Volume 3 – Chapter 174: The Unlucky Ding Wenfeng

Translator: Ahmad Shahzad
Editor: Dragneel

The team that sent me off and the team that sent off Ding Wenfeng had a stark contrast between them.

The only one who came to send off Ding Wenfeng was Wang Jin, Ding Wenfeng’s servant. But the ones to send me off were Zhao YanYan and all other girls, Chu Gao, Huang Wenjing, and the other dormitory friends. Xu Er was also present, with a dignified expression as if a brave soldier ready to go on a campaign he will never return.

“Why are you all acting sentimental like this, it’s not like I am never going to return!” I said with a smile.

When I and Ding Wenfeng entered the airport and passed through the security, I heard some cheers. Unexpectedly, the one to cheer the loudest was Zhao YanYan.

“Ah! Finally, we can now drive to our heart’s content. Now, there isn’t anyone to restrain us!”

The other girls also followed her lead. If I wasn’t walking carefully, I might have fallen to the ground. Damn! What kind of life was this? Was that how they treated their husband?

As Ding Wenfeng saw the intimate relationship I had with the other girls, he felt strange about me, but then he returned to normal. At this time, as he saw me embarrassed, he couldn’t help but sneer.

As for Japanese, although I had always thought that learning it was useless. However, as the CEO of the company’s Asian region, I had to learn it for business purposes. I never thought that I would be using it in this life.

At the time I and Ding Wenfeng arrived, it was about time for the plane to take off. Getting our boarding pass and getting it approved, we got on the plane without needing to wait in a queue.

On the airplane, the seat next to me was empty. Probably, the person who was supposed to sit there had not arrived yet. But Ding Wenfeng’s luck wasn’t that good. Sitting next to him was a fat woman who might weigh two hundred kilograms. Her thick sweat mixed with the smell of her perfume, burning Ding Wenfengs nose, heart, and soul. Ding Wenfeng kept on pleading with me for a long time to change seats, but I ignored him. In the end, the brat finally smacked his chest and promised to pay for all the meals and hotel charges over the course of our entire trip. Finally, I decided to change seats with him.

While Ding Wenfeng got up and walked towards my seat, a fashion clothed pretty girl walked over. Looking over the boarding pass in her hand for a long time, she hesitated for a bit and then said to the fat woman, “*********”

Oh, the woman was actually from Japan. As the fat woman listened to her words, she couldn’t understand, so she asked inexplicably, “What did you say?”

“Excuse me, what I said is, seat E in the 9th row should be my seat!” The girl said as she handed her boarding pass to the smelly fat woman.

The smelly fat woman was doubtful at first, but then she looked towards the girls boarding pass and thought out loud, “How could this be?” She took out her own boarding pass from her handbag and looked at it. After she correctly saw her seat number, she said, “Sorry, my seat E is in the 6th row. I will get up now. You can have this seat.”

Looking towards the fat woman leave the seat and go to seat E in the 6th row, I tried to hold back my smile. Seat E, row 6, was the seat beside me. Unfortunately for this brat Ding Wenfeng, he wanted to avoid a disaster but failed to hide.

As Ding Wenfeng saw the woman sit next to him, he had a scare. He thought the woman might have taken a liking to him, and immediately shouted towards her, “What do you mean by following me?”

The fat woman looked towards him as if looking at a fool and said, “Young man, are you sick? Why would I follow you? Who would look at a useless fellow like you, I am only here because it’s the seat written on my boarding pass!”

Ding Wenfeng’s appeared as if someone had just drowned him in water, and all his burning temper got extinguished. It seems that he is just unlucky. I just sat on the seat he left a moment ago. As Ding Wenfeng looked a beauty sitting next to me now, he had an urge to jump off the plane.

At this moment, all the people on the plane sat down as the flight attendant started to demonstrate the precautionary and emergency escape methods. I was sitting next to the window. On my side, the beautiful girl sat in the middle, while a young man with his hair dyed green was sitting on the outermost seat. When I passed by him, he was chewing gum and blowing bubbles. I didn’t think that he was any good guy.

At first, I didn’t care about him much, but as soon as the plane took off, the young man started to talk to the girl next to me. The young man said a few words in Japanese. The two talked for a while. In the beginning, it was alright and the girl also talked to him a bit. But after a few sentences, the young man started to talk sht. I could understand Japanese, so I knew what he was saying. It was the same old bulsht about how rich his family was, how many girls he bedded, how great his sxual ability was. How strong his vigor was, how he had fked many AV stars, and how even the veteran actresses praised his dk.

The more the girl listened, the uglier her expression became, but the young man kept on shamelessly talking sht. He even told her how he joined the Queen’s Club, exchanged women with others, and how he was regarded as one of a VIP {veteran cukold} and mentioned in their Hall of Fame.

“*****” The girl spoke to me in Japanese.

Although I could speak Japanese, I still replied in Chinese, “Excuse me, what did you just say?”

“… Ah, you are a Chinese?” As soon as she mentioned Chinese, she said to me, “Sorry, but could you please change seats with me. I want to look at the scenery outside the window…”

I knew that she just wanted to avoid that young man next to her, therefore didn’t make things too difficult for her and said, “Naturally, there aren’t any issues. I will change seats with you.” [Haha. A prospective doll.]

After saying that, I opened my seat belt and stood up.

As the distance between the rows in economy class was quite narrow, it was impossible to accommodate two people standing there simultaneously. Therefore, if the girl wanted to change positions with me, she must have contact with my body. Moreover, it wasn’t just some little contact, the two of us would have to stick together. Only if everyone in the row exited one by one would they be able to change seats without any contact! {Nice plan, what a nice plan!}

However, in the current situation, it was obviously impossible to make that young man get up and go out. The girl was already eager to get rid of that young man, and couldn’t care less about all these details. She squeezed in front of me as I tried to go outwards.

As I felt the girls perky and soft buttocks rub on me, she made my heart itchy…

However, I still reminded myself in my heart to not have filthy thoughts. Otherwise, what difference would there be between me and that flamboyant young man? {yeah, yeah. After all, you are a cultured man who uses culture to sduce a woman.}