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From the 16th floor to the basement, it would take at most 10 minutes even if Ding Wenfeng took the stairs. Sawai Toji and I have been discussing the matter of shares for more than half an hour, how could Ding Wenfeng not be here yet? Even if he didn’t want to come up, he should have at least given me a call.

I hurriedly took out my phone and dialed Ding Wenfeng’s number. ‘Sorry, the number you dialed is turned off!’

It was impossible! Speaking of it reasonably, Ding Wenfeng would never turn off his phone. I couldn’t help but look towards Sawai Toji with suspicion. The guy was busy immersing himself in the dreams of being a billionaire. As soon as he saw me looking towards him, he immediately said, “Big Brother, do you need anything else?”

“Did you place anyone in the basement for an ambush?” I asked.

“No, it was only my confidant who brought Wang Shu and locked her there. You already beat him to…” Sawai Toji didn’t know about the life and death of his confidant, so he didn’t dare to say ‘death.’ But now, his confidant’s life and death had nothing to do with him. With all the money he had now, his life got set!

As I listened to him, I arrived at the side of his confidant and kicked him. The confidant had already woken up, but as he saw me walk over to him, he thought I was going to beat him harder, so he hurried to lay still on the ground, pretending to feign death.

As I saw him not having any movement even after my kick, I lifted my foot and smashed this guy’s crotch…

“Ah!!!” With a scream as loud as a pig getting butchered, the confidant jumped three feet high. With his hands covering his broken thing, he jumped around the room, groaning in pain.

At this time, Sawai Toji already regarded me as his ancestor and naturally had no interest in the confidant. The shares were transferred, and he got his money. Now, the company or any of its employees had nothing to do with him. Seeing the funny appearance of his former confidant jumping around the house like a big ape, Sawai Toji couldn’t help but laugh ‘Hahaha.’

The ‘confidant no more’ was angry in his heart, but he dared not speak in the fear that I might beat him again, so all he could do was shut his mouth and glare towards Sawai Toji malevolently.

“Motherf***er, who are you glaring at!” As Sawai Toji saw his confidant now glaring towards him, he felt uncomfortable, as if a beast was staring at him.

“Sawai Toji, you f**king  b a s t a r d! If not for me helping you in the beginning, would you even have been able to take control of the company! Heh, now that you have got the ticket to Heaven, you ignore my life and death, laughing at me, ridiculing me. Mother f***er, even if I am going to die today, I will pull the rug under your feet as well!” As the confidant heard Sawai Toji’s words, he couldn’t help but have his anger rise through the roof as he thought of the past, and what was happening now. The confidant was desperate to tear Sawai Toji apart!

With some fear, Sawai Toji moved back a bit. He was afraid of this confident going mad and killing him together with himself. Sawai Toji had just gotten a heck load of money to spend for a lifetime; if he died here without spending anything, it would be a tragedy!

“Alright!” I grabbed the confidant from his collar, and pulled him back, “Even if you are desperate to deal with him, wait a while to do it. But…if you don’t answer my questions honestly, I am afraid…you will lose your life right here!”

The confidant knew I wasn’t joking and would really do it, so he naturally didn’t dare open his mouth. He dared to be arrogant against Sawai Toji but dared not strut before me. It was what happened when the disparity between the two people’s strength was too big. Even if one fought desperately, they would only be courting death.

“Yes, yes! Please ask whatever you want from me, I will certainly reply honestly!” The confidant said respectfully.

“Then let me ask. Were you the one who locked Wang Shu in the basement?” I thought for a moment and asked the confidant.

“Yes, yes, yes! It was me. Here, this is the key!” Saying this, the confidant pulled out a bunch of keys from his pocket and handed them over to me.

“There’s no one else in the basement?” I asked while taking the keys from him.

“No, none!” The confidant shook his head.

“Good, I will go and take a look now. If Wang Shu was missing even a hair of hers, you two better prepare your funerals!” I let the confidant go, turned around, and left the office.

I could hear the sounds of thrashing and smashing objects from behind me. It seemed that the confidant wasn’t very satisfied with Sawai Toji’s actions, and was now dealing with him. And sure enough, I could also hear Sawai Toji’s screams.

I didn’t have the time to pay any attention to these two fools and immediately rushed down the stairs, straight to the basement. I wasn’t anxious to rush inside when I arrived before the basement, instead, I perked up my ear and listened for any sounds intently. After I determined there was nothing unusual, I entered the basement.

The basement door was slightly open, and the door lock had been destroyed violently.

Could it be that Ding Wenfeng had already rescued Wang Shu and brought her away already in fear that I might steal his credit? That brat was indeed lustful, but not that pathetic!

For no reason, my heart skipped a beat and a bad premonition welled up in my mind.

As I pushed open the door of the basement, a foul stench assailed my senses. It appeared that the basement hadn’t been cleaned for a long time. As I thought how the pretty and cute Wang Shu was locked in a filthy place like this, my hatred for Sawai Toji deepened even more.

There weren’t any lights in the basement, but I could clearly see everything due to my Special Abilities. Some broken tables and chairs were stacked together, and in the corner, there were some inexplicable filthy things. As I passed the tattered gates and entered the basement, I was shocked a bit as I discovered a person lying down in the middle of the basement.

I hastily ran over to the body. As soon as I came near, unexpectedly, the one lying on the floor was Ding Wenfeng!

“Ding Wenfeng!” I squatted down and checked for his breathing. Fortunately, he was breathing normally, and there should be no major problems with him. I roughly checked the condition of his body and found no injuries, nor were there any signs of a struggle or a fight. I couldn’t understand just what happened to him?

I massaged Ding Wenfeng’s temples and some acupoints, using some Spiritual Energy in the process. Soon, Ding Wenfeng woke up.

“Wha~ What happened? Wang Shu, where’s Wang Shu?” As soon as Ding Wenfeng woke up, I asked him quickly.

“There were some people, and they used anesthetics……” these were the first words Ding Wenfeng said as soon as he woke up.

“Anesthetics!” Just what happened? The confidant hadn’t said anything about using anesthetics or the likes! It was impossible for him to lie to me in that situation!

“When I arrived down here, I saw that the door lock had been destroyed. At that time, I didn’t care too much about it and hurriedly ran in. As soon as I rushed in, I felt there was someone to the side. Before I could react, I was sla~ and felt a strange smell rush to my brain through my nose, and then~ I can’t remember……” Ding Wenfeng’s face was red with embarrassment. It was reasonable to say that his skills were one of the best, yet he got himself slapped in the face, and even forgot what had happened!

I didn’t ridicule him as it wasn’t time for that, “Why is your phone not working?”

“Phone? Isn’t it working? I didn’t turn it off though!” Ding Wenfeng said as he touched his pocket. Only then did he realize his phone had disappeared. He quickly got alert and started to look all around for his phone.

“No need to look. Whoever attacked you must have brought it away with them. Maybe, they will contact us through your phone!” I thought about the matter and said.