Volume 3 – Chapter 176: In Japan

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

“Umm…” As I got my luggage and was about to leave, Wang Shu hesitated a bit and then said to me, “We should exchange contact, so when you have a problem in Japan, you can tell me about it. I will help you!”

Women, that’s how they were. The more you treat them with indifference; the more they get curious about you.

It seemed like she wouldn’t let me go, so I said, “Wait, my telephone number is… Hmm, what was it? Let me look,” I took out the slip with the phone number assigned to me by the telecommunication bureau from my pocket and gave it to Wang Shu.

Wang Shu saved my number in her phone and dialed it. Only when my telephone rang was she satisfied.

As Ding Wenfeng saw me and Wan Shu chat, his eyes turned red with envy. Walking over to me, he said, “Liu Lei, what are you doing?”

“Oh, so you are called Liu Lei!” Wang Shu cried in excitement. She acted as if she had stumbled upon some world-shaking secret.

I looked towards Ding Wenfeng with contempt! This guy, he was the typical guy who couldn’t take others being chummy with girls before him. Really trying this antic to talk with Wang Shu!

However, it appeared Wang Shu wasn’t very willing to talk to him. She said a few perfunctory words to him, but her attention was still on me though.

Ding Wenfeng tried to chat for a while, but he realized that Wang Shu had no interest in him, and only inquired me about myself, he got bored. Saying goodbye to her, he left the plane with me. {TL NOTE: He was getting his luggage placed inside the plane. Small bags and the like.}

I thought the matter would have ended, but the moment I left the airport, I saw that young man sitting beside me followed by four men in black. As soon as he saw me coming out, the young man pointed towards me and yelled in Japanese, “That’s him. He is the one who ruined this Young Master’s business. Go, help me teach him a lesson!” {TL NOTE: The young man is referring to himself as Young Master.}

Looking at me, the several men walked towards me.

“F u c k, we couldn’t be encountering the legendary ‘Robbery,’ right?” As Ding Wenfeng couldn’t understand Japanese, he didn’t know what the young man said. Instead, he thought we were going to be robbed.

I smiled and shook my head. I hadn’t expected this guy to be a pest, actually meeting him outside the airport. It appeared a fight was inevitable.

“Go on. They are barely enough for a warm-up,” I said to Ding Wenfeng.

“Small matter, we can get two people each!” Ding Wenfeng didn’t care at all and nodded towards me.

The result was obvious. The four men weren’t a match for me and Ding Wenfeng. Just after a few moments, the four were rolling on the ground, moaning in pain.

“Let’s go, the police is rushing over,” I said to Ding Wenfeng. At that time, I could see the Airport Security Maintenance team rushing towards the scene. I didn’t want to get involved in their hassle and immediately left together with Ding Wenfeng.

When we left, the young man didn’t dare to stop us. He merely shouted at us about his family background and let us leave.

It was obvious he didn’t want to make the matter big, so he only said a few words when the Airport Security arrived and left as well.

“What happened?” Ding Wenfeng seemed to recall what happened. He could tell the group of people appeared to be after me.

“Nothing big. That brat was sitting beside me on the plane. I just taught him a lesson to help Wang Shu. Didn’t expect he would remember me and come for trouble the moment we left the airport,” I said.

“The f u c k! You actually made me fight for a matter that you caused!” Ding Wenfeng felt annoyed because he didn’t get to show off before Wang Shu.

“I didn’t think you could hit people so well. The two men were already lying on the ground after a short beating,” I said.

“Haha, now that you talk about it, I didn’t get to play enough. I really want to fight a bit more!” Ding Wenfeng laughed.

We found the hotel arranged for the contest according to the address on the invitation. The hotel facilities didn’t appear bad. Once we entered the hotel, the organizer came to us and said to us in English, “Hello, sirs. This hotel has already been reserved. If you need accommodation, please visit another hotel! Thank You!”

We handed him our invitation to the competition. Looking towards the invitation, the man smiled and said, “Please follow me. We need to first register your information. After that, we will arrange your room.”

Arriving in our room, I and Ding Wenfeng put down our luggage. Looking at the time on my watch, it was only 2 in the afternoon. As it was still early, Ding Wenfeng proposed we go out to have a look around.

I didn’t want to stay in the hotel all time either, so I agreed. Ding Wenfeng took his camera and credit card before leaving with me. I naturally needed not to bring anything. Ding Wenfeng had promised to bear all the expenses we incur. As for the price he got, he had to spend the entire flight with that smelly, fat woman!

When we left the hotel, the staff handed us the hotel’s contact information and business card. The contact number was to be used in case we lost our way outside.

In fact, I didn’t need their information. The handheld computer I owned had a built-in GPS, allowing me to know my location at all times. But I still received the business card politely and thanked them. After all, they only did it for our sake.

Japan was quite prosperous and made me have a favorable impression of the country. There were many bustling shops in the streets and lanes. I had been here several times in my past life, so I didn’t feel anything. But Ding Wenfeng had never been to Japan before. The guy kept on taking photos of everything in excitement.

What surprised me were the street signs on both sides of the street, and the LED displays. Most of the ads being displayed on the screen were of Shuguang, East Asian Motion, and Su Industries.

I couldn’t help but feel ridiculous. In my past life, Japan was the leader of digital products. But now, the Su Industry was monopolizing the market with their Digital Cameras, DVDs, and LCD products.

The heavy-duty engines were also replaced by East Asian Motion engines.

A sense of pride arose in my heart. My rebirth had brought massive changes to the present world and its future. Although the political situation of the world was still the same as in my previous life, the business pattern had changed. Almost all high-tech giants were now from China and the behind-the-scenes boss of all these giants was me alone!

After a long time, Ding Wenfeng was tired so we found a good restaurant and went inside.

“Welcome, sirs! What might you like to take?” The waiter brought a menu and said to us politely.

“Let me see first!” I replied in fluent Japanese. As he heard me, Ding Wenfeng was stunned. He hadn’t expected I could speak so fluently, so he complained, “Couldn’t you tell me earlier that you knew Japanese? Here I was, fretting over how I could get someone to lead me to the AV industry. I wanted to see the filming scenes and take some photographs but couldn’t because I don’t know Japanese!”