Yuka’s just stared absent-mindedly, turning a deaf ear to my words.

“Haven’t you heard what I said?” I couldn’t control my impulses. As I saw her not respond to my words, I pulled out my phone and called Uncle Zhao, “Tell the Japanese Branch Head to purchase all shares of the Aoi Enterprises! If he lacks money, then send it over from the Headquarters!”

Uncle Zhao didn’t ask what I wanted to do, immediately putting my words into action.

As Aoi Yuka heard my words, she turned her face towards me and looked into my eyes, as if saying she didn’t believe my words, that I won’t be able to frighten her.

I didn’t say anything and opened the laptop on the side table. Running the stock software, I brought it before Aoi Yuka and said, “Look for yourself!”

Aoi Yuka didn’t pay much attention to it at first, but the more she looked the graver her expression became. Less than half an hour after I opened the laptop, the trading volume of various stocks held by Aoi Enterprise flared up, quickly rushing beyond the upper limit.

At this time, she realized that my words weren’t a hoax and felt disturbed in her heart, looking at me through the corner of her eye. She was the clearest about the stock circulation value of Aoi Enterprises. To buy such a massive amount of their stock, one would need an astronomical sum of money. It was obvious that the other party didn’t care about all this. After the quota reached the upper limit, it was sealed and didn’t open again! {TL Note: https://bit.ly/2JpOSav Stock Limits.}

Aoi Yuka was the princess of the Aoi Family, born with a golden spoon in her mouth. She always had what she wanted since an early age. Even after she entered the entertainment industry, her carrier sailed smoothly with the backing of her family’s financial resources. It could be said that she was blessed by Heaven.

Although the social norms of Japan were very open, a respected family like the Aoi Family gave strict education to their daughters, and Aoi Yuka wasn’t an exception. Let alone go to bed with a man, it wasn’t even allowed to fall in love with one. It was one of the reasons she never had a scandal regarding her even when she could bloat half the sky in the entertainment industry.

But now, all the feelings of superiority and self-esteem Aoi Yuka had, disappeared. Now that she thought about it, I could blow up a factory without having any scruples, and transfer such a large sum of money to acquire the stock of Aoi Enterprise with a word. Such powerful moves let Aoi Yuka’s arrogance fade away immediately as she resisted the pain in her lower body and timidly crawled over to me, climbing up a bit and burying her head in my crotch…

A feeling of refreshment flooded my heart as my blood rushed in excitement. As soon as she saw the Divine Spear immediately get erect and the thick smell assailed her nose, Aoi Yuka was scared by it. Aoi Yuka, however, quickly calmed down, taking the spear in her mouth and served me gently. Aoi Yuka was afraid that I would want to fuck her again. Her vagina was already swollen and it was impossible for her to bear if I thrust and came inside her again. She felt that I would break her!

I looked at Aoi Yuka’s expression and felt pity and sympathy for her in my heart. Her swollen cave and the red blood lotus on the bed were proof that the girl had been a virgin! It was a miracle in Japan!

However, I immediately remembered her arrogant expression and disdainful tone, and the only meager sympathy and pity I had for her immediately disappeared into nothing…

“Cough…Cough…Cough!” The sudden burst from my cock caught Aoi Yuka unprepared. Her mouth, throat, and face were full of my cum, but she didn’t dare show the slightest dissatisfaction.

Fuck! The women in Japan are really cool, even willing to accept something like this! If I had done something like this to Zhao YanYan, the chick would fight me desperately! Yet Aoi Yuka wasn’t even dazed nor did she have a dissatisfied expression!

To put it bluntly, I was still a kind man. As I saw Aoi Yuka’s appearance, I couldn’t bear it anymore. Although she was somewhat arrogant, she wasn’t the only arrogant girl. Meng QingQing was like that in the beginning as well, but I am now very close to her. The only issue regarding Aoi Yuka was the country she was born in, making me give up on her in my heart. I will just remember her as someone I met in my heart.

Forget it, I will just consider it all as giving her a lesson, letting her not be very arrogant in the future and get herself in trouble! Although I really liked the feeling of having a female sex slave, if I really brought her back home, it will certainly cause an uproar in my harem. So, I only thought about it and let the matter go!

I called Uncle Zhao and told him to sell the stocks in his hand back. The stock of Aoi Enterprises that had just hit the upper limit for buying, again hit the upper limit for selling, making Aoi Yuka want to cry but have no tears.

However, it was still much better than being controlled as a slave, and Aoi Yuka understood it!