Volume 3 – Chapter 184: Barbecue Under the Moonlight

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

Wang Shu set the barbecue grill on the beach, skillfully put in the charcoal, and then covered it with an iron mesh. Suddenly, she thought of something and went back to the car, opened the car’s back and searched around a bit. Fiercely slamming it shut, she stood beside the car with a pensive look.

I looked at Wang Shu, feeling puzzled by her actions, “What’s wrong? What were you looking for?”

“Oh, Right!” Wang Shu heard my words and quickly turned towards me. With her eyes full of hope, she asked, “Do you smoke?”

“Smoke? I don’t smoke? Why? You were looking for a cigarette?” I asked her strangely.

“No, not a cigarette! I wanted to ask if you have a lighter! I forgot to bring a match!” Wang Shu replied anxiously.

“Sorry, I don’t smoke, so I don’t have a lighter!” I shook my head and said to her.

“Sigh! It seems like I will have to drive back and get a match!” Wang Shu said as her mood became dejected, “Forget it. Just wait for me here; I will drive back and buy a box of matches!”

“Oh, no need to go back. I will think of something,” I remembered when Chen Wei’er, and I got stuck on an isolated island; I had used a mobile phone battery to start a fire. I could also start a flame with my Special Powers, but how was I going to explain it to Wang Shu? {TL Note: Liu Lei and Chen Wei’er fell down a mountain during their school trip. They survived and arrived on an isolated island where he deflowered Chen Wei’er. Lighting a fire with a phone – V1C116 https://bit.ly/2Ngify3}

“Do you even have a way? How are you going to start a fire? By boring a hole in a piece of wood? Just like the ancient people!” Wang Shu said while looking towards me strangely.

“That’s also an option!” I smiled and stood up, thinking about how to start a fire without making Wang Shu suspicious about my abilities! Suddenly, I thought of something and smacked my forehead. It was such a simple matter, yet I wanted to use my Special Powers. Didn’t we already have a cigarette lighter in the car? {TL Note: Yeah, cars have a lighter: https://bit.ly/2uldMU5}

Wang Shu was a girl, so she probably didn’t pay attention to it, and I neglected it as I have already quit smoking in this life. But in my previous life, I used to light cigarettes with the lighter in my car!

I found a piece of wrapping paper from the supermarket stuff and jumped into Wang Shu’s car.

“What are you doing?” Wang Shu saw me hop into her car and thought I was going to the supermarket for the matches. Immediately, she exclaimed towards me, “Are you going back? Don’t go by yourself! I am afraid of the dark!”

“Oh…” I smiled and said to her, “You think I am as stupid as you! There are cigarette lighters in the car. Why would we need to go back and buy matches!” I said as I opened the cigarette lighter receptive inside Wang Shu’s car and inserted the wrapping paper. Although the heat produced by the lighter wasn’t little, it still wouldn’t be able to burn a wrapping paper in a short while. Even after a while, it barely produced small sparks on the corner of that piece of paper.

I felt anxious and honestly wanted to use my Special Powers, but Wang Shu was staring towards me nervously.

“Wang Shu, you go to the barbecue grill and arrange everything. Hurry!” I thought of a reason to send Wang Shu away.

As soon as Wang Shu walked away, I used my Special Powers on the wrapping paper, making it immediately light up with a flame.

I saw that Wang Shu had arranged the grill, so I immediately exited the car and rushed over to her, throwing the burning wrapping paper into the charcoal.

After a while, the charcoal slowly caught on fire. Wang Shu’s eyes were full of admiration as she looked towards me and said, “I never expected you to know so much. Hehe, today, I have learned something new from you! Next time I go out to barbecue, I won’t have to worry about forgetting the match!”

I said in my heart, ‘Yeah, you don’t need to bring a match only if you are going to go out for a barbecue with me!’

However, on the surface, I said to her, “Yeah, but this is only a temporary method as a last resort! Next time you go out for barbecue, you should not forget to bring along a matchbox!”

“No, I won’t bring one; I will have you bring one!” Wang Shu said excitedly and started to place the fresh ingredients on the burning mesh of the grill.

Listening to her say that I needed to come together with her next time, I thought there wasn’t a need to bring the matches either. I can make a fire with my Special Powers!

I also started to help Wang Shu put the meat, scallops, fish and the like on the wire mesh. Wang Shu happily hummed a song, took the spices, and began to apply them on the barbecue.

The flame rose and produced crackling sound with a burst of blue smoke. Soon after, the food was ready and the aroma of the barbecue mixed with the smell of the charcoal, spreading in the air, whetting our appetite….

First, Wang Shu put prawns on the mesh and roasted them for a while. After Wang Shu grilled the prawns, she sorted them and picked one from the wired mesh, handing it to me, “Here, these are grilled! You taste them first and let me know if they taste good!”

I took the prawn and shoved away its hot shell. I had only brought half of it in my mouth, yet the soft and yummy food immediately increased my appetite. It was utterly delicious!

Either I was too hungry, or the prawns personally roasted by Wang Shu were remarkably delicious; they tasted even better than the ones we had in that big restaurant yesterday!

I peeled off the shell from the remaining prawn in my hand and reached it towards Wang Shu before me, and said to her, “Open your mouth, Ahn! It tastes very fresh. You should check it out!”

Wang Shu looked towards the shrimp before her. Her face felt hot and became red as if suffering from fever. A strange feeling of affection and palpitations welled up in her heart. She didn’t know what that feeling was, but it felt marvelous, sweet, and enjoyable, exciting her.

Even though Wang Shu was already a big girl, it was still her first time being alone like this with a boy. She didn’t feel anything before, but now, her heart was jumping and hopping around like a fawn that knew no direction. It was a plus that it was dark right now, and the faint light produced by the flame was also red, helping Wang Shu hide the embarrassment on her face. With her particularly beautiful face, she looked towards me.

Wang Shu calmed her heart and opened her mouth, watching me stuff the prawn through into her little mouth. Really delicious, Wang Shu thought while eating.

By this time, most of the food on the wire mesh had been grilled. Both Wang Shu and I were already hungry. With our stomachs rumbling, we started to eat the food.

In the beginning, Wang Shu was still eating with like a virtuous woman. But soon afterward, she grabbed the food with both hands and started to stuff herself, not giving any thoughts to the table manners.

‘Although these things are delicious, why aren’t they as good as the shrimp he fed me before,’ Wang Shu secretly thought about it. Looking up, she saw me eating quickly without complaining about her table manners, Wang Shu felt sweet and warm in her heart. She was very happy. It was as if all her worries had flown away, and there wasn’t anything besides this moment. She wanted the time to stop and the moment to become eternal.

I threw away a scallop shell in my hand when I saw Wang Shu staring towards me in a daze, so I said to her, “Wang Shu, what happened? Is there anything wrong?”

“Ah! No… nothing. I was just thinking how you could eat so fast!” Wang Shu said while getting flustered.

I couldn’t see Wang Shu’s expression in the dark, so I simply explained, “I have been wandering around with you for an entire day. I have been starving like a ghost, so I would naturally eat faster!”

“Then you should eat more, we still have a lot of it!” Wang Shu said and started to add more food to the wire mesh.